Super nova team

Hello, everyone! I am Elsa. Its my sister’s account but I m using it as I don’t have my own account. It`s my first fanfiction. Before starting the story, I want to give you the summary of the story and details of the main characters.

Summary: This story is about 6 friends who work for a spy organization named WSSO. They will save the world in many ways. This story is full of adventures. The main characters of the story are-
1. Katherine Rowling: Katherine is a very strict girl. She doesn`t laugh so much. She is the eldest among her siblings. She is a guitarist. She is also interested in Science.
2. Conner Nighterous: Conner is a very talkative boy. He is known as the coolest boy in the class. He is a scoocer player.
3. Jakecob Rowling: Jakecob is Katherine`s twin brother. He is a very funny boy. He always cracks jokes. He is a skateboard player.
4. Eva Nighterous: Eva is Conner`s twin sister. She is a very good dancer.
5. Maya Nighterous: Maya is Eva and Conner`s cousin. She is a sword fighter.
6. Cedrick Rowling: Cedrick is Jakecob and Katherine`s cousin.

These are the main characters of this story. The name of this story is-
“Super Nova Team”
Now, I am starting the first chapter.
In the Rowling house
A new day in the Rowling house. It`s early in the morning. The alarm is ringing. Like usual Katherine wakes up. After getting freshen up, she starts reading books. At around 7 am she went to her brother`s room.
Katherine: Come on, boys. Wake up!
Jakecob: Just more 10 minutes.
Katherine: It`s our first day of college. Get up now or we will be late.
Then she left the room. After sometime Jakecob started screaming. He was screaming saying “Who broke my skate board?”At that time, Cedrick made him awake saying, “ Come on , bro . You are impossible. Get up now or we will be late”
After eating their breakfast they went to their college.
In the Nighterous house
The Nighterous siblings were late. All of them were blaming one another for being late. At last, after being ready they started for college.

In the college
It was the first day of college. Both the Nighterous and Rowling siblings were late. As there was no seat the Nighterous and Rowling siblings had sit in the last bench. After some classes, they got a break. After the break when they again came back to class. At that time, some people started arguing. Actually, it was Jakecob and Eva.
Eva: Hey, you. It was my sit.
Jakecob:Why? Is there your name written here? Well, I don`t see it.
Eva: I sat here first.So, it`s my sit
Jakecob: You……..
“Stop it, guys” said Katherine.
Cedrick: That`s too much, bro. You shouldn`t argue with her.
Maya: Sis , it`s the first day of college and you have started troubling people.
Katherine: Well, I`m sorry on his behalf. By the way , I`m Katherine Rowling.
Conner: That`s okay. I`m Conner Nighterous.

Jakecob: Well, hi! I`m Jakecob Rowling. You can call me Jake.
Cedrick: I`m cedrick. My friends call me Ced.
Maya: I`m Maya. I`m the youngest among my cousins.
Cedrick: I`m the youngest among my cousins too.
Jakecob: What`s your name by the way?
Eva: I`m Eva. Well, I`m sorry.
Jakecob: I`m sorry too.
After their introduction all of them attended the class. When the class was finished all the students went to their home.
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