Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!! This is Sneha before this I have wrote 2 collections of short love stories you can find them in humour section n also in the following links n thanks a lot for supporting me…


Actually before 1 year i was one of the biggest fan “supercops vs. supervillians…shapath” (svss).But as the time pass they started killing all my favourite cops, I stared losing interest n after sometime I had even stop watching it but now I have decided to write a ff on my favourite couple of svss i.e. abha n anurag. But in this ff the story will totally different the real one I mean that we have seen in svss. Here no cop will die n I have add some new characters also therefore I have decided to make this not as the first episode but only as the introduction n here it go somewhat like this…
1. ACP DILLER: head of the team, very honest n can do anything to protect his country.

2. ANJALI: Wife of ACP n now she is in coma.

3. KAVI: He is a senior inspector. Actually in past he was criminal but in due course of time he turns into cop who is very dedicated to his job. He is very humours in nature.

4. BULBUL: Wife of kavi n a teacher in a primary school. Loves kavi n koko a lot.

5. KOKO: Adopted son bulbul n kavi. He is in 3rd class. He always used have a cold war with kavi. He is very intelligent also.

6. ABHA: She is a strong n self build woman who is an inspector in our supercop’s team. She is very dedicated to job. When she was only of 9 years old she had loss her parents in a terrorist attack n spend her childhood with her uncle n aunt. Now she lives alone in her quarter in Mumbai n she is in love with anurag. But never express her felling in front of him.

7. ANURAG: He is an inspector. He very friendly to everyone. When he was 10 years old he had loss his father in the same terrorist attack in which abha’s parents have died. He lives with his mother n he has also a soft corner for abha like the same way abha has it for him.

8. AYUSHI: She is orphan but due to mysterious secret supercops adopted her as their younger sister n now is living in a hostel to fulfil her dream. She has make abha as her idol. Her dream is to become a member supercop’s team, n from now itself she has all the ability to achieve her dreams. In hostel her best friend is maanas. But it unknown everyone even she didn’t know that she has the power to lift anything with her eyes by continuously focusing on it.

9. MAANAS he is the son of a millionaire n his parents along with his younger brother lives in London but due to maanas’s passion of becoming a police officer n his love for his mother land his parents has to leave in India but unwillingly. He knows everything about Ayushi n supercops all are aware about his friendship with Ayushi because in vacation Ayushi n maanas use to go Mumbai to visit supercops.

Now as the story will start u will be aware of others cops too….

I request u read n comment so that I should decide about whether to continue is or not n if u have any complain or any suggestion for the upcoming story u r welcome to comment pls pls pls comment whatever u fill pls.
N if u like it then recommend it on ur favourite stories so that other can also read it n encourage me .
Thank u for using Ur valuable time in reading n now go n comment below pls…..


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  1. superb

  2. Superb sneha

  3. Meenat Abubakar

    Fantastic sneha

  4. Carry on dear ? … Nice introductory…

    1. Thank you so much

  5. Nice Intro Sneha.Waiting for the story.

    1. I will try to post it on 21 or 22 March n thanks madhumita for our comment

    1. Roshni can u suggest me pls how can i improve it n thanks giving ur comment

  6. Awesome intro. ..loved it….plzzzz continue dear, all the best

    1. Thanks a lot roma don’t worry i will continue it on 21 or 22 March

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