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Sumit Sambhal Lega 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya and Sumit getting ready to attend a friend’s wedding. They get ready and she asks him to dance with her, as she loves dancing. He says he does not like dancing and asks why did she marry him. She says I m thinking. FB shows 8 year old time. Sumit plans to propose Maya and rehearses. Monty comes to him and congratulates for his first news article in magazine. Sumit asks him to go, Maya is coming. He says he has sent mummy, Papa ji and Rajneesh away, till they come, my work will be done. Monty says I understood your plan, tell me.

Sumit says I m going to propose Maya today, go, else she will say what is Monty doing here. Maya comes and greets them. Monty says I will take this treat and goes. Sumit asks Maya to sit, he wants to talk. She says they will go

for movie. He tries to propose her. He shows the sports magazine. She says I m not interested to see this magazine. He asks her to see the article. She sees its him, and wishes him.

She asks when did this happen. He says Monday, I did not tell family. They hug. Jasbir comes and says sorry. He asks is their program ending or starting, they would have shut the door. Sumit asks how did he come so soon. Jasbir says he came to took gas medicines. Maya asks Sumit to tell Jasbir. Sumit says not now. Maya shows the magazine to Jasbir. Jasbir gets glad. Sumit says its not a big thing. Jasbir says let me read. Sumit says mummy is waiting in taxi. Jasbir says don’t worry, mummy ji is teaching driver to make Rajma. Jasbir reads the article and is annoyed that Sumit mentioned him as bad dad.

Dolly comes asking Jasbir to come. She greets Maya and Maya tells about Sumit’s article. Dolly gets glad and hugs Sumit. Jasbir asks Dolly to read what Sumit wrote. Jasbir reads Sumit’s proposal and asks what is this ending. Sumit says not ending, I want to make a start. He asks Maya will she marry him. Maya is shocked. Dolly screams and says Maya will become my bahu. Rajneesh comes and asks what problem came. Dolly says Dumit proposed Maya…. Dolly asks Maya to say yes for her, she will keep her very happy. Sumit says my heart is racing, say something.

Maya says yes. They all get glad. Rajneesh says congrats. Jasbir says I did not see more worse way to proposal a girl. Rajneesh and Sumit have a talk. Sumit says he forgot to give ring to Maya in excitement. Rajneesh says Maya is great, you proposed her infront of family, she did not run. Sumit asks did she want to say no to me, Jasbir proposed and she said yes to Dolly, I have put pressure on her, I m a donkey. Rajneesh says yes. Sumit says I look a rat. He asks what to do. Rajneesh asks him to propose again and try.

Later, Sumit waits for Maya. She comes to his flat and hugs him. he asks where is everyone. He says they went out and asks her does she really to marry him. She asks whats this ring, is it for me. He says I forgot to give it yesterday. She likes the ring. He asks her to see his face well, does she want to marry him. she says don’t be silly, I did marriage planning. He says I get dizzy by grand marriage. He says I m thinking we will do a small scale marriage. She says fine. He says so its decided.

Maya’s parents come there and meet Sumit. Maya shows the ring. Her mom says its marvelous. Her dad Jai says we have to make 5 star hall booked. Maya says Sumit wanted small party, we will call just 600-700 people. Sumit says I thought just 10-20 people. They laugh on his sense of humor. Sumit says I don’t want to call many people. Maya convinces Sumit for inviting guests. Sumit sees their plannings. Jai asks him not to worry, ladies will take all decisions, get habitual.

Maya asks Sumit to meet pandit. He does not agree to meet and Maya thanks him. The modern pandit comes there and asks them to chill, he is different. She asks pandit to match kundlis. Pandit says he has matched kundlis and its matching, we will find if your hearts also match. He asks them to sit, and asks why does Maya want to marry Sumit. She says because he is caring and agrees to everything sweetly, he is funny and I stay happy with him. Pandit says so cool, and Sumit why are you marrying. Sumit argues with him. He says no one cares what I want.

Sumit says he wants to marry Maya as she is okay. The pandit says he will get them married, marriage can make or spoil their life. He says he has to go in rock show and leaves. Maya asks Sumit whats his problem. Sumit says my opinion does not matter, everyone take me for granted. She asks him to tell final does he want to marry her. He says yes, I have to marry in my life. She says do what you want and leaves. He says yes, I will do what I want. He thinks to marry or not.

Sumit is tensed. Jasbir goes to kiss a lady. Dolly asks where is groom. Jai asks them did they forget Sumit at home. Maya cries and says I don’t think my marriage will happen today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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