Suno Na Shivika OS

So this happens when a song is just struck into your mind and you start writing whatever comes in your mind relating the song. Basically I had no intention of writing this but when I kept on singing this song again & again, I somehow related it with Shivika.

The song is “Suno na Suno Na” from the film “Chalte Chalte”

“I am gonna propose her today…” Shivaay told his brothers trying to shoo away his nervousness

“Where u’ll take her?” Asked O with full curosity
“Maybe to the..” Shivaay paused for a minute or two

“Don’t tell me bhaiyaa, you haven’t decided it yet” Rudra said as he saw his brother taking some pause
“That’s true.” Shivaay replied thinking

“You love her or you are still thinking for that too?” Om questioned to his brother
“I do. I love her so much” Shivaay cleared his brother’s doubt
“Then decide bhaiya where u’ll take her and propose her.” Rudra said as he saw his brother’s love confession again

“I was thinking to take her to the place, where… Umm.. is no one except us two..” Shivaay told his brothers what he was thibking about
“For example?” Rudra questioned
“Maybe to a stadium or maybe to…” Shivaay again took a pause
“Maybe where?” Om asked

“Taj Mahal” Shivaay replied looking at his boys
“Taj Mahal????” O and Rudi utter in unsion with not believing this
“What? Isn’t it the best place to propose her? Or anyone?” Shivaay asked when he saw his boys looking at him with a confused expression
“No… It’s the best place but we are quite astonished because u and Taj Mahal! Like unbelieveable” Om replied to his brother and chuckled at the last
“I hate both of you!” Shivaay said and Om and Rudi came forward to hug him and to wish him best of luck…


She was wearing a Red layered skirt with a black top. Her red and black dangle earrings were swinging in her earlobes. Her hairs all open and loosely curled from the ends. She was so simple yet so elegent.

“Shivaay mujhy yahan kyn laaye ho?” She asked as she walked beside the reflecting pool
“Just to make u see Taj Mahal” Shivaay replied as he walked beside her
“Are u serious? Mtlab Mujhy konsa naya Taj Mahal banwana hai that u bring me here to see the way it is constructed.” She asked baffling and stopped midway
“I am sorry, I was just kidding..” Shivaay chuckled at her reaction “No. I am going now, mera acha khasa mood kharab kardia!” She was bit angry from him and turned around to go

“Hey Anika…. Listen” Shivaay shouted from behind as he saw Anika walking away

Anika didn’t stop and keep on walking. Shivaay again shouted but still she didn’t stop

Tumne na jana
Ky mae deewana
Lekar aaya hoon
Dil ka nazrana
Mery dil ki hai jo daastan
Suno na, Suno na,
Sunlo naaaa
Humsafar mujhiki ko chun lo na
Suno na, Suno na
Sunlo naaaa

Anika stopped in her tracks when she heard the voice of the song
She turned around to see Shivaay singing just to stop her. A smile crept on her face but she hide it as soon as she can so he can see she is still angry. She turned around and smiled and start walking

Tumne na jaana
Ke main deewaana
Lekar aaya hoon
Dil ka nazraana
Mere dil ki hai jo daastaan
Suno na suno na,
Sun lo naaa..
Hamsafar mujhiko chun lo na
Suno na suno na,
Sun lo naaa..

She blushed as she listened him again. He was walking behind her

Tum jo gumsum ho tou mae heran hoon
Ye raaz kaise tum ko batoon?

Anika was now walking in the charbagh and Shivaay kept on following her. She was blushing everytime she heard her

Tum jo gumsum ho tou mae heran hoon
Ye raaz kaise tum ko batoon?

Shivaay came infront of Anika and looked in her eyes. He saw the smile and blush on her face too.

Tum par marta hoon
Mae sach kehta hoon
Maang kar dekh lo mujh se jaan

He held her hands. She bowed her head down as she heard those words. She ran away from there shyly

Suno na, Suno na
Sunlo naaa..
Humsafar mujhiko chun lo na
Suno na , Suno na
Sunlo naaa.

Anika went and sat on the ground beside the lake. She looked at her back but didn’t found Shivaay anywhere. Her expressions became confused one when she didn’t see him

Tum bhi ho tanha,
Mae bhi tanha hoon
Gar saath hum hon,
Tou socho kia ho?

She felt the sudden movement in her earrings and looked at her back and saw Shivaay. Her cheeks showed the shade of crimson colour

Tum bhi ho tanha,
Mae bhi tanha hoon
Gar saath hum hon,
Tou socho kia ho?

He cupped her cheeks and tucked her hairs behind her ear. She stood up at once and turned around to go.

Jo manzil manzil,
Do deewane dil
Le chalein pyar ka karwan

She barely walked a step when she felt a tug on her wrist. She very well knew who was stopping her. And then she was pulled back by him with much force that she directly hit his chest. She was all red like tomato. The colour wasn’t leaving her cheeks for a single second

Suno na, Suno na
Sunlo naaa…
Humsafar mujhiko ko chun lo na
Suno na, Suno na
Sunlo naaa…

She ran away from there as fast as she can. Shy, she was and this made her run. She was standing outside the Taj Mahal at the start of the reflecting pool when his voice hit her ears. She saw hi standing exactly at the entrance of the Taj Mahal.

Tumny na jaana,
Ky mae deewana,
Lekar aaya hoon,
Dil ka nazrana,
Mery dil ki hai jo daastan…
Suno na, Suno na,
Sunlo naa…
Humsafar mujhiko chun lo naa..
Suno na, Suno na
Sunlo naaa…

And she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. But Shivaay broke the hug which made Anika startled.
She looked at him with confusion filled in her eyes. Shivaay mentally chuckled seeing her cute confused face.

“Kyn???” Anika asked
And Shivaay didn’t reply her. He went upto his knees and took her hands in his

“I am not Shah Jahan nor you are Mumtaz Mahal but still, will u be the one whom I was finding, sorry actually not finding, from years in my life?” Shivaay asked, Sorry proposed Anika

Anika laughed at his cute proposal.

“This must be most cutest proposal of the world” Anika said thinking
“But why this place..  I mean Taj Mahal.. itnay log aatay hain yahan and aaj, aaj aik bhi nahi? How?” Anika said roaming her eyes in the garden. She was quite astonished finding the place empty, Although she knew how was it possible still she wanted to listen from him

“There are some advantages of being Shivaay Singh Oberoi” Shivaay said smiling a bit. He was still in the some position, on his knees infront of his ladylove

“But wouldn’t it be more great that people see the rude, arrogant, strict and what not adjectives for you businessman proposing in the most cutest and the romantic style?” Anika asked pressing her lips trying to stop her laughter

“Its okay honay wali bhabhi… I am here making the video” Rudra peeped out of one the bush probably where he was hiding.
“Rudiiiiii???” Shivaay gasped in shock as his brother there
“I shouldn’t have told u guys!” Shivaay muttered under his breath as he also saw Om accompanying Rudi

“Bhabhi, don’t u think the person proposing u would get some knee problem if he kept sitting like that?” Rudi questioned his honay wali bhabhi as he knew his brother  was on his knees from past some minutes

Anika’s attention went to Shivaay from Rudi as she realised what she have been doing since few minutes. Their hands still intertwined in each other

“Anika… do you then?” Shivaay was now a bit tensed as she wasn’t replying
“Shivaay… actually I do. Instead I love you so so so so so much” Anika said with excitement filled in her tone
“I also love u..” Shivaay said and took out a ring from his pocket

“Tumhare liye” He said and slid the ring in her finger. She looked at it and it was same ring what she thought of. A simple yet so elegent diamond ring.

“Thank You…” Anika said as her eyes welled up with khushi ke aansoo
“Come On.. Don’t cry..” Shivaay said as her cupped her face.
“ I still can’t believe it” She said straight looking into his eyes

And a hug was needed. All she could do was to hug him tightly. He hugged her back making her believe everything. They love each other and that was believeable.

“They love each other so much!” Om said as he saw both of them totally lost in each other embrace
“To the level of infinity” Rudra replied

“Chalein?” Shivaay broke the hug and asked her to which she just nodded in Yes. The both covered the length of the pool, their hands intertwined in each other.

Sometimes it’s easy to love and to confess and most important to get your love. Maybe it’s hard to find true love, it’s hard for every lovestory to have a happy ending but those who have a happy ending, who find true love are then hard to leave.
That’s how Love Conquers Sometimes or maybe Everytime…

Ummm.. I have never ever seen Taj Mahal except in pictures or movies so I literally don’t know about it much. I have written about Taj Mahal searching it on Google so if there is anything written wrong about Taj Mahal so please tell me too..
Lots Of Love❤

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