supernatural love-part 10 by shinchan


Have u all saw the promo of the new show on life ok…..
I m just waiting for it to start… it is a vampire and werewolf love story, staring Harshad Arora (of beintehaa n dahleez) and Ragini Nandwani….
Finally in our hindi serial, a werewolf story have come up…..
Let me know who all have seen the promo n impatiently waiting for it to start…

N have u watched 23rd dec’s episode of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai?? I mean kartik n naira married each other in such a pious way… it felt so magical seeing them. If not then do watch, u will fall in love with them…. I fell in love with them but ofcourse not more than our swasan.

Link of all previous part:

Swara pov:

I was in pain when sanskar laid me on his lap. I was shifting, I was in pain but looking in his eyes I can see he was also in pain even more than me, might be more than his own shift. He was feeling my pain….but in all this pain I was not understanding how come I am a werewolf. As per I know werewolves change at there 16th birthday(imagination) n here I m 23 already.
I don’t know what possessed me that I kissed tristan’s lips n then suddenly I shifted. My parents never said anything about this….
As I know werewolves can smell others but Why was sanskar not able to smell me. A cups one of the parent have to be a werewolf. Dose this mean my parents are werewolves?? N is ragini too a werewolf… she was so confused and at last she fainted because of the unbearable pain…

Swara pov:

When i opened my eyes everything was dark. I tried adjusting my eyes to find some source of light but it was all dark. I was calling out for someone to hear me but no one came so I thought might be I have died n is on my way to God. I can’t even say bye to sanskar or anyone else..
But suddenly like a magic, a women dressed in all white with a wand in her hand and moons revolving around her head appeared. She truly looked like a goddess, wait wait is she is she the MOON GODDESS?

Swara – u r the moon goddess na? where I m n why r u here. Have I died.
Moon goddess – swara my child come here come to me
Swara with slow hesitant steps moved towards her.
Moon goddess while waving her hand on swara’s forehead- I know swara what u r thinking n I have the answer to all ur questions.
Swara – really then please tell me. All this is so confusing.
Moon goddess – my child nothing is confusing. Its just that u don’t know the truth. I will tell u. Listen carefully.
Swara – truth?
Moon goddess – yes truth. Now listen…
You are blessed. You are the white wolf with blue eyes which is born once in 200 years. Your parents are werewolves. You are blessed with powers. One is in your eyes. From childhood u r good observer bcoz of these powers. You can read others emotions, analyze there moves through your eyes n use it for ur safety. two – no one can smell you. Its you who decide whether u want to reveal yourself or not. No one can recognize you, they all will think u as a human. Three- You can create a shield around yourself or around others but u need lots of energy n mental concentration for this.
U turned werewolf now bcoz u kissed your love and mate, tristan’s lips. If u both have not loved each other truly then u would have not changed. It was my choice to make u n sanskar mates but its your destiny that u met him n its your heart’s choice that u fell for him..
U r born for a reason. U have to protect the world. Many would use u for ur powers. They may captive your loved ones n emotionally blackmail u but don’t fall for anyone. Ur powers are very important, either they can save the world or completely destroy it. Everything has a price. Always listen to your heart…
Now I m going to let u meet ur parents… talk to them, clarify all your doubts n go back to sanskar. He needs u. ur pack needs u. u have to save them….

With this moon goddess went away n two other person appeared. A lady n a man. Swara didn’t recognize them but the lady called out for swara with tears brimming in her eyes…
The lady – swara my child, how are u.
Swara – who are u?
The lady while wiping her tears – I m your mother my child.
Swara – no, my parents are arnav n sakshi malhotra n they are not u, they are alive.
The man n the lady is shekhar n sharmistha gadodia, biological parents of swara.

The man – ok I will tell u, come.
Arnav was my business partner n best friend… u were 4yr old when there was death threat upon us. I couldnot let u die. No one knew about u bcoz we always kept u hidden. We both were werewolves. Arnav n sakshi are humans.
As arnav came to know about the threat he confronted me. I made up a story of business rivalry n asked him to adopt u as his daughter…. He adored u like his own child.
Being the best friend that he was he understood my situation n adopted u as his own daughter. He already had ragini but still he loved u more….
They have no idea about werewolves existence or about us…
We wanted u safe so we went away. we used to keep an eye on u from far n save ourselves but after 2 years we were killed.

Swara ran n hug them n cried. She didn’t wanted to go away but they made her understand that now, sanskar n the world is more important. Sharmistha told her that Sanskar is a great child. He loves her with his life. She said Never to leave him n complete all her responsibilities. She also said that we will be waiting for u n sanskar once ur time period of life will be over n then we all will live together.
After this both shekhar n sharmistha went away leaving swara alone.

( so the secret that arnav n sakshi had was ki swara was not there own blood. They didn’t knew that shekhar n sharmistha were wolfs n that swara will also be a wolf. They cared more for swara bcoz she was there responsibility)

Laksh came to the secret place with ragini n laid her on bed. He was caressing her hairs when sanskar came in with an unconscious swara.(laksh came first) .
Sanskar told laksh about swara being the white wolf n everything that swara told him.
After sometime swara woke up, sanskar immediately took her in a bone crushing hug. He was not letting her go. He kissed all over her face n continuously told her that how much he loved her….
Both eyes were crying but when laksh fake coughed they both departed. After departing swara told them what the moon goddess n her parents told her.
Both laksh n sanskar were shocked to know about moon goddess but later on composed themselves. She also told them that arnav n sakshi r not her biological parents n ragini is a human only….
Hearing about ragini, laksh told her how in anger he shifted to rocky, n how ragini fainted n is lying in another room. His head was bowed down in shame when all of a sudden swara punched him right on his jaw that immediately started bleeding…
They both understood her power n remained silent…

Swara ran to her sister n saw her waking up. At first it was all blur but then everything came back to her mind, laksh being a wolf. Swara consoled her but knew that at this time she needed only laksh.
Laksh n sanskar also came inside. Swara eyed sanskar to leave them alone n thus both went out.

Ragini was not scared bcoz she knew laksh will never harm her but then also she was not prepared for such secret. She have never believed in any supernatural story…
whenever swara would rant upon the story she read or her fairytale believes ragini would always say her that she is mad n nothing like this exists but here she is loving a wolf.
Thinking all these she looked up to see laksh sitting on his knees near her legs n asking forgiveness…
Only one thing came in her mind that
He’s sitting right in front of me, but at the same time he’s a million miles away.

Then she saw his lips bleeding n all thoughts vanished. Though he was a werewolf his wounds would heal quickly but as innocent ragini is she took the first aid box n started cleaning up his wounds… whole this while laksh was only looking at her concern.
Later laksh revealed every small details of werewolves, his pack, him being beta, sanskar being the alpha, the fact of her being his mate n also the love that he have for her but purposely left out the fact that swara was also a wolf n not her real sister….

In all these months he have come to know that both sisters life depend on each other…
Ragini was listening all this silently n was trying to analyze everything. By the time it ended silence prevailed in the room. No noise came other than there beating hearts….
Laksh was waiting for her reply while she was lost in thinking but seeing her in dilema he made her sleep as he know she was hell tired n all this is too much for a human….n went out of the room.


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