Sumit Sambhal Lega 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya talking to Rajneesh. She shows the tie she bought for Sumit. She asks him not to tell Sumit. Sumit comes home and brothers talk about cricket match. Sumit asks did Maya say about anniversary. Rajneesh says match is tomorrow, on same day, you have to come to save team’s respect. He shakes Sumit. Sumit says don’t worry, I will find a solution that Maya will do my tika and send me for match. Maya comes and says she is going to pick kids. Sumit compliments her and asks what can he gift her. Maya says I need a nonstick kadai and leaves.

Sumit says I made her agree, I will gift her a better one, I should know what is she giving me. Rajneesh says I know, but I can’t spoil the surprise. Sumit reminds him other team captain teasing Rajneesh and calling him

owl. Rajneesh says tie tie…. Sumit asks just tie… Rajneesh says Maya is going to give other gifts too. Sumit says I will give her such gift which makes her cry. She will say I love you Sumit, I will do tika and you can go to play cricket. Rajneesh feels like he is a cheater, its great and they laugh.

Maya makes things ready. Sumit wishes Maya happy 2nd anniversary and gifts her. She says its special as we celebrate this day alone. Dolly and Rajneesh come and spoil their romance. Rajneesh says mummy made me say about this. Maya likes the nonstick kadai. Dolly asks what will Maya cook in it. Maya thanks Sumit. Sumit asks her to save her thanks, as real gift is coming now. Maya gets glad and opens the gift. She sees new kitchen set. Dolly says what was the need Sumit, old utensils are not in use here, this can be for show. Maya thanks Sumit.

Jasbir comes and says he has fitted the toilet tap. He says he got this gift. Sumit asks is this my gift. Maya says no, its for Rajneesh. Rajneesh sees the tie, and says no, this is for Sumit. Maya says no, its for you, I will get gift for Sumit. She brings a big gift for Sumit. He likes the blu ray player model. Maya says she got it from Singapore, its for cinema, he can watch movies. She says she loves Sumit. Maya and Dolly take utensils to kitchen.

Rajneesh says Maya won’t let Sumit play match. Sumit says its your mistake, what a police officer are you, you got fooled by Maya. Rajneesh says she is clever fox. Jasbir says I understood everything, you both are donkeys, owls. Jasbir gives them tips. He says Maya is very clever. She gifted this blu ray player because she wants something from Sumit. Sumit says no, Maya does not scheme.

Maya serves them ginger tea. Sumit, Rajneesh and Jasbir guess why did Maya do so. They all think what women want. Sumit asks Dolly why is she happy. Maya says because our love is same after 8 years, it makes me so happy. She asks what does he want. Dolly says I know, he wants cashews in chocolate barfi. Sumit says fine, put it. Sumit says I want to play cricket match in evening. Maya asks today? He says yes. She asks him to go, and make the other team lose. He asks really? She says yes, hit century and come.

He says this is limit, tell me whats your masterplan. Chocolate falls over her face. She asks what is the problem, you feel I gifted for some reason. He asks her to stop acting and tell her. Dolly says tell us. Maya says I actually love you, I gifted it as I wanted to see you happy. He says oh, thanks, I will connect Blu Ray system, we all will see movie together. Maya asks did you gift nonstick cookware so that you wanted to go for cricket match. Dolly says Sumit did wrong. Maya scolds Sumit. Dolly adds fuel. Maya asks can we talk in private. Dolly says I m not saying anything and goes. Maya argues with Sumit. She applies chocolate on his face. She asks was he playing this game for cricket match. He says no, it was Rajneesh’s plan. She asks him to play match. She will celebrate alone. He says I understood your real masterplan.

Sumit says you want to show how much you sacrifice for this house, you want to make me feel guilty. She says this is not truth. He asks why don’t I do household work. She says yes, why do I bear this, I should not feel I m sacrificing, you manage kids, I m going to watch movie. He says but match? She says pitch is spoiled, thanks for help, I will always remember this anniversary. She goes. Rajneesh asks Sumit to use this tie, he needs it.

Maya tells Sumit that they are bored with each other, they have to do something new. Sumit reads shayari. Maya enjoys cricket match.

Update Credit to: Amena

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