Supernatural love-part 1


Swara breathing the air around her- finally I reached.
She came out after completing all the formalities to search for the driver.
Swara after sitting in the car- hello dad, yes I have reached n I am just heading towards the house. Tell mom n ragini about it.
Arnav- ok, take care.
Swara- ok, bye dad.

As swara was heading towards her destination when she saw the view outside the window. She was passing by a jungle, a beautiful jungle.
Swara- driver uncle, are there wild animals here.
Driver- yes beti. It is said not to roam inside the jungle its very dangerous.
Swara- ok uncle. How much more time uncle.
Driver- its about more 1 hr drive.
Swara- ok uncle I m sleeping. Wake e up when we reach.
Driver- ok beti.
Arnav’s all men were trusted, n swara always make relation with all of them, never treating them as servants n they all also treat her as there daughters or sisters so she slept at the back seat without any fear.

Driver- swara beti, wake up we have reached your house.
Swara- ok uncle…
While rubbing her eyes she woke up to see her house n it was magnificent. She was mesmerized to look at her house. She did not wanted to stay at the hostel n also wanted to stay near the jungle so she convinced her dad to buy a home as per her choice and now she will be staying here.
Her house was situated just beside a river. Other side of the river was a jungle n on this side some houses were located. Her’s was a one storey house with a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, a guest room with attached bathrooms, a hanging basket couch from were she could see all the outside view. She just loved it n immediately called arnav.
Swara- dad its amazing. All the things that I asked for, u did it. Thank you so much.
Arnav- how can I not fulfil my princess demand.
Swara- love u so much dad.
Arnav laughing a bit- its ok beta. Live properly n if any problem just call me.
Swara- ok dad. Now I will go and arrange my things.
Arnav- bye beta.
Swara- bye dad.

Arnav have bought the house as per swara choice n did the all changes as per her requirement. Driver would be there when ever she would want to go college or anywhere else. A maid was also appointed to clean the house n prepare her breakfast and her tiffin, bring groceries, etc. She would do all her work by the morning n would leave while swara would go for her college. Swara loved cooking so she would cook dinner herself. She will be living alone after the driver would drop her as the maid n driver in their own house but not much far away from her.
The day went by with swara arranging her things, exploring her house to every corner. Her college would start day after tomorrow so she decided to roam the city tomorrow. It was evening by doing all her work so she took a shower n went with her book to the couch.( she love reading books).
She was sitting on the couch while admiring the view of jungle infront of her but due to tiredness was slowly drifting to sleep. The last thing that she saw before closing her eyes was the shadow of a creature hiding behind the tree opposite to the river in the jungle watching her intensely n with a thought of who could be that person because according to the driver uncle nobody goes inside the jungle.

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