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Sumit Sambhal Lega 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya and Sumit being with friends at a cafe. They discuss about the movie and have a laugh. Maya says about romance. Their friends romance infront of them. Sumit asks them to behave and jokes on them. Maya gets romantic and looks at Sumit. Sumit asks is there anything in my eye. The couple get very romantic and kiss publicly. Sumit asks them to have some shame, senior citizens are there. Maya says even they have publicly kisses when they went to Tajmahal on their honeymoon. Sumit says that Mata ji is seeing. Maya says that’s not our Maa.

They come home and Maya argues. They get inside their home upstairs and sees Jasbir teaching psycho lover dialogues to Aaliya. Sumit asks Aaliya to go and sleep. Dolly says she will make chips for them. Maya says we had

dinner. Sumit takes his pen from Dolly. Dolly says his drawer was locked. Maya says yes, we keep it locked. Dolly says she broke two spoons to open the drawer. Rajneesh comes semi naked from the bath and complains about geyser.

Sumit asks whats he doing here. Dolly says he was here, as you guys were out. Maya says that’s my towel, wash it and return Rajneesh. Jasbir, Dolly and Rajneesh leave. Sumit tells Maya that shower did not break, its separated from wall. He asks with whom is she annoyed… He asks did he do anything, but he would have known it. She asks why is he not romantic with her….. She says Monty and Priya are still romantic. He says they got married 2 years ago, then they will see life. She says you don’t say I love you. He says I say… She asks when. He says by my eyes.

He says we are Indians, not foreigners, we say by eyes. He signs her making eyes signs and raising eyebrows. He reminds her that night. She says that I love you by hiding in blanket is not counted. She switches off the lights and they sleep.

Its morning, Aaliya says I love you Kiran in SRK style. Sumit comes and greets Maya. He gifts love you card to Maya. She reads …. Dear wife, your light of love in my heart will be like pearl in the shell. Maya says its sweet. He says I think that popup card was better, writing is better than saying. She asks what did he write…. He says you know me, I can’t say I love you like this, it sounds forced, like people will laugh. Aaliya laughs. Sumit says my parents think saying I love you in forward. Maya says its not so tough, and holds his hand. She says I love you. Aaliya looks at them. Their one and an half year son also looks at them.

Sumit smiles seeing kids and tells Maya I love you. Maya goes. Aaliya says I love you Kiran …..again….

Jasbir says he did not call plumber as he was asking for 500rs. Sumit sees Jasbir fitting the shower. Jasbir says 500rs is saved, just a change, hot and cold water taps are changed. He opens the cold one and gets burnt by hot water. Sumit closes the tap quickly. Sumit asks Jasbir when did he say I love you last time to anyone. Jasbir asks is this film, this is real life, no one says so. Sumit says Maya says it. Jasbir says she is from Mumbai, we don’t say so. Sumit asks did he say it to mum. Jasbir says what nonsense, does anyone say I love you to wife, don’t interfere between us.

Dolly comes and Jasbir asks her to get lost. Dolly says this is my value, I made Lauki Kofte for him. Sumit says I was asking, why don’t anyone say I love you. Dolly says I….. Jasbir says no Dolly, don’t say. She asks is this any film, I was in ghunghat since 3 years after marriage, then kids happened, this does not happen in real life, we show love by our deeds, like serving husband. She says my mum did not see dad’s face before marriage. Jasbir says then her dad did not see her mum’s face after marriage.

Sumit asks but why, that was old time, is it sin to say I love you, why is it tough to say whats in heart, its not necessary that we do what our parents did, maybe you both won’t understand this. He goes. Dolly gets thinking. Jasbir asks Dolly did she put ginger in Koftas.

Sumit goes to Maya and says she was right, saying I love you in imp. Maya says oh….. and smiles. Dolly says we are going. Jasbir says shower is repaired. Dolly says we want to say something Sumit. Jasbir says I love you Monu. Dolly says I love you a lot Monu and hugs him. She says love you Maya and hugs her too. She says Dadi loves Aaliya a lot and kisses her. Sumit asks for police. Rajneesh asks who called me. Dolly hugs Rajneesh and says I love you Sonu, its not necessary that we do what our parents did. Dolly hugs Jasbir and says I love you. Jasbir says I…love… you…. Sumit says I feel its too much. Jasbir says I love you Monu and hugs him. Sumit says enough. Rajneesh hugs Sumit and says I love you. Dolly says my Karan Arjun, I love you.

Maya asks is this still going on. Sumit says its my family, I should have not asked. Rajneesh says Maya, my Bhabhi and goes to hug her. Sumit comes in between. Maya thanks Rajneesh. Maya asks Sumit how did he talk to parents about them. Dolly and Jasbir start scolding Sumit. Maya says I m sorry, forget this matter, I don’t want to say anything. Sumit says I m sorry Maya. Maya reminds him that he is late today, he has in flight in few hours. Jasbir says we don’t have sorry too, I said this sorry and love you are not us. They leave.

Sumit makes the bed clean. Maya looks on and smiles. He says he thought to clean the bed before leaving, I ….. She asks him not to say. He asks what. She says that you do. He says he has to say something, leave me else I will miss flight. She smiles and he goes. He comes back and says I love you. She starts laughing. He says you are laughing, either see in my eyes or that poetry in the card, I won’t sayt ever.

Maya tells Sumit its Anju’s call. Sumit says I don’t know any Anju. Jasbir asks Sumit to be away from that girl for his family’s sake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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