Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya calling Sumit, asking him to come for dinner. Sumit tells her that he is busy in office. Jasbir does not differentiate between brinjal and chicken dish made by Maya. Dolly tells Maya that Sumit is working late at night. Maya says she trusts Sumit. Dolly makes her doubtful. Maya asks Dolly does she mean Sumit is having an affair. Dolly explains her. Jasbir says what nonsense, Sumit is not having any affair, I understand why he does not want to come home, what does man get at home, wife’s nagging and kids’ noise.

He tells Maya that real man can’t be happy at home. Dolly argues with him. Maya asks you mean Sumit is not coming home intentionally, this is impossible. Jasbir says Dolly felt the same, anyways this chicken is nice. Maya says that’s brinjal.

Dolly laughs. Sumit is playing with his friends at office. Maya comes there and sees him. Sumit sees Maya and asks what is she doing here. She says she got dinner for him.

He starts lying to her about work, he needs a break, now they will work double. The man gets the pizza. Sumit says I have no idea about pizza. Maya says I m fool to worry that you had dinner or not. Sumit asks what did she get in dinner. She says lemon chicken. Sumit asks again, and expresses happiness. She says dad is right, you enjoy here more so you don’t come home. He says he is not happy here, enjoying with family is punishment for me. Sumit asks his colleague Bobby not to come, personal talk is going on. Bobby gives the message to everyone and comes back to say Sumit is lying, its offseason and Sumit can work at home. Maya asks Sumit. Sumit says no, I have to come, I need boss’ permission. Maya says you don’t want to spend time with us. Bobby asks Sumit to get permission now. Sumit thanks Bobby angrily. He asks Maya shall we have lemon chicken.

Its morning, Maya is going to drop Aaliya to school. Sumit says he will wait for them at home. He gets to work and sits to write the article. He calls Bobby and says he is enjoying at home, and talks to him. Dolly asks Maya is she at home. Sumit answers as Maya that she is not here. Dolly comes and asks Sumit why did he not go to school. She calls Rajneesh to drop Sumit to office. Rajneesh says Sumit is at home, he got fired. Sumt says no, I m at home to spend time with family and work.

Rajneesh asks him about his high pant. Sumit asks is he still growing. Rajneesh says he is not getting promoted and married. Sumit asks Dolly to go, he has work. Dolly asks whats this. Sumit says video call from office, its Rohan’s birthday. Sumit wishes Rohan happy birthday. Dolly asks why are they dancing in shorts and asks Sumit does he work with such people, now work from home, I will check, start working, I will stay here.

She looks in the laptop screen. Maya comes home and asks what happened. Dolly says she is keeping an eye on Sumit. Sumit asks Dolly to stare at dad now. Maya asks Sumit to help. Sumit says I m busy, don’t disturb me, I m working. Mata says I will manage. Dolly says she will help Maya. Dolly jokes seeing the noodles. She hears cooker’s whistle and runs to see.

Sumit asks his son Avi to go inside the room and counts. He says he is working. Aaliya comes there with pram. Sumit makes Avi sit in the pram. Maya asks Sumit to work. Sumit says let them sit, its fun to be with kids. Maya says she is going out, and asks him not to let Avi sleep, else he will be awake at night. She leaves. Sumit plays with the kids and feeds him.

Jasbir and Rajneesh come there with action movies. Sumit says he is working, why did they come. Jasbir sees the kids. Sumit says I mean I was starting work, and sends the kids inside the room. Rajneesh says he can’t go on work till his uniform gets fine. Jasbir insists to see movie. Sumit asks for some kungfu movie and agrees to watch a movie. Sumit says we will order beer too. Sumit and Rajneesh do kungfu and Jasbir asks them to move, he is missing the scene.

Jasbir says he will show the effect of his slaps. Sumit and Rajneesh laugh and they all fight. Sumit says he wants to break ties with this family. They throw pillows and things, making the house super messed. Maya comes and gets shocked seeing this house’s state. Rajneesh sits down silent. Maya asks Sumit about his work. He says I was working. She asks can I talk to you. He says we are talking. She says in private and takes him. Jasbir and Rajneesh stay there.

Maya talks to Sumit in kitchen and says she can’t bear more, and asks him to work from office. He says he realized what he was missing in life, he enjoyed being with kids. She says thanks, but there are many distractions at home, would you work at home. He says I could not do any work, I can lose job, maybe I should work from office. She says I feel the same. Jasbir sits on Rajneesh. Sumit and Maya laugh. Sumit says I will miss this tomorrow at office.

Dolly tells Sumit that Jasbir did limit today, and argues with Jasbir. Jasbir says I don’t need Dolly, I m free today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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