Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir and Dolly passing time. Sumit comes and invites them, as Maya’s parents are coming home. Jasbir asks but they were in England. Dolly acts like Maya’s mum. Jasbir acts like Maya’s dad. Sumit smiles. Dolly says they do much show off. Sumit says they are different, whats wrong. Dolly says we can’t come. Jasbir says we are very busy. Sumit requests them to come for an hour. Dolly agrees. Sumit says you guys are laughing remembering them, so they can’t be so bad.

Maya sets the home well and says I changed cushion covers and curtains so that it does not look same as before. She asks Sumit to go and change fast. Her parents come and greet her in Japanase, after having a Japan trip. Maya welcomes them. They compliment the house. Sumit greets them and

jokes on their Japan trip and the kids. Dolly and Jasbir come and greet them. Jasbir hugs Maya’s dad and burps.

He gifts him a digestion relief powder and they sit to talk. Aaliya likes the gifts and thanks her Nanu. Maya’s dad tells about Tokyo. Jasbir tells about things here. Sumit jokes on them and they laugh. Maya asks Sumit to come with her and scolds him in kitchen. She asks him to be polite. He says don’t blame me and gets humorous. He says I wish you did not go tomorrow. Maya’s dad says we were thinking the same an postponed our return flight. Maya’s mum invites them for dinner in a Japanese restaurant. Dolly and Jasbir make excuses. Maya and her mum convince them. Sumit says fine. Jasbir agrees. Maya’s dad asks him to bring sub inspector Waliya/Rajneesh.

They come in the Japanese restaurant. Rajneesh’s suit matches with waiter and says there can’t be two tigers in one jungle. Sumit says you won, you are sub inspector and he is head waiter. Congrats. They all dine together. They have a talk about cultures and difference in living. Jasbir gives the order in his desi style. Dolly orders lassi or buttermilk. Maya’s mum asks whats tonight’s special dish and orders the dish. Rajneesh says I will just come. A lady thinks he is waiter and asks him for the bill. Rajneesh leaves.

Jasbir and Maya’s dad have a funny conversation. Dolly and Jasbir are shocked knowing what Japanese eat in non veg. Maya says we eat chicken too. Jasbir justifies and tells about Jitos dhaba. Maya’s dad says you are my guests, don’t worry about bill, enjoy yourself. Dolly asks waiter to pack the remaining food for them. Sumit says she is just joking. Maya says Dolly does not like wastage. Jasbir says I don’t understand why you eat noodles. Maya’s dad asks him to drop it. Sumit asks Jasbir not to make its serious and tries managing. Sumit laughs and jokes on Maya’s parents, speaking out all the truth. Maya asks him to stop it. Sumit asks like Maya’s mum and then gets quiet.

Maya’s mum says I did not know you think such about us. Rajneesh comes and asks did I miss anything. Everyone come home. Sumit says he took their side, so Maya has kicked him out. Rajneesh is annoyed with Sumit. Jasbir says Maya did right and scolds him. Dolly says we got ashamed because of you. Sumit asks what. Jasbir says you insulted them. Sumit says you don’t like them, I just said truth. Jasbir says everything will be ruined by saying truth always, donkey.

Sumit says I m really donkey, so I won’t get food even here. He leaves and comes to his home. Sumit tells Maya that everyone is angry with him, she can join her parents. She asks does he know his parents’ bad habits and starts counting. She says I won’t tell them, as I want both families to be connected. Sumit says I know, I m sorry, I felt bad that we have parents, sorry its because I ruined your parents’ plan. He says he will make special tea for her. She asks him to call her parents and apologize.

Sumit agrees and says you are so cute. She says it was my mum and dad’s mistake too, they are really strange, I m sorry. He gets glad and jokes on his parents. They worry to become like their parents. He says there is still a difference, I chose this family. She says me too and hugs him. He says forget this, I will give you a good massage and acts meow….. She laughs.

Maya says she was thinking to write a new story. Dolly and Jasbir get interest. Sumit gives some tips. Maya gets frustrated and tears the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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