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Sumit Sambhal Lega 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Sumit that her mom is coming. He acts like her mom. She asks him to call her mum as mom. She asks him to just try. He says mom. Dolly comes and asks does he want anything. He says its not any magic to spell it right. Maya and her mom come home after having time out. Sumit complains to Maya about her mom, who did not react when Aaliya fell, Dolly would have worried, she is better in few things. Maya says yes, Dolly would have fought. Maya’s mom suggests some five star hotel for dinner. Sumit says we were thinking Waliya’s place. Maya says she is making dinner and asks her mom to help. Her mom says you know I m complete disaster in cooking, Maya is best cook in our house. Sumit says all my sympathy with you.

Her mom goes to sleep. Maya asks Sumit

can’t he talk well for some time, He says what shall I do, I called her mom. She says I heard you saying mom like cow. What will mom think, what cheap man did I marry? Sumit says you won’t be happy sacrificing me to impress your mom.

They sit for dinner. Maya asks her mom to taste food. Her mom applied hand sanitizer. She likes the food. Maya asks Sumit to talk well. Sumit tells a joke and laughs. Dolly comes. Maya says we are busy. Maya’s mom says its not bad to say such, I hope she did not mind. Dolly says she made cake for Maya’s mom. Jasbir is eager to eat. He says Dolly just cut the cake. Rajneesh comes and tells them that house was empty and he came here to find his parents. Sumit jokes on Rajneesh. Maya says she made dinner for mom, no one will have cake. Sumit gets tensed. Maya’s mom attends a call and talks to her husband Jai. She says cake is marvelous. Maya says even then we will have dinner. Jasbir says fine, I will have dinner first. Rajneesh says he is hungry too.

Maya says she made lemon chicken. Jasbir and Rajneesh fight for chicken. Jasbir jokes on brazil. Maya’s mom tells Jai that she feels Maya is tensed, she would have checked in hotel instead staying here. Maya hears this and says I can’t believe this. Sumit says I wish my mum thought the same. Maya’s mom tells Sumit about the Brazil coffee. Sumit jokes. Maya asks her mom why did she say she will stay in hotel. Her mom says I don’t want to become problem, you are so busy. Her mom says I just said, come dinner is getting cooled. Dolly feeds Aaliya. Maya asks her mom to hold Avi. Her mom asks what. Dolly takes Avi.

Maya makes a plan to go out with her mom and family. Her mom says she has different plans to go alone. Dolly asks Maya to go with her mom, she will see kids. Sumit jokes in background and irritates Maya, who is arguing with her mom. Maya says mom has no time with me, did you come to meet me or not. Her mom asks what do you want from me. Maya says I want you to involve in my life, take care of my kids, help me, I want you to become like Dolly. Jasbir asks what Maya. Rajneesh asks did Maya’s head hit?

Maya goes to her room and is upset. Sumit goes to her. Maya says I was excited when my mom came. Sumit says I m excited when my mom goes somewhere. Dolly comes there and says I love you Maya. She hugs Maya. Sumit asks Maya to solve. Maya stares at him. Dolly says I was shocked hearing that, I did not know you love me. Maya says I told lot being emotional. Dolly says you should have not told this to your mom. Maya says she should have involved in my life. Dolly says your mom is nice lady, but she is not a mother like us. Maya laughs. Dolly says you wanted a mother like me, and got me. Maya says life is confusing.

Jasbir and Rajneesh take cake and eat. Jasbir says we are going. They leave. Maya apologizes to her mom. Her mom says I m sorry, I could not manage home well. Maya says you introduced me to films, arts and theatre. Dolly says yes, this is also necessary. She goes to see kids. Maya’s mom says I m glad I did not go hotel, else I would have not seen you are such a good mom. Maya hugs her. Her mom asks how did Maya get all these qualities. Maya looks at Dolly. Dolly smiles.

Rajneesh argues with Jasbir and Sumit. He says two girls like me. Simran tells Sumit that Rajneesh is a donkey. Reema scolds Rajneesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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