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Sumit Sambhal Lega 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya asking Aaliya to freshen up and have food. Aaliya refuses. Dolly, Rajneesh and Jasbir come and sit to watch tv. Maya asks Aaliya to have food. Sumit comes. Dolly asks Sumit to explain Maya not to scold Aaliya, and explain by love. Dolly then scolds Rajneesh. Sumit smiles. Maya asks Aaliya not to play game, her dad will get angry. Aaliya says its fine. Sumit asks shall I get angry. Aaliya says yes. Maya asks Aaliya not to misbehave and have dinner. Sumit asks Aaliya to do as mum says, as he also does so. Aaliya says she is not their loved child. Rajneesh says me too. Sumit counts to make Aaliya go. Aaliya does not go. Sumit counts in fractions and asks her to go. Aaliya fights and says she will not talk to him now.

Rajneesh says we will go home. Dolly blames

Sumit to scold Aaliya and leaves. Sumit says I won’t talk to anyone now. Next day, Sumit comes home. Maya thanks Sumit for snatching tab from Aaliya, as she was always asking for tab all day. He asks what to punish Aaliya, Aaliya is not afraid that I will get angry. Maya says we will talk to Aaliya’s school teacher. He says what will teacher say, we are good parents, I mean you are a good mum, and I m trying my best. She says I m not a good mum. Sumit says my parents did not take anyone’s help, look at me and Rajneesh. She looks at him. He says fine, tomorrow morning.

Sumit and Maya go and talk to Aaliya’s teacher. The teacher says Aaliya is trying to say something, try to know it. Maya asks what. The teacher asks her to imagine that she is 6 year old daughter. Sumit says fine, I was expert in drama during college time. The teacher asks did they have arranged marriage. Maya says no, love. The teacher says we will pretend that Sumit is my father and I m adamant that I won’t go on Dadi’s birthday. They start acting. The teacher says I don’t think you should count Dadi’s leftover days, relax, if you feel your daughter says you are forcing her, you should say do we make her do anything against her wish. Sumit says I will look funny and laughs. She asks her to try.

The teacher asks Sumit to understand whats her daughter thinks and explain her. Sumit says we used to feel guilty to oppose parents. The teacher asks Sumit not to drag his mum in this. Maya thanks her. Sumit says he won’t give tab or send her to boarding school. The teacher asks Sumit does he threaten his daughter like this, I think I should have long discussion with both of you. He says okay.

Its night, Maya and Sumit practice what teacher taught them. She asks him to become adamant child. He says you have no idea. She reminds what Aaliya did. Sumit jokes and she asks him to focus. Sumit makes her realize that she can’t do anything without punishing. Maya cries and says I m a bad mother. He consoles her and says fine, I will join dance class, we will do what we can, Rajneesh and I became fine even when my parents are such, Aaliya will be fine, else her husband has to bear her, we will get old and she won’t shout on us.

Dolly and Jasbir argue. Dolly tells Sumit that Maya was shouting on Aaliya again, I could have given her tips, I raised two children with love. Sumit and Rajneesh cough. Sumit sees Dolly and Jasbir fighting and says teacher was also saying about this fights. Sumit tells Jasbir that he does not value what mum does for him. Jasbir says she does not value me, I did a lot. Dolly asks what. Jasbir says I remark on food. Sumit says Jasbir feels she is not good cook. Dolly says thanks, I cook his fav food. Sumit tries to sort their fight. Dolly says she wants to have some appreciation. Jasbir says I do appreciate, whats need to do. Sumit explains. Jasbir thanks Dolly. Dolly promises she will serve him. Sumit gets glad and leaves.

Dolly and Jasbir talk with love and Rajneesh gets shocked. He says what did Sumit do. Sumit comes home and sees Maya scolding Aaliya. He asks Maya to try to know whats inside Aaliya. Maya tries talking to Aaliya. Sumit talks to Aaliya and tries to know. Aaliya says no one loves me, everyone loves Avi. Sumit says its not like this, but Avi is the youngest child, and he needs more care, it does not mean we don’t love you, we will always love Aaliya. She asks really. Maya says yes. Aaliya says she wants to repair the toy for Avi. Sumit says I have some talent. Maya says yes, I m bad mum.

Dolly and Jasbir come and fight. Sumit gets shocked. Maya tells them about Banno’s death in the tv show. They all sit to watch tv show together. Sumit tells Maya that she is not bad mum, she has calmed three children. Maya says I think we should not take pressure to become best parents, and this magic is done by tv.

Dolly and Jasbir give advice to Sumit about his fight with Maya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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