The epi starts with,
A boy is shown who was talking to a boy…It is non other than Dev and Shravan…Dev was teasing Shravan who was silently looking at Suman…They four were shopping for Christmas…Suman and Sonakshi were selecting dresses and was talking to each other where Shravan and Dev was teasing eachother for admiring without any one’s notice…
******2 hours later******

Once they finished their shopping Shraman said they had an important work and they left…Where Dev now said,
Dev:Sonakshi,Shraman is not with us now na…so shall we go somewhere?
Sonakshi shook her head as ok where Dev drived her to a cafeteria…where he said,
Dev:Sonakshi u go inside and wait let me park the car and come…
Sonakshi:hmmm ok…saying this she entered the cafeteria and sat in an open place where the rays of sunshine was fallen and the clear sky was seen…
Dev came and sat next to Sonakshi in 5 minutes time…where they started talking and spent their moments…The waiter came and took the list of what they needed…and he went to the table which was front of their table where Sonakshi said,
Sonakshi:Dev can u identify their voices?
The screen freezes in Dev’s confused face…

Precap:Devakshi shocked to see who it was…

Sorry for less Shravan scenes…promise I’ll give u’ll more in the next epi for sure…And sorry for the short update!!!

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  1. Niki645

    Awesome…………..but too short.. Post next one soon.. but longer pls!!

    1. Harisha39

      Thank u Niki645…I know it’s very short…but then i’ll try making the making longer as possible…

  2. Awesome episode dear but its toooo short plz post the next episode soon and the long one.

    1. Harisha39

      Thank u princess…i know its short…ill post it song and longer

  3. Nikita

    It’s amazing.. But plss make it longer.. Give us more eps! Love ya!

    1. Harisha39

      Thank u Nikita…ya will give more epi’s…me too…

  4. Aaaaawwwwweeeesssssoooommmeee!!!!

    1. Harisha39

      Thank u Christie……….

  5. Amazing……but a longer one….❤❤❤

    1. Harisha39

      Thank u Maleeha…ya i’ll post longer ones…

  6. Manya

    But a longer one next time??

  7. nice one..
    its good but write next one longer.
    and ya post asap..

  8. prettypreeti

    Heyyyyy girl good one.fabbb.
    Loved it..
    Post soon

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