Sun saathiya SS (RagLak and RagSan) Chapter 5 and 6: happy moments!(The end)

Chapter 5 and 6: happy moments!(The end)

Ragini’s pov
“The whole night I was crying, but Swara never left my side, yeah I was angry at her and now, because of her I know the truth.” “Thank you so much Swara.” “You are my friend Rags, so don’t say sorry to me!” “I should say sorry to you for not trusting you and I thought you cheated me.” “Nope, I need the strong Ragini back she said.” “We should get ready!” “Why?” I asked her and she replied back: “You will meet your whole family and your Laksh.” “Really?” “Yes!” “Come Swara we should get ready.

My dress
End of her pov
Swara’s pov
“ACP Sahil messaged me that they will go to ACP Sanskar’s house and then they will come here.” “Swara you look gorgeous.” “Rags, you look more than fantastic.” “Thanks Shona!” “When is my Laksh coming?” “He will be going to your sister’s place and then all of them will be coming here.” “Ok!”
End of her pov
Priya’s pov
At first we went to Ragika’s to meet her and her husband ACP Sanskar. We rang the doorbell and Sanskar let us come in. “Hello, I’m ACP Sanskar Kapoor and that’s my wife Ragika Kapoor.” “Hey, nice to meet you!” Ragika said. “Hi, I’m Laksh Ragini’s husband.” “Hello, I’m ACP Sahil Bhag Ragika and Ragini’s brother.” “Hey, I’m Priya!” I said. “So you are going to be my bhabhi?” “Yes, she is!” Sahil said, while he held my hand. “Ragika you look fantastic.” Laksh said, Ragika blushed and Sanskar said: “aren’t you married Laksh, do please don’t flirt with my wife!” “Sorry bro, I just miss my Ragini, your wife is her twin, so I couldn’t stop saying that!” “Oho romantic jeeju!” Ragika said. “Bhabhi you look so breath taking!” Ragika said, while she winked at Sahil.”

Ragika’s dress

My dress
End of her pov
Ragika’s pov
“Guys we should get going to Lucky’s Ragini!” Sanskar said, while he winked at Laksh. “Hoye oye Laksh jeeju is blushing.” Bhaiyu said. After a while we went to RagLak’s place.
End of her pov
Chapter 6: The end

Laksh’s pov
I rang the doorbell and Swara opened the door with a very happy smile. “Finally you are back Laksh!” “Laksh!” My Ragini shouted, while she ran towards me and then she hugged me. “Araam se meri chimpanzee.” I said. She punched my chest. “Guys stop behaving like kids!” Swara said. “We are not!”
End of his pov
Meanwhile at the jail

Minister Rajpal’s pov
“I won’t leave that Priya, I should have killed her before!” “Because of her I’m sitting in this cell.” “Where is this idiot Suraj!” “He should have called me by now.” “I’m here!” He came inside the cell, then he took out his gun and I shouted: “No, don’t kill me!” “It’s too late for you Rajpal, no one is going to save you!” Bang!” “Bang!”
End of his pov
At RagLak’s

Sahil’s pov
“I hope that Suraj has killed that Rajpal!” My thought was broken by Ragini asking me something: “Bhai, when are you getting married to Priya Bhabhi?” “Soon!” “I’m so excited!” Ragini said while she was dancing. “Ragika, how did you and Sanskar jeeju got married?” A curious Ragini asked. “It was arrange marriage!” My sweet sister Ragika answered back. “What mine was love marriage!” A shocked Ragini said.
End of his pov
Sanskar’s pov
“ACP Sahil looks a little bit restless!” Swara said and I said: “yeah he does!” “I think something has happened between him and that minister Rajpal!” I said and Swara agreed. “Knock!” “Knock!” Someone knocked at the door and Sahil went to open. “Hey come in.”
End of his pov
Suraj’s pov
Sahil opened the door and let me come in. “What is he doing here?” An angry Swara asked. “I came here to see you Swara, before I leave India forever.” I said and she replied back: “unbelievable!” “Believe me!” “I’m not going to believe you!” “Even if you get to know, that he is ACP Suraj Makhawan!” “What he is the Makhawan?” A surprised Swara asked and I answered back: “yes, I wanted to ask you something!” “What?” “ACP Swara Malhotra will you marry me?” I asked her, while I knelt infront of her and she hapily replied back: “yes, I will marry you!”
End of his pov
18 years later

“Mum is this the end of RagSan, RagLak, PriHil(Sahil and Priya), your and dad’s love story?” Aditi and Aliya asked their mother Swara. “Swara Massi, why did this story end like this?” Jayanti and Yashu (RagLak’s daughters) asked. “Because some stories end happily and some are better to be left incomplete!” LiSam(Liya and Sam)(RagSan and Prihil’s daughters) replied back. “How did you and dad get married?” Aliya asked. “What about Prihil’s marriage?” Yashu asked. “I will tell guys another time!” Swara said.

The end!

Author’s note
“I hope you guys liked the story!” “A special thanks to Liya(Jaana), Jayanti(Sweety Jaan), Adi, Yashu and Aliya in being a special guest in the story at the end.” “I know you guys will be shocked especially my Jaana, because her twist ki dukaan ended this story.” “A special thanks to my readers, keep tocking guys.”
End of the author’s note

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  1. Meri jaan…… ek shock dene ke baad end mein ye surprise ????…… it ended but it was sooooooo amazing…. even I am a part of this story…. yippeeeee…… love you lots ???❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Will miss this story so much.
    Come soon with another dhamakedaar story ???????

    1. AMkideewani

      Awww, thanks a lot Sweety Jaan, it means a lot to me, love you loads❤️❤️❤️❤️ and soon I will be coming with In love with my stalker???????it will be RagLak and IshKara respectively????

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you so much???

  2. Wow di But I wnted more of it
    anyways do give an epilogue of it showing the lives of ragsan and raglak

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Polly and about an epilogue, I’m still not sure whether I will write it or????

  3. ManuKishan

    its soo nice loved it and raglak was cute

    1. AMkideewani

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  5. Aditi.Ayansh

    Awesome part..i loved it..pls Sam come back with another Dhamaka.?? queen of Twists..❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ u lots..and thanx for making me a part of ur story i loved it..yippee…..i’ll miss this story so much?????..pls come back soon with another mindblowing ff……?????

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Adi and a new name yippie?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Adi have you read the promo of In love with my stalker❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Adi you are sweetheart it was a return gift for you, because you added me in your story too??????

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  6. Mmp

    Awesome yaar,.!! Thank you for making me a part of this story.. 🙂
    Love you.. :-*

    1. AMkideewani

      Love you too and Ragi and don’t say thanks we are sisters?????

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    Awesome Sam but I will miss this

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    I only started reading yesterday and you ended already???meri luck toh dekho???kya yaar???????? jhatka lagha mujhe ,i guess good thing come to an end soon only beautifies it ? i loved the end jaana and the twist of suraj being ACP??I liked that .And the best part me and you are sisters????forever??? Raglak meeting was superb??he calling chimpanzee hahaa it was fun?? you can make season 2 of it?

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Jaana,I’m not sure if I make a season 2, but you never know??????????????????????❤️??❤️??

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  9. Ashlyn.G

    Hey crazy girl aka Amkideewani!!!
    Woowwwww its totally awsome gal….
    Really loved it….????

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      1. AMkideewani

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  10. Fabulous dear, happy ending. Going to miss it

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      Thanks a lot dear, I’m going to write another RagSan ff soon??????

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot Ammy???

  11. Yashasvi

    hey jaan i’m shoo shoooo sorry yrrrr i know am very late ….. par kya karu…..
    but the surprise was very very sweet ….
    and i’m raglak’s daughter,… awwww that’s sooooo cute….!!!!!!!???????????????
    and the whole story was amazing par ek shock bhi lga ki u ended this tory…..
    i was a bit sad…. but as ur wish darlo….!!!!!!!!
    BTW HOW R U NOW….???
    did u miss my comment ???
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