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Sumit Sambhal Lega 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit and his friend coming to a café. His friend asks the waitress for her number. Sumit says sorry, don’t feel bad, my friend drinks in day too. The girl says she likes lassi. The man asks her to get bucket of lassi. Sumit orders a glass of lassi. The man gives long food order. Sumit smiles. The girl serves the food. The man asks Sumit how is this girl, she is Jito’s daughter, all the guys like her. He stares at the girl and says she took my heart. He asks Anjali to get cheese for Sumit. She says sure and applies cheese to the paratha. Sumit holds his breath as she comes close.

Sumit comes home. Maya gets a call and says Sumit, its Anju’s call. Sumit says he does not know any Anju. Maya says Anju got his wallet which he forgot at Jito’s. Sumit says

he did not go there. Maya asks him to check, the girl got it at Jito’s. Sumit says yes, I did not know what girl’s name, is it Anju. She nods. He says he is thirsty and drinks water. She asks is she pretty, you got red face, I know you well, else I would have thought you both have an affair. He says no, I m normal. She asks is Anju very beautiful.

He says no, you are more beautiful. She says I understood Anju is beautiful. He asks shall we talk anything else, whats in food. She says parathas. She asks him think that she is not in his life, would he date Anju. He says no, I would have none in my life, I would have been truck driver. She says fine, and when you get a beautiful girl at dhaba who asks you to come with her, now say would you go with him. Sumit hugs Maya.

He says he would have gone with her and dances. She gets annoyed. He asks for the curry. She puts it on the paratha. Sumit come with his friend to Pito’s again. He says we will leave. His friend asks him not to be afraid. Sumit says I have to be away from Anju, its dangerous for me and my marriage. Anju gives him wallet. Jasbir comes there and asks Sumit what are they doing here, did the kids not go to school. Sumit asks what is he doing here. Jasbir joins them and says he has come here to eat parathas here, he heard extra cheese is applied here at parathas, so he has come to taste it.

Anju come to take order. Jasbir gives the order. Sumit’s friend tells about Anju and Sumit. Jasbir asks Sumit. Sumit says there is nothing. His friend says Anju got his wallet and called Maya. Jasbir says Sumit is playing risky game, stay away from that girl for family’s sake. Sumit’s friend asks Jasbir will he not get shocked. Jasbir says I m different. Sumit asks Anju to get table cleaned. She says you are funny Monu ji. Jasbir asks Sumit to run, else he will give report at home. Sumit and his friend leave. Jasbir wears his goggles and asks Anju for extra cheese.

Dolly comes to Maya and asks why is she cleaning the floor, did maid not come. Maya says sorry, I m doing household work by mistake, I sometimes get tired. Dolly asks her to have food and gain weight. Maya says she did not understand. Dolly says my marriage is successful as I maintained my figure. I got this wrinkles cream. Maya dumps it. Dolly asks is everything fine between you and Sumit. Maya says yes. Dolly says I was just worried. Maya says you are worrying as if Sumit has an affair. They both have faith on Sumit, not on Anju.

Jasbir and Rajneesh come. Maya asks about Anju. Sumit comes and says whats the problem that whole family is together. Jasbir scares him about parathas and cheese. Sumit asks him did he give full report and tells Dolly about Jasbir. Dolly gets angry and Jasbir leaves. Rajneesh follows his parents. Sumit asks Maya is there any food at home. Maya says no, we will go to Jitos, I heard good food is served there.

Maya, Sumit and kids come to Jitos. Sumit avoids Anju and gets tensed. He tells Anju that he is happily married to Maya since 8 years, and he has two lovely kids, his wife will decide the food today. Maya gives the food order. She tells Sumit that Anju is very pretty, so you are flat on her. Sumit says no. Aaliya asks Sumit why is he sweating. Maya asks the same. Dolly brings Jasbir there and scolds Sumit also. Sumit and Jasbir argue. Dolly cries. Sumit asks her not to do drama. Dolly says I have just one son Sonu now. Rajneesh says he will arrest them. Jasbir scolds him. Maya says kids are getting scared and argues with Dolly.

Sumit asks Sonu not to argue with dad, his BP will get high. Rajneesh gets angry and says Sumit is fighting with subinspector Rajneesh. Maya and Dolly agree. Sumit says I did not do anything, my friend got me here. Anju comes there and Sumit and Jasbir greet her. Dolly scolds Anju. Anju says how dare you. Dolly gets angry. Anju says she is not after anything. Sumit says its late, Maya we shall leave now. Anju says wait, I will serve food first and puts lassi on Sumit’s head. They come home.

Maya says I know its not Sumit’s mistake, I felt you are different and special. He makes her laugh by making faces. He asks why is girls stare at men. She argues. Dolly runs to get food order. The guy delivers pizza and Dolly talks to him sweetly. The guy leaves. Jasbir gets angry seeing this and reacts like Dolly.

Sumit tells Maya that he has work. Maya asks does he have choice to work at home. Sumit and his friend enjoy at home. Jasbir joins them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. not bad… mmm

  2. oh!!! amena… here also u update… wow!! keep it up

  3. Such a boring show. why do people want to see the same old stories in all serials. Either saas-bahu saga or now this. All the same. There is no fun in the comedy you are trying to show. Please bring in some new storylines.

  4. Such a boring show I m surprise how sp placed this show at the place of dym I m really missing dym and hate u sp so o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o much

  5. Stop this childish story such a boating show can’t bear it anymore plz sp stop this show if u did not have place for amazing show like dym dn y this show

  6. maya dolly = mayolly

    if you guyz hate this show then please dont watch it & dont read updates too just stay away from this show guyz i know they did a mistake by ending dym but cursing this show is not the solution.. & amena your updates are good enough but makhan means butter not cheese dear we cant apply cheese on parathas

  7. saima you watch dym? very nice show it was. sumit sambhal lega is a horrible show maya & dolly acts like they are london queens.

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