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Sumit Sambhal Lega 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir talking to his friends. He loses the best and dances wearing dupatta. He goes to Sumit’s house. Sumit greets him and Jasbir tells about some infection. Maya gives ointment to Jasbir. Jasbir hears Sumit and Maya talking about the batman’s wife’s affair. Jasbir blames the wife. Maya says it’s the guy’s friend’s mistake also. Jasbir asks Maya to thank that she got Sumit.

Jasbir goes to Sumit at night and sees him working. He returns the cream and says infection became dried pimple now, shall I show. Sumit says no, why will you lie, any other work? Jasbir says no, I met my friends and they praises your reporting. Sumit says but they always tease me calling me Lallu. Jasbir says they are your fan and biggest fan is me, I don’t digest food without

seeing you on tv. Sumit asks did he fall today. Jasbir sits talking to him and asks what happened in your office. Jasbir asks about that batman. Sumit tells the details. Jasbir says I have to go, we will meet tomorrow. He says I also taught you to play cricket, we will go on practice some day. He leaves.

Sumit asks Maya is earth still round. Maya says whats shocking if Papa ji spoke nicely with you. Sumit says I felt weird, then I felt good, maybe some spirit has possessed him. Maya says maybe Papa ji wants to spend time with you. He says Papa ji has gone nuts.

Dolly serves chicken to Rajneesh. Sumit comes and Dolly give the plate to Sumit. Sumit says I m not hungry. Rajneesh says give it to me, Sumit is not hungry. Dolly keeps it aside and says Sumit will have it later. Sumit asks Dolly and Rajneesh did they see difference in Jasbir. They say yes, he gifted us and laugh. Sumit leaves. Rajneesh takes chicken. Dolly throws chicken in dustbin. Rajneesh gets angry.

Jasbir’s friends come to meet Jasbir. Sumit asks them why are they calling Jasbir as Landlord, whats all these gifts. Nippy says this is our punishment, we had bet with him on cricket. Sumit understands Jasbir is seeking info from him and winning bets with his friends. Sumit stops them and tell Jasbir that his son is coming to settle scores.

At Jitos, Jasbir is pampered by his friends. Sumit comes there and says great. Jasbir asks them to get tandoori chicken and cold drink for his son from any dhaba. They leave. Sumit sits. Jasbir says they lost a bet and paying price. Sumit asks what bet. Jasbir says everyone failed infront of my intelligence, why did you come. Sumit says I came here to teach a lesson, ask about my day. Jasbir asks whom did you meet today. Sumit lies to him about a batsman not playing match. Jasbir says then team will not win. His friends come and get chicken. Sumit asks Jasbir to eat it and leaves. Jasbir tells the friends to take this chance to get freedom and asks them to bet about next match. They agree.

Sumit tells Maya and Rajneesh that Papa ji was using me, he is not interested in me. Rajneesh says finally, you will know my pain. Dolly comes and tells them that Jasbir is having an affair. Jasbir comes shouting for Sumit. Avi wakes up and cries. Maya gets angry on Sumit. Maya and Sumit go to see Avi. Dolly scolds Jasbir for having an affair. He asks him to stop it. Rajneesh enjoys their argument. Jasbir asks Dolly what are you saying. Rajneesh tells Dolly that Jasbir did not cheat you, he cheated Sumit, he was winning bets by taking info from Sumit. Jasbir says I lost today. Sumit comes and asks what did I do. Jasbir asks why did you lie and cheat me. Sumit confronts him for his cheat. Jasbir says you did this by planning, I got cheated. Dolly is glad that Jasbir did not cheat her.

Sumit says you used me, this was against my work ethics, I felt bad, you know when you spoke to me, I felt you are taking interest in my life.. and this is for your benefit, old Papa who stayed away was better. Jasbir says yes, I asked you, but one day we will go for practice, I told it truly, I want to play cricket with you. Sumit says sorry, I did mistake. Jasbir says no, I did mistake, sit, we will talk.

Jasbir asks what happened in your office, give me one chance to change. Sumit tells whatever happened. Sumit laughs and asks are you listening. Jasbir says yes, we will talk tomorrow, I have work, I have to watch undergarments of my friends. Sumit asks what. Jasbir says they are punishing me. Sumit says fine. Jasbir asks did you meet any cricketer. Sumit stares at him. Jasbir says I will leave. Sumit laughs.

Sumit and Rajneesh change identities. Sumit introduces a girl to Rajneesh. A girl tells Maya that she met Sumit in restaurant and they love each other. Maya and Dolly get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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