3 Mataas in Ayodhya – Kaushalya,,Sumithra, Kaikeyi.

Sumithra being the youngest and quietest of all was not only confident but also enough courageous. Her twin sons Lakshman and Shatrughan was also a carbon copy either by nature or by appearance. Her sacrifice is so much evident. Being drunken the kheer ( rice syrup) for 2 times gave birth to her two pearls. Even Dashrath considered her to be the one who is so intelligent though Kausalya and Kaikeyi was his favourite.

When she gave birth to the sons her decision was already set. Lakshman will be the sevak of ram and Shatrughan will be bharath’s. Of course it was. She thought that Kaikeyi and kausalya’s sons are born just to rule the country and be the best. But this sweetest matha never wanted their sons to be on of the ministers too. She also sent Shatrughan along with Bharath to Kaikeyi so that he will have some grip having him. When Ram Lakshman were teenage Lakshman not even caring about his brother who have visited him after some years, left him and followed Ram. Literally no words to say !!

Lakshman after marrying urmila too never worried and joined his bhaiyaa’s long voyage just becoz he had a stronger belief that his wife will support him in every means. It happened so.

Shatrughan being the youngest had no rights becoming king but yet did adharm just for his brothers.

The family stood as one of the right hands of Ayodhya and also other 2 familes. But they never thought they were diverged but became 1 !! The eternity of soul is never forgotten and still continues

We should try the very best to become like Sumithra, her sons or at least like her daughter I in-laws !! _/\_

Credit to: Malvi

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  1. Wow nice malvi dear

  2. True….sumitha unknown heroine….nice writing… @malvi sis

  3. Yes among 3 queen of Dasarath- Sumithra was the best and wisest . She made sure her family remained united . And her sons and daughter-in law had the same qualities like her . She is indeed great .

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