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Sumit Sambhal Lega 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit talking to Rajneesh. He tells him about the suitcase which they kept after returning from the trip. They did not have energy to unpack the suitcase, but suitcase was at same place since 3 days, Maya was behaving like its not there, so I did not say anything. FB shows the moments of Sumit seeing suitcase every day. On third day, he felt its too much and was going to ask Maya about it. He says Maya worn the dress which was kept in suitcase. Rajneesh says it means Maya opened the suitcase, took dress and kept suitcase back. Sumit says yes, then I took kurta from suitcase and worn it to show her, Maya did not care.

And the climax was Sumit got hit to the suitcase and he said its still here, Maya replied yes its here. Then he understood the matter is to wait

and see who moves the suitcase. FB ends. Rajneesh asks Sumit to keep the suitcase. Sumit says I have got this from so long, can’t Maya keep it in room, this suitcase will be here. Maya comes and sees Sumit resting his foot on the suitcase. She asks Rajneesh will he have tea. Sumit says I will also have tea. She says I m making just for Rajneesh.

Jasbir comes to Sumit and complains about Dolly. Sumit says I m going out for press conference. Jasbir asks him to switch on tv. Maya comes and greets them, asking did Sumit do packing. Sumit says no, I m going to do. Sumit tells the suitcase problem to Jasbir, and says I will lose game, I don’t want to fight. Jasbir asks him not to touch it, this suitcase is his manhood now. Sumit goes. Maya asks what was this. Jasbir says I know everything about this suitcase, which is here since 3 days. She says I did not understand. Jasbir says then give this suitcase to Sumit, he forgot it since 3 days. She says no, 4 days. Sumit is not touching it. Jasbir asks her to move it. She says I do all the work.

He asks her to sit and says it happens and this is right. She looks at him and asks what does he mean. He explains her that suitcase is female by gender, then females should lift it. She smiles and says fine, I understood, but its heavy 25 kgs, its man’s work to lift suitcase, it shows their manhood, now tell me. Jasbir says I think you did more research than me on this topic. Sumit does his packing in pink plastic covers. Jasbir says I m also done and goes.

Maya asks Sumit to take suitcase. Sumit argues and says you should have taken it to room. She warns him and throws hit belongings. He angrily laughs on her maturity and picks the things putting it in black dustbin plastic bag. He keeps the stinking fruit inside the suitcase and says we will meet after 2 days. He leaves.

Dolly comes there and gets bad smell. She asks are you cooking anything, what is this bad smell. Maya says even I m getting that bad smell. They check and find the suitcase. Maya says I have not kept this, Sumit did this. Dolly says I will keep this suitcase on terrace. Maya says don’t touch, this became a war now. Dolly says don’t drag it, come with me. Dolly says this is secret, even Sumit and Rajneesh don’t know this. She says when I married Jasbir, his Mausi gave me this large spoon, Jasbir refused to replace it. Maya says he would say this spoon is female. Dolly says yes, he told me why should I turn bad to change it, this was our first fight. I went for 7 days and when I came back, nothing was changed, Jasbir thought he felt, then I have kept the spoon higher than the fork. Maya says it means its here since 40 years on this wall.

Dolly says yes, the lesson is don’t let the suitcase become this fork and spoon. Its not good to drag this issue, you become great and move the suitcase. Maya says fine, thanks, you also move this spoon, you regret and wanted to say this right. Dolly asks are you taking Jasbir’s side. Maya leaves.

Maya comes home and Sumit too returns. She asks how did he come early. He says yes, I did not wish to stay here, there were many fruits in salad today, I did not wish to eat, as I kept stinking fruit here, I m sorry. Maya hugs him. He asks are kids at home. She says no, they went to park, why. He says I did not say bye well. She says you can say hi well now. They get glad. She asks him to keep suitcase for what he has come here. Sumit says I felt you will do this for me.

Maya gets angry and says I will keep this suitcase, as someone has to become great. He says no, you will taunt me. They argue to keep the suitcase. Sumit holds her legs. Rajneesh comes there and sees them. Rajneesh gets shocked and asks so suitcase problem got solved. He says I came to ask suitcase for my training camp trip, I think you both love this suitcase.

Dolly tells Jasbir that she is going to do what she did not do in 40 years, she wil remove the spoon from the wall, one of them has to become great. She removes the spoon and sees dust marks. She puts it back and blames him. Jasbir recalls when did they get it.

Jasbir dances wearing a dupatta. Sumit says maybe some spirit has possessed Jasbir. Dolly wishes Jasbir gets more mad. Jasbir comes and starts shouting on Sumit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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