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Sumit Sambhal Lega 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh getting Reema’s call. He gets glad hearing she was missing him and agrees to meet her. He dances. Sumit asks with whom were you talking. Rajneesh denies and Sumit laughs. Rajneesh tells Sumit and Jasbir that Reema came to police station, and hugged and kissed me. Sumit asks is he mad to meet her again and reminds how Reema has left him in mandap. Rajneesh says I think she changed, she did not scold me. Jasbir asks how did she change, witch to bat. Rajneesh says Reema or Simran? I m confused. Sumit calls him fool.

Jasbir says I have a lovely solution to avoid this confusion, think who will keep you happy always, who will cook for you in all situations, ask your inner self, who will massage your back, laugh on your bad jokes, select that one. Rajneesh

says both won’t laugh. Jasbir asks him to think who will give him 4-5 sweet kids. Sumit says Reema rejected you, and Simran chose you as first BF. Rajneesh says yes. Jasbir says then choose Simran. Rajneesh says yes, we are made for each other. Simran is right girl for me, I will tell her the truth, that Reema is getting after me and I refused her. Sumit and Jasbir ask him not to tell anything to Simran. Rajneesh says I will tell Simran, she values my honesty. Sumit and Jasbir act like Rajneesh and laugh.

Rajneesh says laugh, two girls are not after you, I m not characterless like you both, I will say the truth. He leaves. Sumit says he is lucky. They laugh. Rajneesh meets Simran at Jitos and asks are we perfect for each other. She says yes. He says I think there should be no secret between us, I want to tell you about Reema, she calls me and says she dreams about me, she misses me, honestly I was confused, then I decided you are right for me. She asks do you want to go to Reema. He says yes, she wants that, I was just thinking, I m saying truth as we are made for each other. She says you have hidden it. He says I thought you will be glad as I chose you. She fumes and says Reema is beautiful, you pity on me so you chose me right. He says yes, no… She cries and takes chicken lollipop he ordered. He goes. Rajneesh gets sad and cancels gulab jamun.

Maya serves Paneer pasanda to Sumit. Sumit dislikes it. Simran comes and keep the food. Sumit takes the chicken lollipop and eats. Simran complains about Rajneesh, and Maya supports Simran, saying Rajneesh should have stopped Reema when she hugged and kissed him. Simran asks what, you mean he met Reema. Maya asks what are we talking about, your hair look cute. Sumit comes and asks were chicken lollipop just two.

Rajneesh comes and asks for her office address to send apology flowers. Simran scolds him and asks him to say its lie that he did not hug Reema, I did not slap anyone, I wish to slap you. She pulls his cheeks and breaks their relation. She leaves. He says but Lord made our pairing, atleast tell address. Sumit looks on. Rajneesh asks what did I do, Maya should apologize to Simran for telling her. Maya asks what, did you not get shame to flirt with Reema, what was need to meet Reema. Rajneesh says you won’t understand, girls rejected me always, if two girls like me, I will be confused. Maya says we need one person in our life, one who loves and supports us.

She scolds Sumit. Rajneesh says I was confused, Reema was after me. Maya asks what confusion, do you want to marry Reema, why did you meet her. Rajneesh says I don’t know. Maya says you broke Simran’s heart and will regret forever. Sumit says I told you not to tell truth. Dolly comes and beats Rajneesh for losing Simran. She asks him to call Simran and convince her. He says I won’t talk. She says I will talk to her. Rajneesh says stop it, she won’t come back. She says I will start drinking. Rajneesh says this is my life, stop interfering. Dolly asks Sumit to get wine, she will become Devdas.

Rajneesh prepares to tell Reema that they can’t unite now. He waits in Jitos. Reema comes there and he stops her from hugging him. She asks why is she afraid, even her heart is beating. She flirts with him. He says he wants to say something important. She teases him. He says her leg under table is disturbing him. She says our ways are same now. She says she took 30 lakhs loan from match fixer. He asks what. She says she took loan from smugglers too. He asks why. She says she had to return money to don. He says fixer, smuggler and don? She says yes, so I need you, they got after me. I have a plan we will run away and have fun. Rajneesh says enough, you mean I will help you in illegal thing.

He says he came here to say he will not make relation with her. She calls him donkey to refuse her. He asks her to sit and talk. She says if any girl like me sees you, its your fate. He says don’t insult, sit. She insults him more and says you are refusing me. He asks her to leave, else. She says she will not go, she will be here and see what will he do. He says if he makes a call, police will come here. She says you can’t. He calls police. She scolds him. He says he will call fixer, smuggler and don too. She scolds him and leaves. She gets hurt. He laughs and asks her to have Gulab jamun. She says you eat, it suits you. Rajneesh takes gulab jamun. Its night, Rajneesh apologizes to Simran. She ends call. Dolly cries and drinks asking Simran to come. Rajneesh stops her and consoles her.

Sumit goes to end Maya and Dolly’s fight and complicates it more.

Update Credit to: Amena

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