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Sumit Sambhal Lega 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit and Rajneesh seeing a tv program on police. Sumit jokes on Rajneesh and says he would deal with small issues. Rajneesh asks him to come along on patrolling, he will show her what issues come. Sumit agrees. Rajneesh says he will get bullet proof jacket for him. Sumit asks Maya about going with Rajneesh. Maya asks him to go. Jasbir eats sweets and talks to Dolly. Sumit comes there and says I wish I was not born here. He says he is going with Rajneesh. Dolly asks Rajneesh is he taking Sumit on patrolling.

Dolly asks him not to take Sumit, he is delicate. Rajneesh makes fun of Sumit and asks him to play with Aaliya and Avi. Sumit says we will leave right away. Dolly says if anything happens to Sumit, I will not forgive Jasbir. Jasbir boasts about his bravery.

Dolly worries for Sumit. Sumit and Rajneesh are on the way and he jokes on Rajneesh.

Rajneesh’s constable praises Rajneesh. Rajneesh gets emergency calls. Rajneesh asks Sumit to hear now. Its Dolly on call. She asks Rajneesh to take care of Sumit. Rajneesh and Sumit look on. They come to some dhaba to have food. Sumit laughs on Rajneesh. Rajneesh asks him to stop it, it maybe boring for him, but for him peaceful nights are good, policemen have to face dangers, you just make fun of me. Sumit asks him to have food.

Few men tease the girl and scare the dhaba man by gun. Sumit hides and asks Rajneesh to call police. Rajneesh beats the men and catches the goons. Sumit looks on shocked and gets proud of Rajneesh. Sumit comes home and does not sleep. Maya asks him about patrolling. Sumit tells her everything. She beats him and asks what happened them.

He says Rajneesh has beaten them and arrested them, then I said I m getting vomit and came home, I have seen Rajneesh’s action man, he turned into a police officer. Maya asks were you scared. Sumit says yes, but Rajneesh was not scared. She asks is he proud of Rajneesh. Sumit says Rajneesh is not less than hero. Maya asks did he tell this to Rajneesh. He says no, I have better idea and calls his news reporter friend.

Its morning, Sumit reads the news about Sumit being the prime news, instead Rajneesh. She says its fine, Rajnesh will not read paper. Sumit says he will read paper, I wanted Rajneesh’s name to come. Sumit rushes to Rajneesh and finds him disappointed. Sumit tries to defend and Rajneesh taunts him. Sumit asks him to hear him once. Jasbir asks why are they shouting. Dolly asks Sumit how was his patrolling, she was worried. Rajneesh shows the paper. Dolly reads the news and worries for Sumit. She beats Rajneesh and says I would have not forgive you if anything happened to Sumit. Sumit wants to say Rajneesh has saved him. Rajneesh gets sad and says I forgot I have a brother. Jasbir asks Dolly to make halwa. Rajneesh leaves.

Sumit praises Rajneesh and tells how he faces risk every night on patrolling. Dolly says I know what he does, I don’t sleep in his worry, why did you go with him to make me worry more. Jasbir says she knows, even I know, how can we forget. Sumit asks Rajneesh can he come along him.

Rajneesh asks him to ask Dolly. Sumit sees Rajneesh working out. Sumit tells Rajnnesh that he wantes article to be on Rajneesh, else he would have not known his heroism. Rajneesh thanks him and asks will he come again on patrolling. Sumit says no. Rajneesh makes him workout. Sumit shouts mummy. Rajneesh says I did not do anything and runs.

Maya reads Sumit’s diary. Maya tells Sumit her wish. Dolly and Jasbir also say thier wishes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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