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Sumit Sambhal Lega 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya coming home. She greets Sumit and his friends Paggi and Monty, and asks them are they joining for movie, Simran is also coming. Sumit asks his friend Paggi to agree and convinces him. Its morning, Sumit greets Maya and says he had good sleep after the movie at night. He asks can she make cheese omelet. She says no, I made brinjal parathas. Rajneesh comes there and says I got news that Simran also went with you for movie, I m in police and my spies are everywhere. Sumit jokes. Rajneesh laughs and asks did Simran and Paggi sit together. Maya says yes.

Rajneesh inquires well and says he will arrest Sumit if he does not say. Sumit says they had momo together. Rajneesh worries. Maya says Rajneesh is trying to forget her, he won’t worry right. Rajneesh says

yes, I m worried as Paggi is cheap roadside romeo. Maya says Simran will manage and take care of her. Rajneesh says yes, and scolds Paggi. Sumit reacts. Rajneesh breaks the door knob in anger. He leaves.

Sumit asks how did he get to know this. Maya says leave it, I m going for yoga. Sumit throws the food she made in dustbin. Dolly comes and asks about Maya. He says she went, she did not make cheese omelet. She says I will make. She asks why was Rajneesh looking upset, is it because of Simran, I told him about movie. Sumit says you are the informer. Maya greets Dolly. Sumit asks Maya when did she tell Dolly about movie plan. Maya says when we went together to doctor with kids. He says you went hospital 2 days before and plan was made yesterday. She says leave it. he says I know this was your plan, to make Rajneesh jealous. She says look if Rajneesh is jealous, he will convince Simran. He says yes, this was your plan, mummy ji hear this, she is genius, she told you to make you tell Rajneesh, she fooled us. Dolly does not react. He says mummy ji… Dolly gives her omelet. He gets shocked and asks are you also behind this. She says yes, this was only way to unite foolish Rajneesh with Simran. He says its wrong, I will warn Rajneesh.

Maya asks don’t you want Rajneesh to settle. He says yes, but not with such plannings. Dolly stops him and says she loves both her sons, she wants both of them to get married, and emotional blackmails him. She leaves. He says anyone should learn melodrama from her.

Paggi comes and greets them. He asks them to come for movie with him and Simran today, Simran and I are meeting again. Maya gets shocked. Sumit laughs and says sure. Paggi leaves.

Dolly comes to meet Maya. Sumit says you came to make backup plan. Jasbir asks how did this knob break. Sumit says Rajneesh came, he got angry knowing Simran went with Paggi for movie. Jasbir says he is angry bull, its from blood, your mummy and my marriage was fixed, I went to city and came to know about her lover, I damaged his tractor in jealousy, she was best cook and I did not want anyone else to have that food made by her. He says he did not tell this story’s tragic end before, he got married to Dolly.

Simran and Paggi come to Sumit’s house. Maya says Sumit is with dad. Paggi goes to meet Sumit and Jasbir. Maya asks Simran did she meet Rajneesh. Simran says no, and asks about Paggi. Maya says Paggi is bad guy. Dolly talks to Simran and asks why does she look upset. Simran says I m fine. Paggi greets Dolly. Sumit says lets leave for movie, I m going for samosa, come Maya. Rajneesh comes there and sees Simran.

Simran greets him. He gets angry seeing Paggi. He says he has come as Dolly called him. Paggi says I know it will be weird. Rajneesh says no, its not weird if my friends goes for movie with my GF. She says I m not your GF. He says it was misunderstanding. He gets angry and asks her to get lost, make Paggi her BF and then break his heart too. They get shocked.

Paggi says I did not know you both….. Simran says you go, I will just come after talking to Rajneesh. Rajneesh scares him. Paggi leaves. Simran asks Rajneesh does he have to say anything. He turns his face and signs no. She says then I will leave. She leaves. Rajneesh gets upset and says I ruined everything. Sumit says its not your mistake. Maya and Dolly were…… Maya and Dolly stop Sumit. Maya beats Sumit between his legs and stops him from telling Sumit. Dolly says I know Rajneesh and Simran are made for each other, its not late, go and tell her your feeling. Sumit says stop, they both planned this to make you jealous by Paggi, Rajneesh had right to know truth. He falls.

Rajneesh asks Dolly is this true. Dolly says it was Maya’s idea. Rajneesh asks how can they do this. Dolly says we were helping. Rajneesh asks by doing this. Sumit gets up and says sorry, I fainted for 2 mins. Rajneesh says if I get did anything angrily… Dolly tells the same story which Jasbir did, he came away being jealous and confessed love. Sumit says because Jasbir truly loved you. Dolly says you are so innocent Sumit. He asks what does she mean.

Dolly says she did this to provoke Jasbir to come there. Sumit says great, why don’t you grow hair and become Chanakya. Rajneesh says I will also go for movie, no one can stop me. He leaves. Sumit claps and asks did they see the result. Maya says I have to watch movie. Sumit says yes and walks slow, as he is hurt. Paggi and Simran are on the way after the movie. He holds her hand and she slaps him, saying there was mosquito.

Jasbir asks Sumit how can he and Maya fall together. Dolly says I don’t understand it. Jasbir screams. Sumit runs saying Papa ji. Rajneesh says another lie to hide one.

Update Credit to: Amena

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