Sumit Sambhal Lega 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya and Sumit dining at Jitos. They have nothing new to talk. Maya is bored. They talk about bread and butter and smile. They come home. He acts romantic. She calls him so casual outside and becoming Romeo at home. She says we have nothing new to talk after so many years. He says we are talking, why are you shouting on me. She says we are getting bored, we have to do something new, else we will be fed up, come we will think.

He says we will dance. She says we will go garden for a walk and have chaat, fine stupid idea, you say. He says watching match, sorry I was joking. She says no, you are right, I should take part in your imp part of life, you are sports reporter. He says come. She says she is taking interest in his life, what will he do. He says he will

sit with her. She asks him to read book and say how is it. He says sure, but I can’t sit with you then, I will read tomorrow. She gives the book to him. He reads sacrifice of love and flirts with her. She asks him to read book.

Its night, Sumit sleeps on the couch while reading the book. Rajneesh scares him and wakes him up. He laughs and says dad is coming. Sumit asks did he read this book. Rajneesh says I read just FIR and police manual. Sumit asks him to file FIR on this book and says the lines. Rajneesh says I don’t know meaning, why are you reading. Sumit says Maya told me, she said she will watch match with us. Rajneesh asks why. Sumit says marriage problems, so I called you and dad, tell her you are sad without Simran. Rajneesh says I m indeed sad. Sumit says good, keep this face.

Maya comes home and Sumit greets her. She says she got snacks for match, she dropped kids to Dolly. Sumit says super. She asks Rajneesh here. He says I know you wanted to see match with me alone, but Rajneesh is sad by missing Simran. She says fine, how is the book. He says really good. They sit watching match. She asks whose interview will he take tomorrow. He says its on this match, focus. Jasbir comes to watch match and jokes on Maya’s question.

Sumit asks Jasbir to mind his language as Maya is sitting here. Maya enjoys match in full spirit. She says Sumit and I are watching match together. Jasbir asks why are you punishing him, I came here as Sumit invited me. She stares at Sumit. Sumit says lie and winks to Jasbir. Jasbir says its true. Sumit apologizes to Maya. She scolds him.

She asks about book. He says few lines. She asks him not to talk to her and be in coma. He gets angry and says he won’t talk to her. He leaves from home. Rajneesh says that’s why I stay away from marriage. Jasbir praises him and asks for chips.

Sumit goes to Dolly. Maya comes and asks did he come here to hide. He says I came to take kids. Maya and Sumit argue again. He says he is trying his best, she is angry as he did not talk, now she is not talking. Dolly serves food to Jasbir Maya and Sumit look on. Maya sees them dining silently and helping each other with love and smiles. Dolly asks them are they hungry. Sumit says no, thanks.

Maya tells Sumit that mum and dad were so comfortable, they don’t need to talk, maybe we will become like them. He asks seriously, you are saying this. She says you think, if we stayed quiet like them. He says you started it. She says if we enjoyed each other’s company silently, it would have been good. He says yes. She thinks what will she do after 30 years, she will stay with him, will he stay with her. He flirts and hugs her.

Dolly says enough of Jasbir and leaves. Maya and Sumit laugh. Its night, Sumit watches match. Maya lowers the volume. He increases the volume. She stares at him and he switches it off. He goes to sleep. She smiles and she teases him. He smiles and hugs her.

Sumit asks Maya about her mum coming to stay with them. He says Dolly is better than Maya’s mum. Maya asks her mum to become like Dolly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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