Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Sumit about the tea stain on the sofa and tries cleaning it. Dolly comes there and Maya sits on the sofa to cover the stain. Dolly sees it and taunts her. Maya says she was just cleaning it. Dolly tells how Jasbir is troubling her, he did the limit today. Jasbir comes and asks her what is she doing here, he wants Dahi kachori. She says she did not make imli chutney, and has thrown the kachoris. He argues. Maya smiles. Sumit sits silent. Jasbir asks Sumit to say. Maya signs Sumit not to say. Sumit says imli/tamaring chutney is imp. Jasbir and Dolly start arguing.

Maya says kids woke up, I will see them. Sumit wants to avoid the fight and says he will see kids. Maya says no, and goes to kids. Dolly and Jasbir involve Sumit in the fight. Jasbir says

he will get kachori maker at home. Dolly asks him to go. Sumit closes the door. Maya comes and says thank God they left. Dolly asks who. Sumit says Maya means kids slept. Dolly says she will not go to Jasbir. Sumit says stay here till your anger cools down. Dolly says I will stay here forever. Maya and Sumit look at each other.

The maid Manju tells Maya that Dolly is troubling her, she will not work here. She leaves. Maya asks Sumit how did he spend years with his mum. Sumit says I used to act like sleeping when mum was around. Dolly comes and Sumit acts like sleeping. Dolly says she has arranged the cupboard, maybe guests can come. Maya says Sumit got up. Sumit asks who guests. Dolly says any guests can come, suppose Maya dies. Sumit asks how will she die. Dolly says any accident can happen. Maya worries and asks Sumit to taste the food Dolly makes. She says ask her to go. Sumit says she will become Nirupa Roy if I ask her to go.

Sumit goes to Dolly and gives her hint to go back. She asks him to say. He says nothing, I will just go for a walk and leaves. Jasbir enjoys watching movie. Sumit comes to him and talks about Dolly. Jasbir says he went to mall to have AC air. He says he met his friend Sangeeta and had golgappas for free. Sumit says that’s called samples. Jasbir asks him not to take Dolly’s name, he does not want to meet her, he is happy and free. Sumit laughs seeing his pyjama down, and Jasbir shows the movie down. Sumit says listen to me, you are free fine, have fun. Jasbir says we will see movie together. Sumit goes.

Sumit comes to his home upstairs and tells Maya that Jasbir is not ready to talk to Dolly, I tried hard. Maya says fine I will talk to Dolly. Maya says she has to talk to her. Dolly says yes, say and shows love. Maya says I will go out for a walk and goes. Dolly says Monu… Sumit lies to act like sleeping.

Dolly does hair massage to Sumit. Sumit talks to Maya. She says Jasbir is making special chaat for her. Jasbir tells Sumit to tell Dolly that they opened chaat parlor, and Dolly can’t come. Jasbir shows the Golgappas and eats. He says Sangeeta made this ready to eat mix. Maya says great. Rajneesh comes home and asks Dolly for food. Maya greets him. Rajneesh asks where is Dolly, and whats Maya doing here. Maya says Dolly is with Sumit, so I came to spend time with Jasbir. Rajneesh asks where should I do. Jasbir says you are free. Maya and Jasbir eat Golgappas. Rajneesh says that’s Maya’s place. They laugh.

Dolly makes butter chicken. Sumit says Maya does not put so much butter, she makes healthy food. She says she will also make healthy food. He gets glad. Rajneesh comes and Dolly asks him to sit and have Badam milk. Rajneesh says she gave more to Sumit. Sumit and Rajneesh race and finish the milk. Dolly kisses Sumit and Rajneesh gets annoyed.

Maya makes tea for Jasbir. He asks her to see the movie. She says she will go. He asks what will she do when Dolly is there in her house. He misses Dolly and says he will not call Dolly. She says women can do anything for family, they want some respect. He says he does not need Dolly. She says Dolly and he need each other. He asks why did Dolly not come. She says Dolly is fed up, end the fight now, I m fed up in 3 hours here. He resumes the movie. Sumit and Rajneeh fight over the free gift coming in chips box. They fight like small kids. Maya comes home and says Sumit….. Sumit freezes.

Rajneesh gives the free gift to Sumit and goes. Sumit asks Dolly to go home. Dolly asks why, what did I do. Sumit says I m adult man, I have my own kids, but your love made me and Rajneesh kids again. Maya says Jasbir needs Dolly. Dolly says I won’t go till Jasbir comes to apologize. Jasbir comes there and asks Dolly to come. Dolly hugs her saying he has apologized. He says he is going to buy golgappas, things changed after she left . They smile and leave. Sumit asks how did dad agree. Maya says I convinced him, they are made for each other. He says he is impressed. She says I m impressed too. Rajneesh comes and takes the gift. Sumit runs after him.

Maya is disturbed by sound. She asks Sumit to stop Jasbir. The society people come to complain.

Update Credit to: Amena

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