Sumit Sambhal Lega 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit telling Maya about Bobby’s idea about making video games. She does not like it. Sumit says its golden opportunity. Aaliya likes the idea. Maya is not interested in investing money. Sumit says they are giving me chance to invest funds. Maya says be away from this. Sumit asks her to just hear Bobby’s ideas once. Bobby comes with captain cheetah costumed guy Karan. Bobby gives the presentation to express his ideas well. Sumit and Maya clap and like the idea. Maya says well done, it was amazing, give me two mins to talk to Sumit. Sumit signs them there is high hope.

Maya tells Sumit that she is not ready, its risky investment. Sumit asks how will we refuse. She asks him to refuse and goes. Sumit tells his friends that Maya did not agree, its not easy to

impress Maya. Karan says she married you, it won’t be that tough. Sumit says Maya is my boss. Sumit asks about 2 lkahs investment. Bobby says he has spent it, they made costumes. Sumit says how will I tell Maya that I wasted 2 lakhs.

Bobby says we will ask money from Rajneesh, he is not anyone’s slave. Its night, Sumit comes to Maya. He praises Maya and says you once gave 10rs to some little boy on the road. Maya asks whats the matter, what did he do. He says nothing, I gave 2 lakhs to Bobby. She asks what. He says don’t overreact, don’t worry, I will get money back. She says its not about money, you got them here after giving them cheque. He says I m really sorry, stop shouting, I did mistake with my earned money, not yours. She asks what did he say.

He loses courage to repeat. She takes the bedsheet and pillow, and sends him out to sleep in living room. Its morning, Maya wakes up Sumit. He says he did not sleep well. She gives him the bill of the work she does at home. He says now wife is giving bill to husband. She says yes, husband has to understand value of wife, if he feels money is his. He says I should get money to eat food cooked by you. Rajneesh comes and says he invested money. Sumit says see Maya, I told you. Sumit says Rajneesh is not married and has no responsibilities. Rajneesh says now I know benefits of not being married. Sumit shows the bill. Rajneesh says total is very less, Maya’s value is much high. Sumit says I don’t earn this much. Maya says this is what I want to explain you.

Dolly and Jasbir come to wash clothes in the washing machine. Sumit asks them to come later. Maya tells Dolly about bill, and says you have worked for 40 years, what did you get. Rajneesh says two sweet sons and laughs. Dolly says I will make a bill too and sits noting. Dolly notes many things. Sumit says Jasbir will get a big bill for 40 years. Jasbir comes and shows the drum of the machine. He says he wanted to get washer, and drum came out. Sumit says Papa ji you ruined my washing machine. Rajneesh says Papa will be ruined now. Jasbir asks who will ruin me. Dolly says me. Maya calculates and says 14 crores plus. Dolly asks for money. Jasbir tears the bill and says you won’t get anything. Dolly asks why, don’t I have value. Jasbir says my money runs home, so its my wish. Sumit says right, even I… Maya asks what.

Dolly says she donates 5000rs to orphanage every month. Jasbir asks is she mad, he does not give money to his own sons, Rajneesh arrest her. Rajneesh gets scared seeing Dolly. Jasbir says I will not bear economic offense. Dolly says Jasbir won’t understand, he is senseless. Sumit asks Dolly, does she manage home finance. Dolly says yes, I give him Rajma, when he feels sleepy, I make him sign. Maya says I should learn from you.

Dolly says Jasbir don’t know about 3 lakhs loan given to Maya, Sumit asks what. Maya goes. Sumit goes to Maya and asks about money. Maya diverts to Dolly. Dolly repeats again. Sumit asks Maya what was this. Maya says we needed that time, your salary was low. Sumit asks why did she not tell him. Maya asks Dolly to wash clothes. Dolly asks Maya to return money, sooner if possible. She says she kept Rajma in fridge, she can give to Sumit if he questions more. Sumit asks Maya what else she did. Maya says leave it. Sumit says no, I want detailed report of expenses, promise me, you won’t decide anything without asking me. She says I promise, calm down, I will tell everything. She says she will serve Rajma. He likes Rajma, and stops her signing no. She smiles.

Jasbir asks Dolly what payment she did. She shows Amritsari Rajma dish and he sits to eat it happily, She takes the papers and goes.

Rajneesh and Simran meet after a long time. Sumit comes to them, and asks them to be away. Rajneesh and Simran joke on Sumit. Dolly tells Simran that she is modern mum in law, but with good values.

Update Credit to: Amena

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