My superhero…. OS… KKB

I’ve had an ideal life for as long as I can remember, sweet and simple.Everything was perfect and fairytale-like. Too good to be true.My father did have hepatitis once when I was young but he recovered just fine. Life moved on streamlined and I got admitted to medical school. Never did I know that everything would change so suddenly.

At the beginning of last year, my father got really sick. Within a month or so his health deteriorated rapidly. He was diagnosed of liver cirrhosis but the most painful fact was that 80% of his liver had already been damaged.It was the darkest day of my life.The doctor had told us that a person can only survive with 25% of liver but not with 20%. I have always been an emotionally strong person but that night I broke. That day i cried my heart out to God! My mom already left us when i was just 13, Why? because of Money! well she doesn’t deserves to be called as mother, i rather call her Tanu! Well leave her! She was never my mother but my one aunty! I call her as Tweety, she is our neighbour ,she has always fulfiled each responsibility that a mother does and so i hav nevrr felt like i didn’t had mothrr! and i guess Papa loves her! But last year as his health got much serious ,I didn’t knew what to do because i can’t even imagine my life without him! He was unconscious for 5 days and i couldn’t handle myself, tweety also broke down! But she supported me at each stage! Finally i gathered some courage and went to Papa who was unconscious as a daughter I scolded him, but he wasn’t listening because he was unconscious! I still remember my words …
Flashback starts :

Tweety ask papa to get up na! it’s been 3 days he isn’t talking to me, he isn’t scolding me, no one is teasing me! Ask papa to get up! what’s this, he is looking so weak, he always asks me to be strong and now he is looking so weak! …

Sona! Please bacha, he will wake up, do not cry if your papa would see you in this condition he will scold you!

He will scold me? oh wow! Fantastic! Wait i will go near him….

Okay so yes papa you will scold me? you will scold your sona? You know what if you won’t give me answer na i will scold you much! Get up papa! Com’on see i know you have bad habit of doing worst pranks and i know this is also your plan to tease me! because i know you can’t leave me! please papa enough of your plan get up! See papa doctor is saying so rubbish things, okay okay if you want me to talk respectively then i will! If you want me not to tease Tweety na, i won’t tease her! if you want me not to spend much time at phone, i won’t! If you wanna tease me, yes tease me but please not in this way! You want to call me mouse? call me i won’t resist! you wanna call me shona mona? call me, i won’t say anything! You want to spend some time with tweety, okay then quickly get up so that i can give you a surprise ! okay okay i m not keeping it as any suspense! When you will get up na, I will ask tweety to get married to you! I know you love her! Right? See na get up and see how tweety is blushing it means tweety also loves you! Get up……… please….. Enough! There is a limit for everything ,enough of your worst prank!

Fb ends!

Ah then I cried bitterly! It was seriously worst day of my life, he wasn’t listening to me, tweety was supporting me much but then doctor came and said….

Sona, don’t cry! we have only one way and that’s liver transplant!

pragya i mean tweety and I went through the HLA test for cross matching. I swear that it was the most critical moment of my life. When the test reports finally came, it was I who was perfectly compatible as a donor.I knew that this was the answer to my prayers and not for a moment was I afraid of the transplant because I knew that I was doing it solely for my father. We both went through an 18 hour long surgery and Thank God the operation was a success. Within a month both my father and I recovered completely which itself was a miracle.

Yeah it was the best day and then Pragya arora became Pragya Abhishek Mehra! My father was very happy with the marrige ,i had no objection over it as I also loved tweety more than mother! We became a happy family! I m 20 today and whenever I mention my story to anyone, their reactions include phrases like “great sacrifice” “grand gesture” etc. However, I completely disagree with their judgement for we can never repay for the million sacrifices our parents have made for us since the day they brought us into this world. Maybe, just maybe I got lucky enough to give him back a little part of me, something that already belonged to him. For he is my dearest asset, my greatest blessing, my safe haven and the center of my universe. My dad is my superhero and whenever I look at him healthy and fine, my heart lightens up.
It’s been almost been a year now, and everytime I look back to this incident my heart speaks out “KUN FAYAKUN (كُنْ فَيَكُونُ)”
My Lord says “Be! and it is”.

………………………………………The End!

Happy Fathers day Guys! The real superheros are our father take a minute and thank them for everything! ?
and yes guys be sure that this is real story of a daughter who actually donated a part of her to her father! And i thought to present it to you in some different way hope you liked it!

Thanks… Stay Blessed


  1. Riyashri

    |Registered Member

    CrazBle ……I am sure your father is very Lucky to hav such a daughter !!!
    U r toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Amazing….these words are nothing that suits u …………because u r the meaning behind all the Amazing words …………….. U r INCREDIBLE to the Core !!! I love u Unlimitlessly………………. Wish uncle A Happy Father’s Day from this sis of yours…..Love u ………..
    I don’t hav to tell much as i am crying now…and can’t control myself…….
    NO WORDS To Express…………U r “A Wonderful CREATION of God ” !!
    Live Happy Forever and Ever…….I am sure U Would get all the Wonderful Things in Your Life……Afterall God would surely Fulfill as U r Such An Lovely Person !! U r “A SHINING STAR” to me in My Life!!! Stay Blessed Forever …………………Once again Love u Forever CrazBle !!
    A Very Happy Father’s Day to all the Amazing Father’s………….
    Crazble u r tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BEST !!!!
    Love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!

    • Riyashri

      |Registered Member

      Now I am ok…..I need to tell something more……………………………
      I am only appreciating u in english….But today u hav given a Very Real Heart Touching Incident as your writing…… U can’t be appreciate just by using the alphabets………
      So I now in a mission to learn many languages as possible to appreciate u !! So this min my mission starts…… U R Akalpaneey !!!
      As per the Title My Father is My Superhero…….And guess what I had given him a Wonderful Gift …………..I made him read your this OS ………..and even said how important to me u r…
      After reading he told something to convey it to u…..”U should be Blessed Forever and hav a Wonderful Life ” and to me he told”I should thank u for giving such writings”…….
      This was the gift I gave it to my papa…..He is very Happy reading it…….and he too became a Fan of yours…
      U made My Father’s Day !!!! Love u CrazBle…


    |Registered Member

    Somiya this is me ???????? and my reaction ??????? and my feelings after reading this ????…..
    kya hai ? haah tu ab aise likhna start kar de ki gana b nahi mil raha hai praising k liye beeakoof ab batao tareef karni hai par shabdon ka akaal daal diya tune ab kahan se laun praising k liye words google ne b keh diya hai data doesn’t exist huh..
    Nalayak ?????????? it Was really awesome

  3. sandy

    wow crazy abt ur ths os ff di realy handsoff to u di realy great
    thatz true di daughter r realy attached to ther father any way love ur ‘os’ and love u di tc

  4. Abhigya

    Yes somu I also read this story….. Whenever I read this I get tears in my eyes…this story is really awesome…

  5. Nivethitha

    Oh my god Chinese.. Wat a os yaar.. Seriously it was unbelievable????.. Superb wonderful awesome amazing fabulous fantastic and extraordinary??????????????????????.. Really fathers r the real heros of a daughter.. I am really impressed with this story.. Whatever we do for our loved ones definitely it will be kind of expressing our love to them it is not consider as a sacrifice.. It was tremendous..U really really rockzzzz it.. If I say in ur style it was BB brilliantly brilliant..???Really I loved it to the core..????God bless u? happy fathers day.. Love u???

  6. Saranya

    Dii while readng itself i guessed its u u r great dii love u loads???ur father is so lucky happy fathers day to ur dad and all the world’s best dads☺☺

  7. Shiya

    |Registered Member

    As usual somiya u leave us speechless..
    Wat a story i m really dumbstruck..
    Salute to a girl who loved her father liked this…
    N thanks to u to bring this story to us…
    Really it was a wonderfull story..

  8. Maya

    |Registered Member

    I am now SS! Haha Surprised Suga…by the way u told this story! Its so heart touching again! I mean i do heard of this kind of incidents before….but u know wht i dont really have the talent tat u have where u write it as a story! May be becoz i will get emotional while writing so i have avoided them! But now i feel i seriously shouldnt even try to tat as ur OS is too PP! I cant reach tat level! So i just write some random stuff frm my random imagination n enjoy ur meaningful stories! Pls do write more OS in wknds!???????????

  9. anu

    U made me emotional i love my appa so much sometimes he used to be strict but he loves me and my bro very much he had done many sacrifices for us he fulfilled our wishes i pray the God to give parents to all children like us love u dad and u guys too Happy Fathers day hav a nice day God bless ma

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