His Sunshine (Part 1)

One news, few words and his world came crashing down to his feet.

This can’t be true, how can this be true, he was so happy few seconds ago, now he is not sure if he can breathe without feeling this stinging ache in his heart. Everything was so perfect few seconds back. He was turning 21. His parents had planned a big celebration later on the day with the big fat announcement of him being appointed as the vice president of Maheshwari Empire, he was going to take his first step towards his dream.

What are these people saying? why are the calling him saying those awful words? Don’t they know that they should not make such sick jokes? How can someone be so insensitive, why don’t they understand these kinds of jokes are not funny, for heaven’s sake today is his birthday, no one should say such things, this is cruel.

No, no no this can’t be true they can’t do this to him how can they be so cruel to their own blood. He has always been a good boy, he never ever disappointed them for any reason, then why will they give him such a punishment?

No no no, this must be some joke they must be fooling him in order to see him how he will react to it. He knows all their antics, after all, they are his parents, who will know them better than him.

They love him, They have told him that if it was not important they wouldn’t have gone for the meeting leaving him on his birthday. They must have thought that he will be angry with them for being late that’s why they are doing this. Yes, this must be the reason, they will be coming in some time. They will come and then he will cut the cake, but this time he is not gonna forgive them easily for this sick joke of them.

How can they do this to him? How can they punish their own blood in such a way? They left him to never come back. why the hell they did this to him. How can they be so cruel to him? did they never loved him. If he was not good enough. Were they disappointed with him? Why they never told him that he was not good enough for them, that they never loved him. Had they told him that he was not good enough, he would have tried more to be what they wanted him to be, but they left him without giving him any answer. If he was not good didn’t they should have thrown him. Why they left him alone.

Now what will he do, where will he go? How will he see tomorrow? why should he live? they were his everything, without them what is the meaning of his existence. For whom he should live? There is no meaning of his life now. the people who were the centre of his universe are no more, and without a centre, there is no way he can or should survive.

They have left him forever, never to come back, never to say that he is the best son in this world, never to wake him up for his office even after sleeping very late in the night, never to make him eat his food by their hand, never to surprise him on his birthday, never to guide him towards the light, never to say that they love him, never to let him express how much he loves them.

What a destiny, the day he came in this world, he lost the people who brought him to this world.

Today he felt like being the most unfortunate person in this whole damn world.

But was he the most unfortunate person in the world or, was there someone else who was going through worse?

“Most of the time when we feel that we are in worst condition we refuse to look around and acknowledge that there are people who are going through worse”

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  1. lovely
    emotional chapter
    update soon
    It’s Sanskaar I guess
    will b waiting

    1. Phoniex

      Thanks you so much dear.

  2. Aarushi_99

    I loved the chapter… to many question running in my mind but for now let them be..?
    Update Soon, take care!!??

    1. Phoniex

      Hey I have updated the age wrong age would be 18 of Sanskar.

  3. Phoniex

    Yes he is Sanskar.

    1. Phoniex

      Thanks dear

    1. Phoniex

      I hope you find it interesting more with passing chapter

  4. amazing dear…loved it…

    1. Phoniex

      Thank you sweetheart ????

  5. Amazing would love to read further.

    1. Phoniex

      Thabks dear 🙂 but I might not post more episode here as it’s based on child abuse.

      1. Kakali

        Seriously? Everyone deserves to read this FF! Riaaaaaaaaaaaa Didiiiiii,post soon HERE!!
        Huh I came to see it’s 21 or 18!!?
        Why it’s seems chotu here!??
        Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  6. seems interesting..continue soon..tc..

    1. Phoniex

      Thanks dear keep reading ??

  7. Arshaanya

    U posted it here ??? yeyyy m so happy…
    Continue soon..
    N plz post nxt part of collateral damage also… i wil loose interest in it…u r takin too long to post dat story…
    Plz try to b reagular n post both stories

    1. Phoniex

      I know I am behaving like a wreck regarding Cd but I will post it before leaving my city. I am sorry I am making you wait so so long.

  8. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon

    1. Phoniex

      Thanks dearo I will update sooner than CD.

  9. Seebu_s

    omg???this is awesome…i’m loving it dear?continue soon ria?

    1. Phoniex

      Thanks seebu you have always been encouraging me ???

  10. Neptune

    omg yaar your writing is just soooooo flawless and wonderful i would love to read it further waiting for your next update

    1. Phoniex

      Thabk you dear I hope I will be able to manage similar feedback

  11. loved it so much dear?continue soon

    1. Phoniex

      Thanks Neha dear

    2. Phoniex

      Thanks Neha dear?

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