Sunny Boy Diaries – A series of random incidents (Shot-1)

Author’s Note : Hi lovelies! This is the first One shot in a series of One shots. This story is complete in itself, so updating will be random based on how inspiration strikes me.

This is a reaaaaly loooong One shot! hehehe Be prepared with coffee and snacks! ???

Do post your comments in the end! Would love to read all of them! ☺☺

Sanskar’s Diary

Dec 31st 2016

Dear Diary,
Today I Sanskar Maheshwari, Son of Ram Prasad Maheshwari and Sujatha Maheshwari and Husband of one and only Swara Sanskar Maheshwari , am making a New Year’s resolution of keeping a daily journal or like my father says going to ‘keep a diary’ daily. He always says, “Keeping a diary is a mark of great men… How else can we learn about them in History?”

Okay not that I’m so vain and hope that kids read about me in their History books because come on, I know how many times I have cursed many famous people for becoming famous because I have to study about their boring lives just to pass an History exam… Ugh.. Okay so no, I’m not vain but the truth is I’m a damn Proud man! Okay once again don’t get me wrong, I am not proud of what I have achieved wealth wise or to say more aptly I’m not proud of my material wealth, but I am not hesitant one bit to say that I’m damn proud of my most precious wealth… My wonderful wife!
I know you must be thinking, “My God what a sappy fellow!” But hey, you don’t have what I have! You don’t have my Swara! And err don’t even dream of it, you will never have her too! Hmmpf! Anyways the point is I’m unabashedly and unapologetically a die-hard romantic at heart! Err Hello due to remember my ‘Gerua’ proposal?! Anyway so the point is I’m not bothered what you think of my sappiness! I love my darling and I will flaunt it in your face!

Err looks like I have digressed… Anyway the point of writing this Diary is that I want to catalogue our Love story and if I may say so myself, our EPIC LOVE STORY! So I’m planning to jot down all the important aspects of our Love story which even my wifey doesn’t know, I mean certain things which I thought and felt about her when she wasn’t around…
Well my secret plan is to one day write all such cute incidents which she doesn’t know and compile it into a book and gift it to her… I know she will love it because my dear was never a lover of material things… all the gold and diamond in the world don’t match up to the glitter in her eyes… No song or poem ever justify the music in her laughter and no scenery can ever match the beauty of seeing her sleepy face glowing in the early morning sun, first thing in the morning…
So I hope that I fill you, my dear diary with all those random beautiful moments about my dearest which I hope she will cherish forever more. ..

Jan 1st 2017
So here is my first entry… Somehow when my sweetheart asked me to fill her maang with sindhoor to symbolize the beginning of New Year , I was reminded of the first time I had ever filled her maand with that beautiful Vermillion color… Haha I actually had a background of Deepika’s dialogue from Om Shanthi Om modified for my sweetheart, “Ek chutki Sindhoor ka keemat tum kya jaane Shona Darling!” Thank God I did not tell her this when I actually filled her maang that day! She would have been the ‘dushman’ of her own sindhoor and murdered me then and there! Haha
Okay jokes apart my dear diary now it’s already 11.45 PM and I have left a sleeping Swara and escaped here on the balcony to write this because of course I don’t want her to know I’m writing this! Where would be the surprise then?! Anyway let me start writing the incident fast before she misses me in her sleep! And oh, by the my diary dearest, I’m writing this like a story where she and I are characters of a story, that is I’m going to narrate my own story as a third person! Now wouldn’t that be interesting? Well I at least hope so! Fingers crossed!

Here goes,

Incident -1
Red – The colour of my love for you

Swara and Sanskar were walking towards their tent after the sindhoor incident. Swara’s whole world was upturned; this event seemed even more significant than losing Laksh to Ragini. Now she had become the wife of this man who was walking nonchalantly beside her as if what he had done tonight was of no significance at all… as if he didn’t care about all the storms raging and lashing at her heart at this very moment… He just wanted to prove a point so he simply took a pinch of sindhoor and filled it on her forehead parting as if it was just a red color powder he would have put on her on Holi. Swara was furious to the extent she didn’t even want to see or speak to him… her so called new husband!
Sanskar was trying his best to start a conversation with her, he knew she was angry at him. Because no matter how unavoidable the situation had been he must have tried harder to not have done what he had eventually done- put sindhoor on her forehead and make her his wife. Because that is what she was to him now…his wife! For a split second his heart was filled with that realization that this pure soul who was walking beside him was his! But then reality set in soon enough when he felt her glaring at him, maybe his happiness had reflected on his face and he felt a familiar feeling which always came along with all his happy thoughts related to Swara- guilt. He could never forget that he was responsible for all her troubles and heartbreak … He really didn’t deserve this angel of salvation.
Once inside, Sanskar couldn’t bear the angry vibes coming from her and thought to rectify the situation… He said,” Swara please itna filmy mat bano.” She glared at him viciously at his gall to tell her she was being filmy when he was the one who filled her forehead like some filmy hero as if it was all some sick game for him. He continued in a forced jovial tone not heeding her death glares and said,” Nahi sach mein swara, hum dono ko pata hai yeh shaadi nakli hai, sirf ek naatak… ab isme ek aur jhoot add kar diya toh kya farak padtha hai? Mein toh use sirf ek red color holi powder samjhke tumhara maang bhara tha. Jaise filmom mein karthein hain. Yeh sirf ek naatak ka scene tha Swara…Iska red color ko koi ehmiyat nahi deta main. Tum bhi mat do.”
She just silently scoffed at his attitude which was exactly like what she thought it would be like. It is all some stupid game… She really didn’t want to talk to him and decided to just go to bed to avoid thinking about this disastrous night any further.
But seems like even heaven was against her that night and it started pouring cats and dogs… And to add to the wretchedness their tent was leaking from literally everywhere!
Sanskar suddenly pulled her to a corner which seemed relatively safe from rain. She glared at his hand which was on her arms… He let it go awkwardly… Then he added in a more contrite tone,” sorry… mujhe nahi pata yeh kaise ho gaya… Mujhe lagtha hain kisine isme tampering ki hai, thaki hum yahan se jaldi chale jayein aur unke kush kismathi se aaj hi baarish hogayi…”

She understood whom he was referring too, but wasn’t in a mood to respond, so she just sat silently on the floor. After few minutes of trying to decide what to do, Sanskar too joined her on the floor. Because to go the main house or to their other house would be like accepting defeat and that they could not concede so easily, so braving the storm was literally their only option. So they sat in uncomfortable silence for the next few hours when their whole tent was getting drenched.

After sometime Swara had fallen asleep and was resting her head on his shoulders unknowingly. Sanskar had then comfortably adjusted her head on her shoulder and sat vigil praying that the storm raging both outside and in their lives should end fast and peace and quiet should return as this girl deserved it more than anybody he has ever known.

He saw her face, so innocent yet worried… even in sleep there was a crease forming between her brows… He gentle tried to soothe it with gentle touch and she smiled in her sleep. He sat there mesmerized for God knows how long till a drop of water hit her forehead. The droplet was falling somewhere else but since the wind had caught speed it was reaching where they sat. The sindhoor on her forehead started getting wet and was begging to run down her forehead. But thank God she was in too deep sleep to notice, so he gently kept his hands to shield her from the drizzle because maybe tonight was the only time that her forehead would have sindhoor that he filled… sindhoor of his name…because for tonight this sindhoor signified that this precious weight on his shoulder was his to safeguard… his wife. And he promised to himself that he would shield her from all the storms in her life if she would at all give him a chance to do so … because protecting he would be a privilege and a feat of honour for him.

Then suddenly there was bout of lightning and thunder which woke her up. But before he could move his hands away, she noticed that he was trying to shield her forehead. She looked at him questioningly and he just shrugged saying that the red colour would have run on her face and would have been really hard to remove in the morning. She sighed and got up to drink some water from their pot.
Somehow the few hours of sleep she got had cooled her down enough to sensibly think of the happenings of yesterday night for it was almost going to be 5AM. She looked around and found that all their belongings was drenched beyond repair and turned towards Sanskar who was apparently thinking the same and glancing all over their home. She suddenly realized that it was ‘theirs’ rather than his and hers… She didn’t know when she started thinking that way but guess she had been for a while now… for he really was there in each and every step with her from the day he caught her hand and they entered baadi as husband and wife many days ago. She looked at his tired face and thought that he might not have slept at all if he had been shielding her forehead all night. She felt guilty for the cold treatment she gave him yesterday because even she knew what he did was to save her mission… after all it was her idea to do this fake marriage act in the first place…

Fake marriage… she smiled sarcastically at her fate… thinking it was no more fake than her parents’ marriage was fake… meaning it was real… solid 100 percent irrefutably real… She sighed and took a deep breath… maybe it was not so bad after all because at least her trusted her more than any other man in her life has ever trusted her… For now maybe that was all she needed… romantic love was overrated anyways… And now she anyway didn’t have time to think about her life… She had a mission to complete… She needed to unite her mom and dad and get back her happy family once again.

Sanskar who saw stealthy trying to gauge her reactions, completely misunderstood her sigh and said in a low tone staring everywhere else other than her face , “ Swara I’m sorry… kal ke liye… Magar tum tension mat lo, jab Ragini ka sach sabke saamne aa jayega, mein humara sach bhi bata doonga sab ko aur tumhe legally divorce bhi de doonga toh kal ka incident bhi teek ho jayega… Tumhe khabi bhi mujhe pati nahi kehna padega…” which was fortunately or unfortunately drowned by thunder…

Swara who was busy in her thoughts and hadn’t heard a single word of what he said came back to reality due to the thunder and decided to get back their partnership to their old quid pro quo status till either of them had enough time to think about the significance of the red colour on her forehead and offered him a glass of water as a peace offering, which he accepted with a sad smile. He thought she had decided to forgive him based on his assurance of giving her divorce the moment the wretched truth would be out… But he was also happy to have any ounce of relationship with her and if it was just a friendship and nothing more, he would gladly cherish that precious thing too equally…

Well that was my first entry diarjee… I don’t know whether I did justice to our story and I’m really afraid whether she will like my writing… But anyways I’m going to continue writing and one day I will gift this to her…
Uffo! I can hear her murmuring my name in sleep, I better hide you and run before I get caught! Bye!


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