Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh and Simran coming home after shopping. Maya asks Simran how was their shopping. Simran says its adventurous, Rajneesh was practicing Kabaddi. Sumit says its weird and confronts Rajneesh. Rajneesh plays kabaddi and leaves from there. Sumit says something is fishy. Simran tells Maya that when she asks Rajneesh to make her meet Dolly, he gets shy. Maya says it happens when its about Dolly.

Simran says Dolly was there in market, so Rajneesh has pushed me. Maya says all men are same, Rajneesh can’t do this, Simran don’t worry, Sumit will talk to him. Simran asks really and hugs him thankfully, calling him Devarji. Sumit looks at Maya.

Maya cleans home. Rajneesh comes to them and asks why do they look angry. Sumit says its something imp, sit.

Maya gets angry seeing Sumit and Rajneesh not talking imp thing. Maya says enough, ask Rajneesh, why does he not introduce Simran to Dolly, why was he roaming with her if he was not serious. Sumit acts like sleeping in this tensed moment. Maya confronts Rajneesh. Rajneesh says if Dolly sees her, she will send Simran away, she does not like my choice. Maya says explain her. He looks at her. She says sorry, there is one way, if Dolly likes Simran, I will keep dinner here and Dolly will meet Simran. Sumit says Dolly can know it, run Rajneesh. Maya says act like you don’t know Simran, Dolly will like her. Rajneesh likes the idea. Maya says Sumit will invite Dolly and say Maya’s friend is coming for dinner. Sumit says no. Rajneesh hugs and kisses Sumit. Maya laughs.

Sumit goes to Dolly and Jasbir. Jasbir shows the mushrooms and says he is farming this at home. Sumit asks why. Jasbir says Bittu said selling mushrooms makes you rich. Dolly says I will make masala mushroom for dinner. Jasbir asks her not to touch it, its valuable. Sumit says Maya and I were thinking, you guys have dinner with us. Jasbir says its free fund food, we will come. Sumit says Maya’s friend is coming, and praises her. Dolly says whats use now, you are married to Maya. Sumit says I m saying about Rajneesh. Dolly says no use, she will be like Maya. Sumit says Simran cooks so well, she is talented, she knows Kathak and makes good Rajma, when we told her about Rajneesh’s broken marriage, she did not run. Jasbir says what, bahu selected. Dolly says my Rajneesh won’t die as bachelor. Jasbir says she can run meeting Dolly. Sumit murmurs whether Simran really cooks.

Maya and Sumit wait for Jasbir and Dolly. Rajneesh and Simran are tensed. Simran reminds him that they don’t know each other, I m so excited to meet Dolly, will she like me. He asks did she tell him. She says I m not acting now. He says Dolly will like you. Sumit asks Simran do you know cooking Rajma. Simran says I have seen my mum making Rajma. Dolly comes and says what a beautiful setup, Maya does not cook well, but presents well. Sumit introduces Simran. Rajneesh says we just met, we never met before. Sumit manages and Dolly and Jasbir talk to Simran.

Jasbir brings mushroom and asks Simran would she invest in mushroom company. He gives her a mushroom sample. Dolly says she will cook Daal. Maya says but I made continental. Dolly says Maya… Maya says come. Dolly tells Maya that she likes Simran, she can smell good values in Simran. Maya says yes, she is nice. Sumit tells Maya that Papa ji wants onions.

Maya tells him that Dolly agrees. Sumit gets happy. Dolly tells Sumit that she will make Simran cook Rajma. He gets tensed and says she cooks well, else she will learn. Dolly asks why are you lying. Sumit says it was Maya’s plan, I can’t see, Maya will kill me. Dolly scolds him and asks what is it. Sumit says Rajneesh and Simran are GF BF. Dolly gets shocked.

Dolly goes to Maya and taunts her. She asks Rajneesh did he like Simran. Rajneesh says yes. Dolly asks Simran about cooking. Simran says yes mummy ji. Dolly says great, how do you cook Rajma. Simran says its easy, and tells the recipe being tensed. Rajneesh signs her. Maya says she knows it well, she is nervous. Dolly says stop it, Sumit has told me everything. Maya and Rajneesh look at Sumit. Dolly says Simran is Rajneesh’s GF. She asks Rajneesh not to meet Simran, he cheated his parents. Jasbir says I will have food and come. Dolly says I m going. Sumit says mummy ji sit. Maya says let her go Sumit, Simran you should run, as Dolly is dangerous. Dolly asks what did she say. Sumit asks Maya to drink water. Maya argues with Dolly and says Dolly does not see hardwork, and just sees flaws, we lied as you would remark Simran. Dolly says I don’t like Simran. Rajneesh says I knew this would happen.

Rajneesh says I don’t need anyone’s permission, Sumit is jealous of me, so he has told Dolly. Jasbir says Dolly is the culprit. Maya asks Simran to run, else she will go mad. Simran sees them arguing and tells Rajma’s recipe well shutting her ears. They all get shocked. Simran says sorry to lie to you mummy ji, I don’t know you will like me or not, Rajneesh and I like each other. Dolly hugs her and smiles. Jasbir asks does Simran know mutton chicken recipe also. Simran says my family is vegetarian, but I will cook non veg for you. Jasbir says I like her. Dolly says Rajneesh found a nice girl, its good, one bahu knows cooking. Maya gets angry and Sumit holds her.

Maya reminds Sumit about 40th wedding anniversary of Dolly and Jasbir. Dolly and Jasbir argue. They all give a surprise party to Dolly and Jasbir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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