Sunrise of tomorrow. ….. Episode 1

Hello frndz…. I am shivanya. I am writing a ff using my imagination. I just need ur love and support to continue.

Episode starts with a girl wearing pallu to cover her hair. She stood up from the chair of dressing table. She is in bridal lehanga and bridal jwellery. Her sis comes to room and says come fastly mahurat time has come. She says ok ragini… Ragini is sis of the bride. Ragini says swara….. Wt happened? Are u not happy ? Swara says nothing like that and fakes a smile. Ragini says ok and takes her to mandap. Swara comes to the mandap and sits beside bridegroom. They perform some rituals. Shekhar and sumi, swaragini’s parents do kanyadaan of swara. Tears roll down swara’s cheeks. Pandit asks them to take pheras. They go around the fire. Swara thinks i am promising the 7 rules but can i fulfil them…. She is in dilemma what to do. Then pandit ask groom to fill sindoor in swara’s maang. He fills her maang with vermilion. He puts mangalsutra around her neck. Pandit says you are wife and husband now. Pandit ask them to take blessings of elders. They take and all srems to be very happy except swara and her husband. Swara does the rituals of bidaai and goes to maheshwari mansion. Ap swara’s mother in law arranges for swara’s grihpravesh. Swara kicks the kalash with rice in it. She puts her feet in the water mixed with sindoor. They go to puja room and pray to god for happiness. They complete all the post wedding rituals. Everyone go to their respected rooms. Swara goes near her husband and says sanskar… I know that it is very difficult for both of us to accept the truth that we are married. Sanskar says yes. There was ever love between us. Due to some circumstances we got married. I promise i will never force you for anything. Swara smiles and says ok. Sanskar sleeps on couch and swara on bed.

Lets see what the sunrise of tomorrow brings in life of swara and sanskar i mean our swasan…..

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  1. nice….

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  2. wow!!!!swasan is d pair….I m happy….nice

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  3. Amazing

  4. nyc

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  5. Nice dr plz cntnue

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  6. gud one

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  7. samanvitha murty

    I am so happy as u r pairing swasan tanq

    1. Yeah…. Swasan rocks……

  8. i always love swasan ff….really nice

    1. Same here angel… Swasan rocks…..

  9. Nice strt.

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  10. so nyc…

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  11. Nice starting shivanya.eagerly waiting for next update.

    1. Thank you asmita…. Enjoy my ff…..

  12. plz next zara long post karna n amazing ff

    1. Sure rosy…. Pehali ff thi toh thodi nervous hogayi. Agli waali lambi likhungi…… Do read and enjoy…..

  13. at frst when I started to read, u didnt gave groom name.. I was praying plz plz plz sanskaar, then u gave name ap.. I was like :O then I scrolled fast and fast to knw the groom name.. I was in cloud 9… omg, its swasan my bst couple ever.. so I again re read this.. thanks for making swasan….

    1. Hahahaha……. I am glad that you liked it…. I my ff sanskar is son of ap.

  14. swasan rocks super starts …..

  15. I’m so happy to see another swasan ff.. only swasan have that magical chemistry. continue soon

  16. Very gud start shivanya… wish u luck for this ff

    1. Thanks shivani….

  17. What about raglak??

    1. Intro of raglak is gonna happen soon…..

  18. is swara elder or younger
    nyc episode

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