Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit wishing some peace. Rajneesh comes there and tells them about spotting Simran with a stranger. Maya asks what did he say. Rajneesh says Simran has gone for movie with that man, tell me Maya, who was it. Maya says I don’t know. Rajneesh tells the details of that guy. Maya says you both broke up, its Simran’s right to go for movie with someone. Rajneesh asks can’t she go with me. They argue. Sumit says don’t argue, Simran will not come to you.

Rajneesh says he will see Simran, and goes. Sumit asks Maya to continue Champi, and she shakes his head in anger. Simran comes to meet Rajneesh. They have a talk. She cries and says she wanted him to… He asks what, tell me. She says Puchkoo… He says Puchki… They hit heads and laugh.

Simran tells

Rajneesh that she will leave now. The neighbor looks at them, while they talk outside his flat. The man asks about Simran. Rajneesh says this is my Puchkii. The man scolds them for spoiling their reputation, are they married. Rajneesh says no. The man asks what was going on here. Rajneesh says we were not doing anything. Gupta says everyone in this flat were loose character. He says he knows which girls wears what. He says he will talk this matter in committee meeting, and complain about Rajneesh. Rajneesh says but we did not do anything.

Maya asks Sumit to relax. Sumit says I can’t relax, anyone comes in 5mins. Rajneesh asks can he stay with them for few days, Simran came to him. Maya gets glad and asks what happened then. Rajneesh tells everything that Gupta saw us and threatened me to leave building, when we did not do anything. Sumit asks was he not be able to do anything. Maya asks Rajneesh to stay with them. Sumit says Dolly cooks well, he can stay with mum. Rajneesh asks Maya not to say Dolly, he is staying here, else she will get angry.

Maya says I understood, I will not tell mummy. Sumit asks Maya did she get mad. Will she keep Rajneesh hiding from Dolly, she is biggest spy. Rajneesh will be in vest infront of tv, he stinks. Rajneesh says he got the pink pillow. Sumit says I sleep with 3 pillows, that one was kept between my legs. Rajneesh throws the pillow away.

He removes shirt and watches tv being in vest. Sumit falls down by his stinking. Maya smiles. Next day, Rajneesh and Simran romance. Sumit comes and asks what are they doing. He says Dolly comes anytime, if she sees Simran, she will not leave me. Rajneesh says sorry. Simran says sorry and they hold hands. Sumit says don’t hold hands, else I will send you away. He sits between them and asks them to sit quiet. Rajneesh asks Sumit to understand, they met after a long time.

Rajneesh reminds Sumit’s college date, the girl who left her dupatta at home. Simran asks Sumit to say. Rajneesh laughs and says Sumit was Madhuri’s fan after Dil Toh Pagal Hai, he was teaching Madhuri’s steps to that girl, after tying her dupatta. Simran laughs. Rajneesh says Sumit was dancing and Papa ji came, that girl left. Jasbir asks why is Sumit dancing like a lady. Sumit says I m trying to help, you should be ashamed. Rajneesh and Simran make fun of Sumit. Sumit asks them to laugh, Lord will see them.

Dolly brings the Rajma. Sumit talks aloud to say Dolly has come. Rajneesh comes to have Rajma and has Simran’s dupatta on him. Dolly asks what is he doing here. Rajneesh and Sumit lie. Simran comes to have Rajma. Dolly asks they are talking to each other, when did this happen, why did they hide. Sumit says they were teasing me. He asks them to tell him now. Dolly is disappointed. She says she is not illiterate, she knows everything. Sumit dances. Dolly says I m modern saas, but with good values. Maya looks on.

Simran cries and Rajneesh defends her. He says we love each other, we want to be together, no one can separate us now. Dolly asks are they marrying? Rajneesh says yes. Simran says no, we are not marrying.

Dolly asks why, I m fine with it. Simran says Rajneesh was not ready to marry, he is agreeing now being afraid of Dolly, will he change again, what magic did Dolly do. Dolly says its love for mum. Simran says I respect you, but you interfere a lot, Rajneesh should marry me by his wish, Dolly’s Rajma is sometimes salty. She leaves. Rajneesh blames Dolly and leaves. Dolly asks Maya to see, and blames her, as Simran is her friend. Maya says you did not need to do anything, I m going. Sumit are you coming, husband should support his wife…. Sumit sees Maya and Dolly. He tells Dolly that he did not feel her Rajma is salty, he loves her and goes with Maya. Dolly says my Rajma is never salty. Rajneesh compliments Gupta’s wife. Gupta calls Rajneesh loose character.

Jasbir says I will not play match with anyone challenges me. Sumit and Jasbir play table tennis. Sumit gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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