Sumit Sambhal Lega 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit and Maya watching DABH on the tv. Maya cries seeing romantic scene. Sumit says enough of this. Rajneesh comes sad. Sumit asks is he missing Simran again. Rajneesh says I missed her when I was taking bath. Sumit says I m scared to ask why. Rajneesh says by hearing water drops falling sound Puchki, as I call her by that name. Maya asks him to divert his mind, he can go out. Sumit says happy hours at Jitos. Maya asks Sumit to think how to help Rajneesh. She says there is dance fight today at Sapphire club. Rajneesh says if I go to dance alone, people will be depressed. Sumit says no, they will laugh.

Maya asks Rajneesh to find a partner. Rajneesh says no one else than Simran. Maya asks him to take any friend. Sumit asks Maya to go with Rajneesh, as she also

likes dancing. Rajneesh says shall we both go to dance in club? Sumit says yes, its my full permission, I will see action packed show on tv, we all will be happy. She asks kids? Sumit says they clubbed. Maya and Rajneesh go to change. Sumit says great, I have done two works by one club.

Sumit and his friend see action movie and enjoy. Dolly comes to give clothes and asks about Maya. Sumit says she went with Rajneesh to club for dancing, as he was depressed. Dolly says great, why did you not go. Sumit says I wanted to see this action movie. Dolly joins them. Maya and Rajneesh come home laughing and she asks about his dance steps. She says Rajneesh burnt the dance floor. Rajneesh says Maya is better than Malaika. Maya says we tried all dance forms. Sumit asks did they enjoy well. Maya says yes, we danced much and took many selfies.

Maya greets Dolly. Dolly asks her about clothes drying, and taunts her. Maya asks Rajneesh will he have anything. He says yes. She goes to kitchen. Dolly and Sumit’s friend ask Sumit to bring some snacks. Sumit goes to kitchen and sees Rajneesh and Maya dancing and laughing. Rajneesh says he has one more step, and he will lift her in air. She says I m ready, Sumit watch. Rajneesh shows the step. Sumit says you need some practice. Rajneesh says I will go, I will come on Saturday. Sumit asks whats on Saturday. Maya says dance fight again. Sumit says fine, I will be with my mummy.

Maya dances and applies cream. She says Rajneesh was happy and did not take Simran’s name. Sumit says you both should have backbitten about me. She says we did not mention you, so we enjoyed. He asks her to impress him and goes close. She gets Rajneesh’s call and says yes, you will look handsome in that shirt, we will dance all night, no one can come between us, next Saturday, don’t break my heart, you are so funny… Sumit says he Is making my wife laugh and worries.

She tells Sumit that she is very tired and will talk tomorrow. Rajneesh practices dance. Sumit comes to his flat. Rajneesh shows some dance moves. Rajneesh says Maya dances so well, I recall Madhuri. Sumit asks our school mate? Rajneesh says no, Madhuri Dixit, if Nach Baliye had Jeth-Bhabhi special, Maya and I would have won. Sumit asks do you really want to go with Maya, she was saying…. Rajneesh asks what. Sumit says nothing. Rajneesh asks again. Sumit says Maya said she went with you, as you looked loser, Lallu, zero, she had pity on you. Rajneesh asks did she say this. Sumit asks why will I lie, continue dance practice and smiles. He leaves.

Maya gets ready in a mini frock and asks how am I looking. He says no one will see earrings when Rajneesh throws you in air. He gets call and asks Maya to talk to her dancing partner. Maya talks to Rajneesh and asks all set, oh, fine, I can understand, we will go some other time. Sumit asks what happened. She says Rajneesh can’t come today. Sumit says he promised you right. She says some police work. Sumit says I think its excuse, you are lucky as I m free today. She asks will you come for dance with me. He says no, we will order thai food and play massage parlor game. She says get ready, we will dance, we will give kids to Dolly. He reminds she hates Dolly. She says hurry up, I love you. He says I have fell in the well which I have dug.

At the club, Maya takes Sumit to dance floor. Sumit says I will go bathroom. Maya makes him dance. Sumit is not able to dance well and sees everyone dancing. A girl comes infront of him. He says sister, do this step somewhere else, we are from, good family. Rajneesh drinks and sees a girl. He greets her and asks her for a dance. She agrees.

Rajneesh dances with her. Sumit sees Rajneesh and hugs Maya. He does not let Maya see Rajneesh. Maya asks what happened. Sumit goes to Rajneesh and asks what is he doing here, you did not come with Maya, so she brought me, don’t come infront of Maya. Maya sees Rajneesh and Sumit lies. Rajneesh avoids her. Maya says its Rajneesh, what is he doing here. Sumit says he lied, as he thinks you feel he is loser and has pity. She says what nonsense and goes to Rajneesh. He hides his face. She asks what are you doing here. He says I came alone, as you have pity on me. She asks what, how did you think so, its nothing like that, who told you. He says Sumit… She stares at Sumit and dances with Rajneesh.

They ask Sumit why did he lie to them. Sumit says I was jealous, as you both were doing too much. Maya and Rajneesh say chee, how can he think so. Maya and Rajneesh leave…. Sumit is caught by the girl to dance. He says yaar…. And dances weirdly…..He calls out Maya and Rajneesh…. They all come home, and sit sad. Dolly is enjoying the action movie.

Rajneesh tells about annual test of police force. Jasbir taunts Dolly that she is brainless. Maya asks Rajneesh his result in IQ test.

Update Credit to: Amena

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