Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit and Maya meeting Dolly. Dolly says about her friend’s 40th anniversary. Jasbir come sand they look at him. Rajneesh gets Tanpura. Dolly says she was thinking to do something special for them. Rajneesh says he can say few jokes. Dolly asks Sumit to read any poetry. Sumit says I can’t do this. Jasbir asks Sumit to agree, else Dolly will shock everyone by playing tanpura. Dolly asks Sumit to do this for her. Rajneesh says this is not fair, I m ready and no one values me, I feel you got me from temple stairs. Jasbir says no, from cinema stairs.

Rajneesh comes to Sumit and asks him to show the ghazal. Rajneesh reads the nonsense poetry. Sumit says its bore people. Maya asks them to write poetry on his parents. Sumit says I can write book on them. Rajneesh

says we can make film on them. Maya says we can do acting of mum and dad, and make it entertaining. Rajneesh asks will they joke of parents infront of them. Maya says no, everyone will be family there.

Rajneesh says we can sing a song, and sings. Maya and Sumit look on, and say our idea is better. The function starts. Sumit and Maya act like Nippi uncle and Sheila aunty. Everyone laugh and like the imitation act. Rajneesh claps looking sad as his program was not selected. Maya and Sumit does Dolly and Jasbir’s act.

Dolly and Jasbir laugh breaking in splits. Jasbir whistles. Sheila says I was crying with happiness. Nippi says It was great. Jasbir says Sumit, I have a complain, why did you show Dolly so good. Dolly says Jasbir’s acting was done good. The guests also like it. Nippi says thanks, this anniversary will be memorable. Sumit and Maya get glad. Rajneesh says its good, whatever Sumit does, no one feels bad, this is truth. Maya says I told you already. Rajneesh says I did not like it. Sumit sings a song to joke on him. Rajneesh leaves and they laugh.

The guests leave. Sheila thanks Dolly and Jasbir for this act. Maya thanks Dolly and Jasbir to be their inspiration. Nippi asks them to act like Sumit and Maya. Jasbir says I can easily do this. Dolly asks Sumit to do it again. Jasbir acts like Sumit and they laugh. Jasbir starts acting like Sumit and they start laughing. Jasbir asks Dolly to say something as Maya. Dolly acts like Maya.

Rajneesh says enough and holds his stomach while laughing. Sumit and Maya get embarrassed. Sheila and Nippi laugh and clap. Sumit says anyways, we will leave. Rajneesh says stop, and asks Jasbir to act more. Sumit leaves getting upset.

Sumit and Maya come home and get angry. She says disgusting. He says we did so much for them, they did this. Jasbir, Dolly and Rajneesh come and ask why did they leave like this. Sumit says you did not like our joke and joked on us. Maya says we would have not done skit. Dolly says we enjoyed. Sumit says you insulted us. Jasbir says we acted to make them laugh. Sumit says I will explain whats it to make someone laugh.

Rajneesh sits there. Sumit says negative humor is bad. Jasbir says everyone is laughing. Sumit asks who will do cheap laughing. Maya says I go parlor on just Sunday. Rajneesh says I understood, you both can joke on mum and dad, and they can’t joke on you. He smiles. Sumit and Maya say no, nothing like dad. Jasbir says who is joking, we know what we are, everyone knows Dolly is mad woman. Dolly says everyone know Jasbir is like wild bear. They laugh.

Dolly says we did not wish to hurt you, fine sorry, we will not joke on you. Jasbir says don’t teach me whats called laughter, first laugh on own self, then you can make others laugh. Maya jokes on Sumit, that everyone knows he is mumma’s boy. Sumit calls her complain machine. They laugh and say we did not feel bad. Dolly and Jasbir leave. Rajneesh says I was wrong, Sumit and Maya have good sense of humor, I liked your skit. Rajneesh goes out and sees Maya and Sumit arguing.

Rajneesh is scared and screams. Dolly asks the sons to brush and sleep, else ghost will come to remove the decay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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