Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya preparing Aaliya’s bag for the fun fair. Aaliya asks about selling snacks on food stall. Maya asks when are you saying us, how did you forget. Sumit says we will take Rajma and roll in roti. He asks Maya to make noodle in 2mins. Maya asks do you think I m Dolly. Dolly comes and says she will make snacks in some time. Maya says she ordered snacks, there is no option. Sumit says but mummy ji will cook. Maya says then Dolly will remind this favor. Dolly says we all will come along, it will be fun.

Walia family come to school fun fair. The teacher says kids will learn caring and sharing, by donating the money earned by selling home made snacks. Jasbir and Rajneesh play with kids. The incharge welcomes the parents and asks them to keep their snacks there. Rajneesh

and Jasbir hit balls on joker’s face. Dolly goes to sit on see saw with Avi. Maya keeps the snacks.

The incharge checks the snacks and appreciates. He gets cold drinks and chips from Maya’s side, and asks who can eat this. Sumit says we did not know this earlier. Incharge says sorry to say, this snacks is rejected. Maya asks why. Incharge says its written that healthy food will be approved. Sumit says sorry, next time… Maya says we did not do any crime. Sumit says he is right. Maya argues.

Maya says I have 2 children, I did what I could. Dolly says she made kids right, she could become principal of this school. Incharge says Walias did not contribute any snacks. Sumit says we are not wrong people. Dolly says this is my bahu, no one will tell her, I will get snacks in fair tomorrow. Incharge gives her list. Dolly says she will clear the stain on their family, elder’s work is to cover up mistakes. Jasbir comes and says he won a prize.

Its evening, Maya is annoyed. Sumit says I stopped Dolly, we will make snacks and gives her list. Maya tears the list and says no one will take anything. Its not about food, you did not take my side. He says you were shouting. She shouts and says I was not shouting. He says I have seen mum and dad fighting with others on road, Rajneesh and I used to feel ashamed. She says I can understand your life’s tradedy. She asks why does he want to become so good, she will not take any snacks tomorrow. He says this can harmful for Aaliya’s academic future.

Maya asks Sumit to scold incharge. He says sorry, I don’t talk like this. She says I know, good boy. Its morning, Jasbir and Rajneesh come to Sumit and are excited to go in fair. Jasbir says I never made my sons feel ashamed. He asks Sumit to scold incharge. Sumit says why, I will take snacks. Jasbir says you are gone if you don’t agree to Maya.

They come in fun fair. Maya does not give snacks. Sumit diverts her and sends her. Jasbir asks the fortune teller what does she think, will Sumit manage? Sumit tells incharge about the snacks he has hidden in briefcase. Incharge likes all the snacks and says I appreciate. Jasbir and Rajneesh look on. Sumit says no one should know I gave this. Jasbir says Maya is coming, I think it will be big issue now. Maya comes there.

Incharge says I appreciate. She asks are you taunting me. Sumit asks Maya to come. Jasbir says now it will explode. Incharge shows snacks and Sumit says it does not matter who got it, Maya shall we find our kids. Incharge says no, Maya is an example of realizing mistake, you gave these snacks. Maya says Sumit… and stares at him. Sumit says yes, I gave it, keep it, and scolds incharge. Maya calms down Sumit.

Sumit gets angry and scolds the incharge a lot. Jasbir and Rajneesh hide their faces and leave. The people make video of this. Maya apologizes to incharge. Dolly comes to fight and asks whats happening. Maya tells Sumit that she is proud of him, but how did he turn bad suddenly. He says he did like dad used to make scenes, I m becoming my father. She says I won’t let you become such, I will make snacks. He says Aaliya’s friends are coming home, what to keep on lunch. Dolly brings the snacks for Aaliya’s friends. The kids like Maya’s snacks. Maya and Sumit smile.

Sumit is annoyed seeing Maya practicing dance with Rajneesh. Rajneesh takes Maya to Sumit on the dance floor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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