Sumit Sambhal Lega 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit hearing Papa from Avi. Sumit calls everyone and says Avi has said the first word of his life, Papa. They all get glad. Sumit says I heard Papa, there is no one, it means its Avi. Dolly and Jasbir ask Avi to say Papa. Sumit says he is not battery toy. Jasbir jokes on Dolly. They have a laugh recalling Sumit’s first word. Rajneesh gets sad as Dolly and Jasbir do not remember his first word.

Sumit talks to his friends and says it was boring match. Harsha Bhogle calls his friend. His friends tells him that Harsha wants to call you on his show, as Siddhu is unwell. Sumit says I can’t do this. His friend say its talk show about cricket. Sumit says I get nervous in studio. His friends ask Sumit to grab this chance and Sumit agrees. His friend confirms it

to Harsha. Sumit can’t believe this. He calls home and asks Aaliya to give phone to mummy. Avi calls him Papa. Sumit asks his friends to hear and they laugh on him.

Sumit gets ready for the talk show. Sumit meets Harsha and says he is nervous. Harsha talks the show and introduces Jatin, RJ, and Sumit. Sumit greets everyone. Harsha says we will talk about test series and asks Sumit’s view on it. Sumit says I think India did not perform well in test series, and gets nervous. He says wrong hindi words which makes his statements funny.

Its night, Sumit comes home. The family welcomes him. Jasbir takes a selfie with Sumit. Dolly says Sumit spoke so well, you will get Harsha’s show. Rajneesh says we will be very glad. Jasbir shows the selfie with the tv screen., Rajneesh reminds how he came on tv when he caught drug gang. Sumit asks Maya did she like it. Maya says a lot, what did channel say. Sumit says I think they also liked. He says I will tell about new friend Harsha. Rajneesh gets upset and Jasbir comes to take selfie with him. The battery goes.

Sumit tells Maya that I m called on show, Jatin called and said Siddhu is away for more days. Maya says they really liked it and makes face. He asks what happened. She asks him to practice, as he told few words wrong. She teaches him the words. He says what did I say infront of anyone. She says its small thing, use these words in same sentence. He says wrong again. Maya repeats. Sumit comes to Dolly and Jasbir and asks whether Dolly noticed he said few words wrong. Dolly says no. Sumit says I m going again today.

Dolly asks did they call you again. Jasbir says what. Sumit says it means you also noticed what I spelt wrong. Jasbir comments on his wrong sitting style and Dolly asks him to wear good clothes, he looked beggar yesterday. Sumit says its enough, I understood you guys did not like my interview. Jasbir says to be frank, it was third class. Sumit says you both lied to me, you guys used to call me handsome. Dolly says if I did not say this, would you come on tv camera, every parent encourage children. Sumit says don’t lie to me, I will prepare for the interview.

Sumit practices to spell the words. He gets it right and says Harsha, I m coming. Sumit comes to studio and gets makeup done. Harsha smiles and asks is he okay. Harsha welcomes everyone in the show, and introduces Jatin, Vivek and Sumit. He asks Sumit his view on the weak bowling attack. Sumit says I feel bowling is a specialized department, and uses English words to avoid hindi words. He tells the lines he rehearsed. Harsha asks him to have water. Sumit says its empty. Harsha says like your mind.

Sumit comes home at night and looks gloomy. He says I have come. Dolly asks did he not prepare well. Sumit asks why are they angry. Dolly says you wanted to hear truth. They start criticizing. Rajneesh says send me a recording, I can use to torture the criminals in lockup. Sumit asks did they not like anything. Rajneesh says they liked that the program ended. Maya says I liked many things. Dolly says this time we did not feel sleepy. Sumit smiles and says its tough to become cricket expert from a cricket reporter. They say he did not do it so bad. Sumit says thanks, there is a bad news, channel said they won’t call me back again. Jasbir says thank Lord, channel got sense. Sumit asks Avi to say Papa and laughs.

Simran tells Maya that Rajneesh gets shy when I ask him to make me meet Dolly. Maya says I will keep dinner to make Simran meet Dolly. Simran tells about Rajneesh and Dolly gets angry on Sumit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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