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Sumit Sambhal Lega 3rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with society meeting going on and man rules out the names of all elderly men. There is just Jasbir Walia left in the list. The man oppose Jasbir. They say he should not be given any award. Dolly tells Sumit about Jasbir getting award from society. Sumit asks did they go mad. Dolly says the old men asked us to say few words about Jasbir. Sumit says I m ill, make this excuse. Rajneesh says its thing to be proud. Dolly asks Sumit to manage, as Rajneesh is innocent. Rajneesh asks Sumit to do this for dad, and reads the poetry for Jasbir. He says we will do something together. Jasbir comes there and boasts of himself. Jasbir says few lines and bores the family.

Sumit and Rajneesh come to the society club and meet the old man. They say they came to prepare for the award

ceremony, they will make a video where everyone tells about Papa ji. The man asks really and laughs, saying its good idea to dig your grave, welcome. Rajneesh and Sumit go to record the video and see weird people. Sumit asks the man about good thing in Jasbir. The man says I really hate him. Rajneesh gets angry.

Sumit asks someone else about Jasbir. The man complains about Jasbir and asks do they know Jasbir. Sumit and Rajneesh says no. They talk that people know Papa ji well and see Jasbir’s best friends there. Sumit tells them about Jasbir getting award and they are making video. His friends also say all bad things about Jasbir. Rajneesh says this video had much action. Sumit asys I have an idea. He asks the man about laddoo and asks Rajneesh to start recording. The man says best in the world.

Sumit and Rajneesh make the video by taking views about sweets and edit the statements. Jasbir says its your mistake, who told you to make video, all my friends got annoyed. Rajneesh and Sumit argue. Dolly says she wants to stay. Jasbir says come with me, I don’t want to be here. They leave. Rajneesh says I said poetry will be good.

They come home and Dolly says our sons did not do wrong. Jasbir scolds them and says my sons did not give any speech. She says its your friends’ mistake, they did not say anything good about you, so the both edited video, I know you are hurt. He gets sad and says he won’t go to club now. She asks him not to go and pacifies him. He asks what would she say if they took their interview. She says no one asks me ever. He says fine.

She holds his hand and says I would have said I m with you since 40 years, we have children and grandchildren. He asks that’s it? She says let me complete, you always supported me and makes him laugh by her lines. She asks shall I ask something. He says I m going to sleep. She asks about her. He says its all nonsense. She asks him to say few things good about her. He says don’t smile, its not so good. He says whenever he sees her face, he recalls Kachoris, he likes the dishes she makes. She scolds him and says you need to love others to get love, you are lucky to get all of us, not anymore.

Jasbir goes to sleep and Dolly wakes him asking him to say about her. He gets scared seeing her face pack. He says its his mistake, kids did hardwork. She asks can’t he say any one good thing about her. He asks her to give time till morning, he will think and say. She says no need and cries.

Jasbir comes to Dolly and wipes her face pack. She asks what is he doing. He says she looks beautiful to him without this face pack. She asks really, could you not say this before. He asks when will she give him award and they laugh. Maya tells Sumit that its not his mistake, don’t know why she wants to eat laddoo after seeing video. He says he wants to apologize to Jasbir and calls him. He asks is he fine. Jasbir scolds him to call at this time and Sumit ends call. He says Jasbir was very angry. Dolly asks why did Sumit call at this time. Jasbir says I can’t spend quality time with my wife. She says Sumit interferes a lot, I feel its good if we did not stay with them. He hugs her.

Dolly praises Simran. Maya looks on. Sumit asks Dolly did she say she likes Simran more than Maya. Maya asks Sumit what did he do now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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