sunshine of my life- a twinj love story with a twist (ts) PART-1

Hiii guys today i am here with an ts…one story was in my mind so thought to share with u all and i will post the epi also very soon. In this ts maya and tw r sisters hope u all like it and if not then rotten tomatoes r allowed but chappals rehen dena plz
At college
A girl enters in the college wearing black jeans and peach off shoulder top and was looking extremely beautiful she was going and collides with one guy she turns ( yes guys many of u r right they r none other than twinj) kunj- sorry and sees her and get lost tw goes from there ku comes behind her and says- hey do u beleive in love at first sight ya fir i should collide with u one more time tw-excuse me and goes from there ku- heyy listen and goes behind her and then collides with one more girl she was about to fall but kunj holds her (the girl is maya) maya gets lost in him. Ku doesnt see her properly and says sry and goes.
Nxt scene
Tw and maya were sitting maya- tw today was ur first day of college how was it? Tw- ya everything was nyc except that boy u know what i collide with him and he said such a cheap line ughh i hate him on the other side kunj says to uv who is her bestii-yrr i love her she is sooo cute her eyes. Her eyes has so much honesty h and remembers her eyes her smile. When she smiles she looks more beautiful and remember her lips she is just perfect on the other side tw- how was ur day di? Maya- u know today i also met with someone someone who was stranger to me but there was a feeling that i Know him some strange feeling tw-ohoo my di is in love maya-dont know if it call love but i loved that feeling and if it is called love then i love him tw-what’s his name? Maya-dont know tw- oh di but dont worry we will find out maya-ya but now sleep
Nxt day
Tw comes to college and was going when kunj sees him and strts coming towards her tw sees him and says- oh god noo and turns to leave but kunj holds her hand and says- heyy wait can i know ur name? Tw turns and says-excuse me 1st leave my hand and dont u dare hold my hand again 2nd i dont tell my name to strangers so mr. Ku- kunj sarna tw- so mr. Kunj sarna u better stay away from me ku-hey but ur name plz tw-byee and goes
Nxt scene
Tw and her frnd mahi were studying in class when kunj comes in window and write down something on paper and holds it and shows them it was written i dont know ur name just saw u then also and shows the other paper I LOVE YOU and then shows the nxt paper i dont think that more words r needed to show that this love is true then the nxt paper now can i know ur name? Mahi says- yrr he is mad for u and he is sooo sweet just tell him ur name na tw- r u mad? Noways i will not tell him anything about me mahi- u will not tell but i can tw-mahiii noooo mahi writes twinkle on the paper and throws it out of class kunj catches it and sees twinkle ans smiles and goes from there
Nxt scene
Kunj was seeing twinkle’s name in the paper and maya was coming from the other side they were about to collide but kunj Sees her. Maya-hii again we were about to collide ku-yeah maya- what happened u r lost somewhere or should i say lost in someone tell me who is she? U r in love na? Ku- well yess but how u guessed it maya- the people who r in love can know very easily ku- ohoo soo u r also in love maya- yaa and smiles endlessly ku- soo frnds? Maya- ya sure
Nxt scene
Mahi and tw were talking
Mahi- yrr he is not that bad he truely loves u. U should give him a chance. Tw- ya he is not that bad and little bit of cute and about giving a chance i will think about it
Mahi- achaa madam pyar h but bolna nhi h tw- no its nothing like that ya he is somewhere cute and smiles mahi-ya i see cutee haina tw smiles and says-aree mahi nai na
Screen splits into 3 parts kunj one side tw one side and mahi in between
Sooo do u like it if u like it then only i will post the nxt part ty for reading love u all

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  1. Love it yar plz post next asap

  2. Sohi

    Awesome story
    Liked kunjs madness for twinkle
    And I’m waiting for the twist which Maya will bring
    Do continue and post soon

  3. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh god manu I don’t like it n u knw ryt 🙂
    wat m gonna say yeah dude I love it…..♥
    I loved it mahi amazing speechless marvelleous♥
    osm jst loving it n cant cant wait at all……… 🙂
    post nxt asap dear n ur ff too………♥
    love u lods………♥♥♥♥

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome

  5. SidMin23

    Maya love love but kunj love twinkle it seen interesting and thank to mahi as she is talking twinkle about kunj feeling and kunj love twinkle madly and maya also love kunj madly what happen next when madly in love people know each other phase and if maya know that kunj love only twinkle not her than what will happen to her and look forward to see how this triangle will show love to the story post soon can’t wait to ready more.

  6. Simiyy

    I think Maya likes Kunj and a love triangle
    Anyway post soon
    Loads of love

  7. hey guys can you please tell me if registration in telly updates is safe and private cause I want to write a ff and post it so registration is necessary?

  8. Presha

    Loved it

  9. anushka shetty

    Great start

  10. Amazing story….
    Luvd it to the core….
    Awesome…. And lovely…. Luvd the kunj madness… Post nxt asap…. Luv u….

  11. Neha_Pheonix

    AWesome yaar….LOved it a lotttt! Great efforts. Do send me links…I would love this nice story,

  12. Awesome

  13. Ramya

    Manu awesome one amazing
    Post soon

  14. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awesome piece girl! just loved it to the moon and back! Post soon!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

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