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The Episode starts with Sumit and Rajneesh practicing cricket at home. Sumit says he will miss Maya and leaves. Maya sees the broken plate and calls out Sumit. Sumit gets tired after playing 20 overs. He talks to his cricket mates. Sumit says Rajneesh trained him differently. They all decide to have a new captain and raise hands. Sumit says we will toss. Rajneesh says he could not become captain till now. The team supports Rajneesh. Rajneesh gives last batting chance to Sumit. Rajneesh encourages them and asks Sumit to fill water for them.

Sumit comes home. Maya shows the snowland and asks shall we take kids next Sunday. She asks did he lost match, what happened. He says we won. She asks is he upset for rival team. He says Rajneesh became captain, he has made all runs and no one batting

chance came. She says fine, we can spend time, you wanted this right. He says yes. She asks did you wish to become captain. He says cricket is cricket. She says family is family. He says its imp for you, you always became a leader, you won’t understand. She says she is captain at home too.

She hugs him and says he is her hero. He asks really and gets glad. He says he will not play match next Sunday and go to snowland with her. He romances and Jasbir enters their home, welcoming the captain Rajneesh. Rajneesh gets glad and says he is their old Sonu. Jasbir says Rajneesh has made double century, he would have got his colony friends. Maya says congarts. Rajneesh starts his victory speech. Sumit says that’s it for you, over to studio.

Jasbir and Rajneesh scold Sumit. Jasbir asks Rajneesh to play well next week too and asks Sumit to hit atleast one century. Sumit says no, I m going with kids. Jasbir says no, people will think brothers are not united, you have to play Sumit. Rajneesh says Sumit is my bowler. Jasbir hugs them, that Rajneesh is king and Sumit is soldier. Sumit gets sad.

Rajneesh commands the team, saying they won the team because of him, and scolds Sumit for getting out. Sumit says I sacrificed my wicket for you, you called me and did not run, chill. Rajneesh scolds the team and says next Sunday, its our finals, we will practice daily. The man says we have jobs, we come to play on Sunday to be away from wives. Rajneesh says I m captain. Sumit says we want captain, not hitler, and they decide to have new captain. Rajneesh says game politics and looks at Sumit. Sumit says don’t take game seriously. Rajneesh says Sumit was my blood, fine, I won’t become captain, be happy. He leaves being upset.

Sumit comes home and tells Maya the match was good, we won, guess what. Rajneesh left captainship and team also, its all politics. She says fine, this Friday we have to go in pool party, its Aaliya’s friend’s birthday. He says he has to practice, he is new captain now.

Later, Sumit gets backache. Maya gets the ice. He says I m captain, how was the pool party. She says it was fine, and tells about kids. He wishes he was there. She asks does he need more ice. She asks shall we go out on Sunday. He says I have finals. She says cricket again. He says to gain something, you have to lose something. Dolly comes and calls Sumit Vibhishan. Sumit says it means Rajneesh is Ravan. Dolly says Rajneesh is crying, you took away his crown, did I teach you this. Sumit says Rajneesh was removed by team, this is not fair. Dolly scolds him. Sumit says Rajneesh was commanding everyone, he was shouting madly. Dolly says I don’t believe this, no one does so in our house, if you don’t convince Rajneesh, forget my handmade Rajma. Maya says to gain something, you have to lose something.

Sumit goes to talk to Rajneesh. Rajneesh says team removed him. Sumit says we did not remove you, you are star player. Rajneesh says so I m captain. Sumit says no, its me, whats the difference. Rajneesh says the rival team has called me. Sumit gets tensed and leaves. Sumit’s team mates come home and greet Maya. She says Sumit is having a bath. They ask Maya to relax, and go to meet Sumit. They hear Sumit talking and see him preparing a victory speech. He dedicates his victory to Maya. They ask what about us.

Sumit says you guys are wearing shoes in bathroom, we will go out and discuss the strategy. He sends them out. Sumit says he is leaving, and he will have food out. Aaliya asks when will dad take us to snowland. Maya says Papa has match. Sumit hears them and stops. Maya asks what happened. Sumit says I m taking voluntarily retirement, this is my real team, our match is at snowland with polar bear, I m happy as vice captain. Maya gets glad. Sumit says he will make tea.

The team does not win in final. The rivals come with Rajneesh as their captain, holding the winning trophy.

Sumit and Aaliya argue. She calls him bad. Maya takes Aaliya to counseling. Dolly points on Maya. She talks to her sons. Dolly says she has done her son’s good upbringing. Sumit and Rajneesh start coughing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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