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Sumit Sambhal Lega 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit showing a photo frame to Dolly. She likes the frame and says her wish of a family photo. He says this is for Maya’s mum Avantika, its her birthday. Dolly explains him indirectly and asks him for a gift. Rajneesh asks Maya whats happening. Maya shows Sumit’s formal greeting card for her mum. Sumit talks to Chandan. Sumit then tells Maya about a family photo. Maya likes the idea and asks when is this grand photo plan. Sumit says Sunday. Maya reminds her mum’s birthday on Sunday.

Sumit says we will go in party in evening. Maya says I told you I want to spend time with my mum. She asks how did he get this idea. Sumit says who will give this idea, when we get old and have wrinkles, this pic will look good, I mean my wrinkles Maya can never get old. He gives

her 1000rs to convince her.

Rajneesh greets Dolly and Jasbir. Dolly tells about family pic. Rajneesh says so this was Dolly’s idea. Sumit asks Rajneesh not to tell Maya. Maya looks on. Rajneesh says convince mummy ji that Simran will also be there in family pic. Sumit says are you mad, mummy ji is angry on Sumit, ask anything else. Rajneesh asks for 1000rs. Sumit gives him money. He sees Maya and takes money back, saying he is not afraid to say truth. Dolly tells Maya about Sunday program. Maya says so this was your idea. Dolly says it was Sumit’s idea, which I gave him. Maya looks at Sumit. Sumit gives 1000rs to Maya again.

On Sunday, they all get ready for family photo. Chandan says everyone takes selfies, no one takes family photo these days. Rajneesh comes. Sumit asks him to change and not spoil mummy ji’s mood. Dolly asks what. Sumit says that Rajneesh wants to get Simran in our family. Dolly asks is her surname Walia, is she our family, we just want our smiling Walia family. Maya’s parents join them. Dolly asks Sumit about them. Maya and everyone wish Avantika happy birthday. Rajneesh asks Sumit how did he not call Simran and not even gave 1000rs.

Avantika is happy to come here for the family pic. Dolly asks what are they doing here. Sumit says guest appearance, I don’t know, I did not call them. Dolly says you broke my heart, tell them not to be in our photo, you tell this to Maya. Sumit says fine. Maya’s dad talks to Sumit in French. Sumit laughs. He asks her to talk to Jasbir. Sumit asks Maya what are they doing here. Maya says this is my family, I can’t ignore my mom to make your mum happy.

Rajneesh sees Chandu and says this is his family. He asks how did he get to this work leaving crime pics. Simran comes there and hugs Maya. Sumit says what a big surprise. Rajneesh says he has called Simran, she will be with me. Simran greets Dolly. Dolly asks Sumit to come. Sumit asks why me. Dolly drags him and asks about Simran.

Sumit says I did not call Simran. Dolly gets annoyed. Sumit says we will make Maya’s parents and Simran stand at corners, then cut them, Walias will be in centre. Dolly gets annoyed. Sumit says no, please. She coughs and says she will just see from far. Sumit tells Maya to stop this, please tell your parents that this is our family pic. Maya says I can’t hurt them. Jasbir tells Sumit that Maya’s dad is boring him, get pic work done fast. Sumit says you go to the mark Papa ji. Jasbir poses for the pic.

Jasbir says he wants to loosen the tie. Sumit says 2mins. They all pose. Chandu says someone is missing and sees Dolly. Sumit asks Dolly to please come. Dolly says no, I m getting dizzy. Maya asks Dolly to come, family pic can’t be complete without her. Everyone ask Dolly to come. Sumit takes Dolly’s chair, while taking to her. He compliments her and asks her to smile. Avantika says she will change her sandals. Everyone start going to change and Sumit shouts calling them enough.

Sumit gets angry on them and calls them worse than KG kids. He asks Dolly not to cough, they can tell anything to each other, but spare him. He asks Chandu to take his pic single. Chandu says we will take 5mins break. Avantika says its okay, I think my sandals won’t need any change. Sumit asks sure? They all take a family pic. Chandu sees them all upset and says we will take a pic with a smile. Jasbir asks them to smile, else Sumit will cry. Simran apologizes to Dolly. Sumit jokes on Rajneesh and they all laugh, getting perfect family pics.

Maya says she will break the pot. Sumit saves the pot as it belongs to Dolly. Rajneesh and Sumit hide it from Dolly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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