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Sumit Sambhal Lega 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit eating icecream. Maya asks for it. Sumit asks her to diet and does not give her. She twists his hand and takes the icecream. She eats icecream and he holds his hurt wrist. Next day, Sumit has his hurt wrist plastered and tells his friends. Rajneesh, Paggi and Monty laugh on Sumit and call Maya a wild tigress. Jasbir comes and joins them. Sumit says don’t tell this to Papa ji…. Monty asks why, someone should save you next time. Sumit says no, dad will make fun of me, don’t tell him, else he won’t let me forget this story.

Jasbir jokes and they all laugh. Monty tells Jasbir that Sumit’s wrist is hurt. Sumit asks them to keep quiet. Paggi asks him to say how he got hurt. Sumit says I fell from stairs. Jasbir jokes on him, asking did he walk with

Maya’s high heels, don’t waste my time. Monty asks Sumit was Maya there. Jasbir asks did Maya also fell, both fell together…. Rajneesh says a lie to cover a lie, and tells why does man need to make a fake story. Sumit says no, Aaliya slipped, and we both fell down. Jasbir asks what, Maya and you fell to save Aaliya? Sumit says yes.

Jasbir brings a railing and tells Sumit that he will fix railing then you, Maya and Aaliya will not fall. Sumti says I was calling worker to do this. Jasbir asks why are you talking like woman, real man does work on own. Maya asks Sumit when did we fall. Sumit tells her how he lied to Papa ji, after he told his friends how she attacked him in bedroom. She asks how can he tell this to his friends. He says they praised, and called you wild tigress. She laughs.

Dolly comes. Maya says mummy ji’s timing. Dolly brings ice water, and taunts Maya. She asks are they fire after falling on stairs. Maya says yes, I m fine. Dolly asks Sumit and Aaliya. Sumit says Aaliya is fine, my wrist is hurt. Maya asks Sumit to tell Dolly. Sumit says no, then she will beat us. Dolly says she will beat the stairs, she will not leave anyone who hurts her son, be it anyone.

Dolly asks how did they all fall together. Maya says we were racing. Sumit says yes. Dolly asks but why, if Aaliya got hurt, tell me. Maya says we were racing and fell. Jasbir falls down. They run to see him. Dolly says I will come. Jasbir says no need, pain will increase. The doctor checks Jasbir. He says you will be fine. Dolly thanks Lord and asks why did he go to fix railing. Jasbir flirts with Dolly.

Sumit asks did dad get mad, did he get hurt on head. Doctor says its painkiller’s effect, he is fine, don’t worry. Rajneesh asks Sumit to see the result of this story. Dolly asks doctor to check Sumit’s wrist. Jasbir says yes, they fell from the stairs together. Rajneesh says its strange coincidence. Maya says we sometimes race. Sumit says I m fine. Maya apologizes to Jasbir. Jasbir says its fine, I got hurt to save my son and bahu, I can fall to any extent for my family.

Maya asks Sumit to come, they have to pick up Aaliya. Jasbir says I will come in race with you next time. Maya says she will not climb stairs now, see what happened, I will recall Jasbir’s state. Sumit says its accident, it happens. Maya asks Sumit to tell Jasbir he lied. Sumit says we both lied. Maya says you started it go and apologize. He says we will gift him HD connection. She says go, else I will twist your other hand. He says divorce happens because of domestic violence. Sumit goes to Jasbir. He asks where did mummy ji and Rajneesh go. Jasbir says she went to cook and I have sent Rajneesh to get rum.

Sumit says sorry, your state is because of us, there is no need of railing. Jasbir says its needed, man falls once from stairs and mark is always. Sumit says we did not fall from stairs. Jasbir says I remember, when you were 7 year old, you fell from temple stairs, because of my carelessness, you got 7 stitches, I felt I m worst father of the world, you got hurt and my heart got the wound. He cries. Sumit says its old thing. Jasbir says I know, I m not donkey, I heard how you jumped to save Aaliya, when I see you with Aaliya and Avi… you did not tell me of his naming ceremony. Sumit says naming ceremony was done, you were there, painkiller is affecting much. Jasbir says I feel you are good father, I want to be like you, I was happy when you and Maya shifted here, I got chance to make new relation with my son, that of a friend. Sumit says Maya and I did not fall from stairs.

Sumit says Maya was on diet, I was teasing her showing icecream, she got angry and twisted my hand. Jasbir asks before race or after race. Sumit says we did not race, I m sorry, we lied, I will get new HD connection. Jasbir asks who will recharge it. Sumit says I will pay for it. Jasbir asks why did you not tell me before. Sumit says because you will make fun of me. Jasbir says we are friends, who else will joke. Sumit smiles and says yes, make fun of me. Jasbir tells a story, where he and Dolly were drunk, it was raining, Dolly was looking beautiful…. Sumit says no, stop this, don’t tell this story.

Jasbir says Dolly was Zeenat Aman’s fan and I was Feroz Khan’s fan, we went Goa, your mum got more beautiful… Sumit says yaar and increases the painkillers.

Sumit and Maya’s pre marriage scenes are shown. Sumit asks Maya is she sure that she will marry him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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