Sumit Sambhal Lega 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya snoring. Sumit asks her does she want to play, is she really sleeping or acting. He gets disturbed by her snoring. He asks her to wake up and shuts ears. He falls down and screams. Maya asks him not to make noise, can’t he sleep silently. Its morning, Maya greets morning to Sumit and asks why did he sleep in hall. Sumit says you are snoring champion, my sleep got disturbed. She says what nonsense, I don’t snore. He says you were sleeping, how would you know. He pulls her nose and makes her believe.

She says he made her mood off, she does so much work and now he has problem from her sleep too. She asks him to make his breakfast, lunch and dinner. He says I was lying, I m ashamed by the reason for losing sleep, Rajneesh used to scare me in childhood, I

was scared yesterday, I told you were snoring to hide my weakness. She says its okay, my baby and hugs him. Sumit thanks her and asks her to make breakfast for him. She agrees.

Its night, Maya sits awake to see whether Sumit gets scared again. She asks him not to worry, ghost will not trouble her. Its morning, Sumit greets Maya. Maya feels sleepy. Sumit says I will get coffee from mummy ji. Rajneesh comes there. Sumit says no coffee here and goes. Rajneesh returns the book to Maya and asks is she is fine. Maya says I m not fine, I could not sleep all night, its your mistake, your ghost story, Sumit gets scared. Rajneesh asks did I scare him, Sumit is a liar, the truth is Sumit is the villain of this story, he used to scare me. She asks what. Rajneesh says Sumit used to scare me in childhood, I used to wet the bed being scared. Maya says sorry, I did not know. Sumit brings coffee and kachoris from Dolly. Maya says liar…. Sumit sees Rajneesh.

Maya says you scared Rajneesh by scary stories, you are fraud Sumit. Rajneesh says don’t trust him Maya. Sumit says I lied, as Maya did not believe she snores. Rajneesh asks Sumit not to lie, he should be ashamed. Sumit sends Rajneesh. Maya says such a big fraud, I was awake all night. Sumit says I m sorry, have kachoris. Maya beats the kachoris with the coffee flask and calls it tasty. She vents her anger out and goes.

Sumit goes to Jasbir and asks for a samosa. Jasbir says he won’t give him samosa. Sumit says Maya is not cooking, don’t know will I get dinner or not. Jasbir says sorry, take one samosa, what did you do. Sumit says nothing, she snores all night, I m punished. Jasbir says who can tell this seeing her. Sumit says she is not believing. Jasbir says women don’t accept their mistakes. Sumit asks for some solution. Jasbir says even Dolly had this snoring habit, neighbors thought a bear came in our locality, when I told Dolly, she did not believe it and stopped cooking for me, then I understood what to do, I took flowers for her, took her for shopping and movie, and impressed her. Sumit says I can’t believe this.

Jasbir says I had romance with her all day, then I told her at night, that I can die for her. She say she can also do anything for him. He then told her to put ghee in her nose. Dolly has put ghee in her nose every day, then her snoring stopped forever. He laughs and says I m a champion. Sumit says but Maya won’t do this. Jasbir asks him to try any modern solution, women’s heart is soft, you just try. Sumit thanks him and says he will try tonight. Jasbir asks did he eat two samosas and scolds him. Sumit leaves.

Dolly and Maya come home. Jasbir says I m seeing kids. Sumit comes from office and hugs Maya. He sees Dolly and Jasbir looking at them and feels awkward. Dolly and Jasbir leave. Sumit gets romantic. Maya asks what is he doing. He asks why is she getting shocked. She says help me in work. She asks is he feeling sorry, fine, I will forgive you, clean the floor, I will cook. He says no, I want to hug you, this is your lucky day. He says he wants to show how much he loves her, she is everything for him, he wants to love her. She happily reacts and hugs him. He gets an anti snoring clip. He says we will go for movie and dinner out. She gets glad.

Its night, Maya says I can’t believe this, shopping, movie and now this gift, I love you Sumit and hugs him. He tries to fix anti snoring clip to her nose and says I love you. She says I love you too. He says I can do anything for you. She asks when did he get filmi. He asks her to say she can do anything for him. She says fine, I can do anything for you, happy now. He asks her to fix this snoring clip. She asks whats this. He says Papa ji’s plan flopped. Maya asks what. Sumit tells everything. She asks did he romance on Papa ji’s saying. She says what all he does in sleep, and tells his weird things.

She says what I do at that time, nothing, I know you are like that, I don’t want to change you, as I love you, I snore, give me this clip, and fixes it on her nose. Sumit takes the clip, and says she is good as she is, she is mind blowing, anyone will be foolish to change her, you are everything for me, I want to love just you. She asks him to close eyes and fixes clip to his nose. Maya snores at night again. Sumit gets cotton buds for him and smiles.

Dolly says Sumit is gifting our family pic to us. Simran comes there and Dolly gets irked. She punished Sumit. They all argue. Sumit shouts on them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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