Sun saathiya SS (RagLak and RagSan) Chapter 2: Laksh’s mistake part 2

Chapter 2: Laksh’s mistake part 2

Laksh’s pov
“Oh god, what did I do?” I said, while I got some flashbacks from last night. “Why am I outside and why am I sleeping next to Swara?” “I’m so confused!” I got up and tried to open the door, but unfortunately I didn’t have the keys, I tried to call Ragini, but she didn’t pick up her damm phone. I tried calling her again, but this time, I heard her voicemail saying: “the number you’re trying to call is unreachable or has blocked you!” “What happened and why was I sleeping next to my best friend’s husband?” “I don’t know Swara!”
End of his pov
Swara’s pov
“My plan is working!” I smirked in my mind, but acted innoncently infront of Laksh. “Are you alright Swara.” He asked me with full of concern. “I’m fine!” I lyingly said, because I was more than fine. We both tried to open door in which we succeeded as well, but what we saw was…..
End of her pov
Meanwhile at the Rajpal mansion

Minister Rajpal’s pov
“Ragini and her twin sister Ragika will pay for what they did to me!” “Sahil doesn’t even know that Ragini and Ragika are his sisters.” “I’ve separated all three of them, when they were very young!” “One part of my revenge has been a pure success.” “Stupid Swara thinks that her plan is working, but the truth is that mine is working.” “????.” I laughed evilly and more evilly. “Knock!” “Knock!” Disturbed my evil laugh pout(just imagine an ugly pout???). “Come in!” I shouted at that person that knocked, he came in shocking me, I tried to take out my pistole, but I was too late and that guy shot me. “Noooo!” I shouted and fortunately it was a dream???(this man’s gone gaga???). Then I went back to sleep, I snored for a while making my wife angry and she kicked me out of our bed. “My wife is the enemy of me and my sleep, but soon I will get a new one, hahahahah(this man is too much and nuts????)(bro you are to old and you want a new wife, that will never ever happen, because you are going to die soon, hahhahajha, long live the writer?).” “But no one should get to know the truth that someone is in my dungeon, but one thing I can tell you guys that it’s unfortunately a man and not a woman.”
End of his pov

Sahil Bhag’s pov
“Am I doing the right thing?” This question is always haunting me. “Whenever I had problems in making the right decision, you were always there for me Priya.” “I miss you, why did you leave me and got married to that minister Rajpal.” “I will not spare him.”
End of his pov

Ragika’s pov
I woke and started to make breakfast for my darling husband Sansku. I made Idli and Sambar, because I know that he loves South Indian food. “What’s my darling wife doing.” “Making breakfast for us!” “What’s for breakfast?” “Idli and Sambar!” “Yummy! He said after he licked his lips with his tongue?and I said: “my Idli and Sambar isn’t that great like Amma’s.” “No, yours are tremendously fantastic.” “Thank you!” “How many times do I have to tell you no thanks and no sorry.” Soon the Idlis were done, we went to the table and silently ate our breakfast.
End of her pov

SwaRagLak’s scene
Laksh and Swara came inside the apartment and Ragini angrilly looked at them her eyes were spitting fire?, SwaLak gulped down their saliva, they knew that Ragini’s anger reached its peak. “How dare you guys doing this disgusting thing in my room and in my apartment.” “You mean our apartment!” Laksh said, but as a return gift he got an glare back from Ragini. “The blo*dy hell it’s my apartment and not yours Laksh, you’re not paying a single penny.” “I wish that I would have never run away from home with you Laksh.” She said, then she pushed them both out of the way, ran towards her room and locked the door.(I know RagLak fans are hating me right now as well as Swara fans).
End of their scene

RagSan special scene?
After they both ate their breakfast, Ragika took the dishes with her to wash them, she washed them, Sanskar dried them and put them away as well. He pulled Ragika towards him, so that he was hugging her from behind. “Sansku what are you doing?” “Hugging my wife!” “Why?” “Can I spend some romantic moments/time with you?” “Oho, so my baby is waiting to romance me!” “Yes, my queen!” “That’s so cheesy!” “Are calling me cheesy!” “Yes!” She said. He put his hand on her mouth?that she couldn’t say anything else, he pulled her towards their bedroom, then he kissed her forehead with a lot affection and she kissed his forehead too. Their relationship isn’t only about loving, caring and trusting eachother, but about respecting eachother, both were comfortable with eachother, but they weren’t ready to level up in their relationship and they were talking it slowly.(Sorry RagSan fans for not giving you RagSan scenes with a lot of romance).
End of their scene
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