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Sumit Sambhal Lega 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya and Sumit getting disturbed by Jasbir’s security alarms everywhere in their locality. Its morning, Sumit tells his friend that he will come office late, he could not sleep at night. Maya asks did he talk to Jasbir. He says he gifted power drill to make him busy. She says congrats. Rajneesh comes and blames Sumit for all the crimes, as his sleep is disturbed, when the alarm ringed, I went in the lane and got hit by the electricity pole. Sumit asks him to tell Dolly to stop Jasbir. Jasbir comes with the power drill and sings Shahenshah song.

Sumit says you are using this since morning, now stop it. Jasbir says no, its good you presented me this drill, I m making holes in the walls every hour, I can save many lakhs of rupees. Sumit jokes on him. Maya asks

him to drill in her room. Jasbir says this drill got my young age back. Maya asks Sumit why did he provoke dad. Sumit says its tough to get dad on line.

Maya gets a call and talks to Mrs. Sachdeva. She apologizes for the sound, and asks will resident welfare committee also come. She tells Sumit that committee is coming to discuss Papa’s doings, we will leave. He says dad has to listen to them. Maya says you want anyone else to do your work. He says you know me well. Rajneesh gets disturbed too.

Sumit talks to the committee and asks them to send notice to dad, he can’t explain dad. The secretary says he will take action. The committee complains about Jasbir and Dolly. Sumit worries. The man says they will call police and kick them out of society if they don’t cooperate. Sumit asks them to see good qualities of his parents. They look blankly. Sumit says they did not do any crime till now. He stops the lady from saying, and asks them to have samosas. The man shows Jasbir’s video of mouth washing outside.

Jasbir and Dolly come home. Jasbir brings their pic for Maya’s bedroom. He sees the video and gets shocked. Dolly asks whats all this. Sumit says they are mistaken. Dolly says Sumit is making against her behind her back. Jasbir says cheater and leaves with the big frame pic. The man says he won’t give video. Dolly scolds him and snatches the tab. She taunts Sumit and leaves with the samosas.

Its night, Sumit is restless. He wakes up Maya and misses Jasbir’s alarm. He says he is scared in this silence. She makes cat’s sound and says good night. He says mum and dad are angry with me. She says even I m feeling bad and she asks him to sleep. Its morning. Sumit comes to talk to his parents and clears the matter. Dolly and Jasbir say we are not hurt, we have to cooperate. Sumit says good, I think it happened for the good. Dolly says Shravan was a fool to take his blind parents on his shoulder for Chaar Dhaam Yatra. Sumit asks why are they laughing. She asks Sumit to go home, ad neighbors are coming here for breakfast. Sumit asks what.

Jasbir welcomes the neighbors. Dolly compliments the lady. They treat the guests well. Rajneesh also attends the guests. Sumit leaves. Sumit comes to the temple and says give me some solution, my parents got annoyed with me. The pandit answers him and Sumit feels Lord is answering. He sits talking with the pandit. The pandit tells a costly puja for regretting. Sumit bargains and pandit scares him saying about Jasbir. Sumit says Jasbir is my dad. The pandit says Lord has forgiven you if you are Jasbir’s son, you need blessings.

Sumit comes home and tells his parents that he wants peace at heart. He says he wants to tell them something, they don’t have idea what others feel… They look at him. Sumit apologizes saying its his mistake. I should have slapped colony people, family can be strange, but its still my family. Dolly hugs him. Jasbir says see my upbringing. Sumit says I m big idiot. She says yes, don’t curse yourself now. Jasbir asks Rajneesh to get up from Sumit’s place and takes lassi from Rajneesh’s hand. Rajneesh gets sad and goes seeing Dolly and Jasbir loving Sumit.

Maya asks Sumit does he have cricket match. Sumit and Rajneesh come for the match. Rajneesh scolds people there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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