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Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Sumit about 40th anniversary of Jasbir and Dolly. She asks him to arrange the party. He says I m useless and praises her, calling her Dream girl. She says you are praising me to do all the work. He says perfect, keep saying. She says find someone else. Rajneesh comes and gives hammer to Sumit. Maya reminds the anniversary. Rajneesh asks is party happening. Maya asks them to decide. Rajneesh suggests kachoris. Sumit says no, I had yesterday. Rajneesh thinks and says bread pakoda. Sumit says yes, 8 or 12 and notes down.

Rajneesh says I have rum bottle. Sumit says we will get more, and notes 3 rum bottles. They think what they are missing and say Chutney… They laugh. Maya says enough, will you give to party to mum and dad. She gives guest list to

them for mum and dad’s sake. Dolly and Jasbir come home with Avi and Aaliya. Dolly argues with Jasbir. Dolly complains about Jasbir. They fight. Sumit says shall we keep two separate parties for them. Rajneesh asks him to make the list.

Sumit brings Dolly and Jasbir home after a movie. Dolly and Jasbir argue again. Sumit asks them to leave it now, and asks what happened. Jasbir says he was free for one year. Dolly asks him to stop it. Jasbir says we got separated for one year. Sumit asks whats this. Dolly says leave it. Dolly opens the door. They see a surprise party and get glad. Jasbir says so Sumit took us out. Rajneesh says its from our side and reads a poetry for them. Sumit says I have to talk to them, wait. He takes Jasbir and Dolly inside. Simran likes the poetry. Rajneesh smiles.

Sumit asks Jasbir to tell him. Tau ji asks about rum. Jasbir says I won’t give you. Dolly makes Tau ji to see Jasbir is alive. Jasbir asks Tau ji to take Dolly. Sumit sends Tau ji. Tau ji compliments Maya. They leave. Dolly says leave it now Sumit. Rajneesh says I wrote poetry and Sumit is here. Sumit says mum and dad were separated. Rajneesh says again… Sumit asks where was I. Rajneesh reminds the old time. Dolly says we used to be happy like Sumit and Maya.

FB shows Maya as young Dolly and Sumit as young Jasbir. Dolly says she made dahi kachoris and Jasbir scolded her for imli chutney. Dolly and Jasbir argue. Fb ends. Dolly says Jasbir asked me to leave home. Tau ji comes drunk. Sumit says we are busy. Tau ji says I will marry and prove old is gold. Sumit says send us the card and makes him leave. Dolly says then I left and went to my Maayka. Maya asks then did you realize the mistake. Dolly says because of you. Simran comes and says save me, that Tharki uncle is asking me for marriage. Sumit sends Tauji again and asks why for me. Rajneesh says you fell from cycle. FB shows Dolly taking care of Sumit, after his bone broke by the fall. Then Jasbir came to take Dolly and kids. She knew he is coming, she made dahi kachori along imli chutney. Jasbir liked it a lot. Dolly gives a bucket of Chutney and asks him to take it home. Jasbir asked her to come along. FB ends.

Dolly says she had pity and forgiven him. Jasbir says yes, I will not waste this cake and eats it. Dolly says we had to cut it. She applied it to his face. Sumit, Maya, Rajneesh and Simran look at each other. Sumit asks Rajneesh to say his poetry now.

Sumit tells Maya that its his mistake he fell from cycle, mum and dad would have been happy. Maya says you look cute when you are depressed. He says our future is also like mum and dad. She says I love you. He says you hate me and tells all his bad habits. She gets angry. He says we will be frustrated after 20 years. She says you are lazy, you will be with me. He says I m lazy, so our marriage is on.

Jasbir and Dolly argue. Sumit comes and hears them fighting. He asks them to stop it, what are they doing. Dolly says we are having breakfast. Sumit says you guys are fighting. Jasbir and Dolly do not hear Sumit and fight. Sumit smiles and leaves. Sumit tells Rajneesh that mum and dad are happy this way, if my cycle accident did not happen, they would have met. Rajneesh says it was not an accident. Sumit asks then what. FB shows Rajneesh was not taking them back, so he got an idea to make fake accident of Sumit. FB ends. Sumit asks are you mad, I would have got injured. Rajneesh jokes on him and laughs.

Maya and Sumit talk about Dolly’s taunts on governess. They run to open the door and see Dolly. Maya says she wants to fire the governess. Sumit asks why, I promise I did not see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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