My Super Sanskari Husband – an ONE SHOT BY Bhanu

One shot…

it’s a new shot … My Super Sanskari Husband

#Bhanumitra … especially dedicated to alekya …
I hope you guys will like it …


Sanskar a cute innocent and mommy’s son follow everything …that his mom says and emotional but he is perfect… scared to talk with girls
the first time he entered a co-educated college for his graduation

Swara; a cute, bubbly and charming girl and so strong mentally she can easily know ppl’s mind in few mins of talk only
respects family relations a lot dared to do anything but only Gud

Swara POV,
This is my love .. On the very first day of my graduation, I meet my true love .my innocent boyfriend …
It’s my love story… Everyone can love but only few can succeed in that love…
So u wanna know.. Wt is my love so read my story …

XYZ law college,

Morning sharp 9 am

a person in a white shirt and blue jeans stood in front of the main gate
he looks so charming and handsome but his outfit shows his innocence

he bowed his hand’s and started praying gods
yes gods only listen to wat he says
” Ho god this is my first day in this law college, I should be safe, I should be away from evil girls Plz save me from all evil forces
oh Mata Saraswati -give me best marks too
oh Allah
oh Jesus

he stepped into college with his right leg first

he found three blocks in front of him.. he doesn’t know which block his class

his heard his phone ringing

Ringtone; Maa Teri chunariya

he attended the call

Sanskar; Jai Shri Krishna maa

Sujatha; Jai Shri Krishna beta did u reached ur college

Sanskar; Haan Maa reached now which direction shall I go first

Sujatha; it’s a Rahu Kal now (bad time ) after 3mins go towards east first then turn any direction bcoz east is best always so start from the east
” thank you Maa ” he ended the call and turned towards east he closed eyes before taking a step
and he took his first step he got dashed with a force both had fallen down
the girl stood up first “I am sorry ”

he heard a soft voice he raised his head to see
she is wearing blue jeans and pink top above her knees he just lost in staring her suddenly he remembered his mom words he lowering his eyes and got up from the ground

“I am sorry too (Sanskar said while sticking his eyes on the floor )

“Hi I am Swara new admission can you plz say me where is the 1yr classroom,” she said

” No I don’t know even I am fresher,” he said

” ho.. u can see me and speak,” Swara said with a smile

“No it’s, ok but I won’t see towards a girl “Sanskar answered obediently

(shocked) what y “Swara asked in shock

“my mom said not to do so” he answered innocently

“well said, but if possible we can search together we can find easily,” she said

“it’s ok I can find myself, ” he said while walking towards east direction

“Oh hello it the wrong way you should not go Mr” (she yelled )

he ignored her words and left to East first and turned west
Swara ran in other direction to stop him but it’s too late
its ladies restrooms

all the girls screamed out aloud by seeing him in the restroom

Sanskar got scared out by this after …some time

Swara reached the place
(they started bashing him ) “sorry girl he is mistaken the place “Swara said

“It’s disgusting we will complain to the principal ” all the Girls yelled

“Arey it’s just a mistake he is innocent y ur making it huge matter, “Swara said

Girls; no ways call the Princy first

meanwhile principal came

Principal; what is going on here “(she is a lady ) ”

Girls: this stupid boy came to ladies restroom mam

Sanskar got up nd shouted out aloud “Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

Everyone got scared and moved aside

principal; what ur doing here

” Wohhh he came here accidentally,” Swara said

” Yes she is right I’m sorry, “he said while getting up

“Ok this is first ND last warning don’t repeat such things again” Principal warned

Sanskar nodded ?

“Ok now everyone gets back to your classes” Principle ordered

Everyone left Sanskar collected his books ? on the floor

” Thank you ” Sanskar whispered while lowering his glare

U can Say after standing also u don’t need to hold my legs for this small favor

Sanskar got up with a jerk
He laughed aloud

Swara ‘ ok friends”

Sanskar nodded his head in yes

Both shared a friendly eye lock
Sanskar is so Sanskari soo ?

Sanskar is the best student he is top always every professor likes him a lot ND Swara is naughty girl ? but she does study only up to 80%

Fun loving ? girl

Swasan had been good friends there both helped each other in studies

Swara liked his innocence and his mindset towards girls and she is well impressed by his love ND respect towards his mom ?

( a person who loves his mom can give same love to his wife)

Sanskar pov

Swara she is really interesting
I used to think that girls are so bad they are like devils
But when I meet Swara she is like my mom an angel
Both think same but one correction is my mom thinks God is everything but Swara says that helping others is the only way to reach God
I really loved this point of view but I can’t convince my mom at this what she will get hurt

I really like Swara so much as equal to my mom
I want a wife like her.. but I can’t take this decision what will Swara think if I say so that ..I love her
And mom I’m sure my mom sees Swara as my friend only ?

In this 4yrs Swara made me so strong and confident in my life

Finally, today is our campus interviews
If we get selected then I will propose her

But will she accept… in this 4yrs I never meet her family
She used to divert topic whenever I ask her about her family
Why so does she really love me?

Ok it’s my turn now I should get this job
Oh God’s Plz bless me ?

I was about to leave but I saw Swara she came out of the cabin adjoined to mine
Her face is expressionless… is she sad or happy or Wat

I just held her hand she stood and stared at me in questioning

I asked her what happened she just nodded her head and said ” all the best I will wait for you”

I nodded yes she gave a little smile ? and left
I attended my interview
I got selected finally
I informed mom ND I ran to Swara

She is waiting for me on our regular place lake garden viewpoint,..where we used to


Sanskar actually I wanna say an important truth to you which I never shared…

I’m an orphan… I don’t have a family … Nor home…
I’m alone since from the age of 3… I lost my parents in an accident… I haven’t even remembered my parents face also…
So I don’t even have an identity about myself…

She said in tears while staring at the sunset… ??

Sanskar was shocked he never expected this type of truth from her

” what why u haven’t said me before..we are best friends right …” He questioned

” I don’t wanna share my pain with anyone.. ” she said in calm tone

” what… Look at me and say…” He yelled

She faced him .. “it’s a truth

” friendship means not only holding hands and enjoying happy moments… It’s about’s about… Standing together in tough times too… Isn’t it” he asked while cupping her face

“yes ur right ..but this is the past you can’t change it so why wasting time on the past .. ” she said while turning away

“but swara..then why you said now ..” he questioned

” I thought you should know my truth, ” she said in tears

‘ok listen Swara… I can understand … it’s not any sin and I love you in the way ur

“No… I don’t deserve anyone ” she said while moving away

ur unique… Ur a wonder Swara anyone will love you… Will fall for you … ” he said while cupping her face

” haan.. may be Sanskar… But u know… Suji Aunty doesn’t like an orphan’s I know it very well ..when I’m with ur family… I used to feel it as mine so… I’m always interested in group studies… But in long run, it’s not right… I don’t want someone to sacrifice … So I have decided to go away from all ”

“Swara Plz say clear at you mean ” he yelled

” I can’t express … But I love you… Ha.. I don’t want you to love me back… I’m happy with this… I don’t wanna hide my feeling so I expressed… Ur really god the girl who gets you is the luckiest girl in this world… So, I got selected… For job this world I have none… So, ur the first person with whom I’m happy… Thank you Sanskar… And all the best…
I will not come back… ” she just left the place before Sanskar… Speak out

Days passed both are busy in their own lives… While doing the job …but their thoughts are around each other,

It’s been 1yr ..Sanskar mom started searching a perfect match for him …

One day
Evg Sanskar came back from office

” Good Evg Maa” he wished her
” we are just talking about you… OK come and Plz see these pics… Say the best one ” she said while placing the photos in front of him

” Maa Plz I’m not interested in this… ” he said while leaving the place

” Sanskar… Why ur always doing this… Don’t you want to marry” she questioned

” I will Maa when right girl comes, ” he said

” search in this photos u will get her ”

” I already got Maa… ” he yelled in frustration

” wat..who…” She questioned in shock

” Swara…. ”

“Swara…. Ur friend Swara… ” she asked

Yes, Maa… I really love her… I haven’t even said this to her …ur the first person to know this ” he said in tears

” OK, Sanskar… Don’t cry … I will talk with her parents ” she said in soft tone

” Noo Maa… She doesn’t have anyone in this world except us…she is an orphan… ” he said

Sujatha is hell shocked… With this confession

” Noo Sanskar… It’s not possible… I wanna marry you with a girl who knows the value of every relation…a perfect girl with traditional value… Belonging to our status… Or religion… I can’t marry u with a girl who doesn’t even have an identity of herself… ”

” ha..maa I know.. Even Swara knows this so… She left me …she went away from me… Bcoz she loves me… And she respects… U more than our love….

She doesn’t have any relation… So she knows the value of every relation… She knows wat.. love is.. Bcoz she never got that in her life… So she stopped expecting love also…
Yes, she doesn’t have an identity… But… After marriage, every girl will change her identity… As per husband name …..
Ur saying… She is not suitable for us… But actually we are not capable for her…
The person with loads of money or wealth… Is not Rich…
The one with a great heart is Rich … In this, my Swara is richest among all …
It’s OK Maa… I don’t wanna force you to accept Swara as ur bahu… I just said my feelings… Even.. Swara left me… I’m all alone… If u will be happy if I get married then select… Anyone as ur wish….maybe I can’t love her like I love Swara ..but I will marry her.. …I will do anything to see ur happiness Maa…. Bcoz I love you Maa… All the ppl loved me after seeing me on this earth… But ur the only one who loved me even before seeing me… From the time… I’m in ur womb… I’m lucky to have a mom like you .” he said in tears and left to his room


Days passed…

Sanskar… Had turned as workaholic… He doesn’t have any fear of girls now… He is a perfect person now
He got a call …it’s his mom he answered the call

” Sanskar… I had seen a girl for you., I wanna marry you with her… So if u plz meet her once… We can start arrangements.. ” she said

” It’s OK Maa ur wish… I’m OK ” he said silently

” meet her once … She wanted to talk with you… At least for her..” She said in soft tone

” OK Maa ”

” I gave her ur number and I will forward her number to you… She will msg you the place… ” she said

” OK Maa …”

Don’t forget Sanskar u should meet her by Evg… I can’t Wait more to make her my bahu.. ( daughter in law) I really liked her so much plz beta… ” she said requesting ly

” OK..maa I will meet her OK don’t worry, ” he said and ended the call


He got the msg from her number

Girl… Hi… Can you meet me [email protected] near lake garden

He… Yah sure… How can I recognized you

Girl…I will be near Lake view point… Pink dress…

He .. OK… I’m wearing a white shirt… Blue jeans

Girl.. I have seen u… So I don’t need ur dress color to recognized… Mr.

He got a little smile by this rly… ☺

OK miss cu evg … He replied and ended conversation

Evg…5pm… Lake garden… Viewpoint

A girl in pink dress is waiting while facing towards the lake

” Excuse me…”

” yes.. ” she faced towards him

” Swara… ” he yelled in shock…?

” OH.. I think u came to a wrong place Mr. This is my fav shot.. ” she said in dominated voice

” I know Swara… It’s OK after a long time I have seen are you Swara… ” he asked

” I’m fine… Wese why you came here ” she asked …

” Whoah… I came… ”

She is waiting desperately for his answer

” I came to meet a girl… “He said truth

” Oh mom’s Prince… ” she taunted indirectly

He nodded silently… He grabbed his pH and dialed that girl num…for his shock..swara pH started ringing.,
He ended the call… He pH stopped ringing

He redialed her it again ringed before Swara could hide phone ended up while pulling her pH…

” means it’s you… ” he yelled in happiness

She nodded… A yes…

He moved towards her by cupping her face… With happy tears …

” why you made me wait this much ” he whispered while resting his for head on her …

” Even… U made me wait… ” she whispered in Tear’s

” But you left me before knowing my answer, ” he said in tears

” Acha… Now u got ready to marry some other girl… Also ” she whispered in fake angry

” after knowing this place…I got a I came… And my luck I found you… Baby ” he whispered in Tear’s while hugging her

She has broken the hug… ” I think someone is not comfortable with Hug… ” she said with a teasing smile.

Which made him blush…

” Noo… I’m only comfortable with you… In ur embrace… I don’t wanna leave you life long.. ” he murmured while hugging her tight…

She hugged him back while cuddling herself into his hard chest…


After hearing Sanskar confession Sujatha had thought a lot about Swara… As a girl, she is perfect for anyone in this world… She talked with RP and got on a conclusion that Swara is best for Sanskar. She started searching for swara..finally she found her …

She convinced her… And fixed this match…
Sujatha and Swara played a prank on Sanskar…???

” How is my selection Sanskar… ” a familiar voice yelled with happiness

Both of them broken the hug… He is shocked to see Sujatha… In front of them

Both are embarrassed Sanskar hidden behind Swara out of blushing…

” what is ur height… Ur hiding behind her… And don’t blush more… Ur a boy ..” She said teasingly

Both turned red while blushing

Sanskar hugged Sujatha with happiness orphan’s

” Thanks a lot maa..this the best surprise of my life thanks a lot, maa..” He said in tears if happiness

” I love you too beta… And thanks for giving the best bahu… For me… And Swara come here… ” he said while gesturing Swara…

Swara fell on her feet and took blessing.. ” thanks aunty ”

” noo aunty and all call me Maa… Finally, I got a daughter… God listened to my prayers… ” she said blissfully

” OK Maa… ” she whispered in Tear’s

All happiest. Finally, we are married… I got a family…
Maa…papa… Sanskar… And a son also… don’t get confused Sanskar is my first child… He is innocent…
I love my Sanskarri Pati Dev

Today is our first night… I’m very happy and excited to see my innocent boyfriend’s romantic side … ??

He opened the door and took baby steps towards me I can feel his presence he got sorted on the edge of bed.. ” what should I talk why he is silent… Arey yaar plz lift this veil upon my head it’s suffocating ” she murmured herself to

Swara” he whispered

” Arey yar… Ur yelling my name since y this slow motion ” she, in frustration

“wt happened y ur shouting on me, ” he asked with an innocent face

“Woh… I’m sorry this costume is heavy … can I change it pl ” she asked with pout face

” Arey year… Ur yelling my name since y this slow motion ” she yelled in frustration

” yeah… But y ur asking my permission…. U can be as u wish.. ” he said in calm tone

” who..actually may you have a wish to see me like this… So I’m just waiting for you… ” she whispered while blushing

” Oh… I see but I like to see you… Without dress also.. ” he said with a wink…

Which made her shock… Her super Sanskari boyfriend …ops husband is talking such things…???

” go change.. Or else shall I help you… ” he asked with a smirk?

” Chup… I will come in 5mins Tata… ” she said while running away

Swara came back after changing… She saw Sanskar lost in staring the blue sky……

She hugged him from behind… While resting her hands on his chest…

Sanskar turned towards her .. With a smile

” thanks for coming into my life Swara ..u made me feel complete… ” he whispered… Emotionally

” oh.. What a boring husband… Today is our first night and ur wasting time with this emotional talks ..” She murmured while biting his cheek

” Oh, I see… I think someone is desperate for first it ” he mumbled while wrapping his hands around her waist

” No, but… I wanna know how romantic my hubby is.. ” she snored… While blushing and snaked her arms around his neck

” OK will start in 5mins.. ” he said casually

” what 5mins..why 5mins, ” she asked in confusion

” Woh it’s Rahu Kal ( bad time ) after 5mins it will be over then we can start our never ending process, ” he said with a wink ???

” wat.. Will anyone see time for this… ” she asked in disbelief

” yeah… Bcoz it’s the first time… And we can get babies with this na..” He said with a naughty smirk which made her blush even more

She cuddled herself into his chest out of shy

Sanskar picked her in his arms and she wraps her hands around his neck.

Sanskar places her gently on the bed not breaking the intense eye lock.

” just 2more mins..or else shall we postpone… ” he mumbled in her ears

” OK, u postpone… I will do today .. ” she pulled him upon her and bitted his neck…

” Ahh… What a wife I have … ” he said while rubbing his neck …

The Same feeling even I have a boring boyfriend now this boring husband … ”

” Oh let me show you then ”
He came on her top and kissed her eyes.Then all over again kissed on her lips.Both kisses each other passionately. Breaking the kiss, Sanskar buried his face in her neck and started giving wet kisses. Swara has tightly closed her eyes and was pulling him closer.

Sanskar lean and kiss her earlobe and whispers

” Shall I remove ur night suit

Swara lost in his touch ” as u want ” she murmured

Sanskar unzipped her night suit and letting it fall down.He kisses her shoulder moving down. He opened the knot of her night suit on her waist loosening it.Swara is blushing profusely. Sanskar got up and removed his shirt and came her top.

Soon he discarded their clothes and started loving her.Tears make their way through Swara’s cheeks.Sanskar seeing her tears said

“May I stop Swara?” he asked

Swara shook her in no.
Sanskar kisses her teary eyes. She hugged him tightly.

Sanskar was very gentle not harming her as he knew its new for her.

After getting all exhausted he took her in his chest arm embrace

“love u Swara ” he whispered while kissing her cheeks

” I love u more .. she whispered while kissing his bare chest)

Soon sleep took over them.
there after they lived happily forever with their family … yes, they fought.. but its common fights and jealous..increases the depth in a relation…. …but one shouldn’t try to win the fight… Every fight should be a tie… BTW them..understanding each other..caring each other respecting each other feelings .. that’s what helps a true relationship stays last long till the end of entity … That’s what we call it as true love…

I hope u liked it share ur views

Personal Note: To one of a special person of this evg its my special frnd Alekya … Happy Bday Darling… I’m late but it’s not least .. following my American time …..? it’s ok… have a great Bday
miss u alot

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