Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya managing Avi and Aaliya. She runs to catch Aaliya. Dolly comes with her friends and asks Aaliya to say santa and banta jokes. Maya says its time for Aaliya to bath. Aaliya says she does not want to bath and asks Dolly to save her. Dolly asks Maya to leave Aaliya. Maya says its time for bath, you hear jokes later on. Dolly gets annoyed.

Its night, Dolly comes to Sumit and asks for kadai. Maya says she has taken the kadai, and gives to Dolly. Dolly is annoyed and takes kadai from Sumit. She says thanks and goes. Maya asks can you see me. Sumit says yes and they laugh. Maya says what happened today. Maya realizes that Dolly is annoyed, because I asked her to come later. Sumit says yes. Maya says we should leave our time and entertain Dolly. Sumit asks her

to say sorry and end matter. She asks are you taking Dolly’s side. He says let it go, its small thing. She says no, I won’t. He asks her to stop this kiddish thing. Maya says this is my benefit, Dolly will not be able to taunt me as she is not talking.

Its morning, Sumit eats food at Dolly’s house. Dolly asks about Maya, did she notice I m not talking, I felt my acting got less. Jasbir says you will get acting award. She makes Jasbir sit away and talks to Sumit. She asks what did Maya say. Jasbir asks Sumit not to get in between their fight. Dolly bribes by gulab jamun. She says Maya spoke in high tone infront of my friends. Sumit says leave it, Maya is also feeling sorry. She says she will make gajar halwa for him. Dolly says so Maya wants to say sorry to me. Sumit says Maya is not able to say sorry, as she is egoistic, you are mature and smart, also beautiful. Jasbir jokes that he can’t digest this. Sumit asks Dolly to say sorry to Maya. She stares at him. Sumit says this will make your respect high, it will prove you are elder by age and heart too. She scolds him and goes. Jasbir asks Sumit to leave this.

Later, Dolly goes to Sumit’s house. Sumit and Maya were romancing. Sumit scolds Maya and gets away from her, seeing Dolly. Dolly says she came to say sorry. Maya gets shocked. Sumit smiles. Maya says thanks, but no need to say sorry. Dolly starts taunting Maya for that bad messed up clothes and stupid clothes, next time she will call her and come, I did mistake to come like that, so you got angry. Maya looks at Sumit. Sumit says its all over. Maya says I don’t have to talk to Dolly now and goes. Dolly says I came to say her sorry and this is what I got. He worries.

Sumit makes food and asks Aaliya not to spoil things, how will they give surprise to Maya. Aaliya says you spoiled things, I m making cornflakes. Maya comes, and they give the surprise. Maya says nice, it looks burnt and delicious. Maya says she will see if she can forgive Sumit. He says I will get icecream. Aaliya asks him to get flowers, he will need. He says you are smart.

Sumit gets flowers and gifts. Jasbir asks Sumit what is he doing. Rajneesh says Dolly is calling Sumit. Jasbir says Dolly is upset, she did not cook dinner. Sumit says maybe these flowers will make Dolly’s mood fine. Maya comes and asks for icecream. He hides the flowers. Rajneesh and Jasbir eat icecream. Maya goes. Dolly comes there and says she came here to meet Sumit, he used to like gajar halwa a lot. Rajneesh gives flowers to Dolly saying he got this. Dolly thanks him and says atleast my one son worries for me. She tells Sumit that lucky people get a mom like her. Maya comes there. Jasbir says he can’t digest this tension.

Doll asks who are coming with me now and holds Rajneesh’s ears. Jasbir says you are not my mom, I will come after finishing icecream. Maya asks Sumit to go if he wants. Sumit says this is injustice, I did not do anything, talk and solve the matter, don’t stretch me in this. Sumit and Jasbir tell about their wives and speak against Maya and Dolly. Sumit says a Dadi can meet grandchildren, its her right. Jasbir says if bahu is busy, whats the need to get friends. Sumit and Jasbir argue as they don’t respect their wives. Sumit favors Dolly, and Jasbir favors Maya. Jasbir asks him to respect his father first. Sumit says I won’t talk to you. Rajneesh stops them and asks what is happening here.

Rajneesh says you both are responsible for this, I know your feelings are hurt, but leave it, I know you both have love for each other, let the love come out. Jasbir asks Rajneesh who has put him in police, you are a saint. Rajneesh thanks him. Sumit apologizes to Jasbir. Jasbir also apologizes to Sumit. Rajneesh says I m not saying about you two, I m saying to Dolly and Maya. Sumit asks Maya to please end this matter. Jasbir asks Dolly to cook. Maya and Dolly leave. Sumit says he is victim in their fight.

Maya scolds Sumit for his plan. Dolly calls Jasbir a cheater and beats him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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