Sunrise of tomorrow. ….. Episode 2

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Swara sleeps on the bed Nd sanskar cleeps on the couch.
Swara : why are u sleeping on the couch? It is ur room. U sleep on the bed and i will sleep on the couch.
Sanskar : no swara i am comfortable here.
Swara takes some pillows and constructs a pillow wall dividing the bed into two halves.
Swara : you sleep on the right side and i will sleep on the left side.
Sanskar : hmmmm….. Not bad swara….
Swara : what…..
Sanskar: idea of constructing LOC on my bed…..
They both laugh.
Swara: goodnight sanskar….
Sanskar: good night…..
They sleep…………..
Lets see what did the sunrise bring in the life of swasan.
Swara wakes up early in the morning. Someone knock the door. Swara quickly removes the pillow wall and opens the door.
Swara: maa…..
Ap: swara beta… Today is ur muh dikhai and you have to cook food today. Its a ritual. Take this saree and jwellery.
Swara: sure maa… My pleasure….
Ap smiles and goes. Swara goes to washroom. She comes out after one hour wiping her wet hair with a towel. She goes towards sanskar.
Swara: sanskar….. Getup….
Sanskar: are u crazy??? It is 5 in the morning let me sleep….
Swara: open ur eyes…. I wanna show you something.
Sanskar opens his eyes forcibly. He sees swara in red embroidery saree and is mesmerized. He gets up from bed.
Sanskar: what is it?
Swara pulls him towards the window and pulls the curtains.
Swara: this is the best part of ur room. I can see the sunrise from here.
Sanskar: even i like seeing sunrise but…. I am too lazy……
They both laugh. Swara tells. Him what ap said in the morning. Swara sts on the dressing table and wear the jwellery. Sanskar helps her wearing the jwellery. Swara : i am done….
She is about to leave but sanskar stops her.
Swara: wt happened sanskar….
Sanskar takes the vermilion and fills her maang.
Swara: oops… I forgot…
Sanskar: no probs….
Sanskar goes to washroom and comes. Swara help him in wearing the blazer. He smiles. They go to the hall. Everyone go to the idol of lord krishna. Swara gives aarti and sings bhajan. All are very happy. Ap takes swara to kichen. Swara start cooking. All sat on the dining table. Swara serves the food to everyone. Eveyone loved it and gave shagun to swara. Sanskar says i have an important meeting and goes to office……
Guyzzz i know you all love swasan…. They are newly married. So i will show their romance after two episodes or next one……
I promise. There will be lot of love between swasan….. So plz…. Do comment and enjoy………

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