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Sumit Sambhal Lega 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir celebrating his birthday and unable to blow all the candles. Rajneesh says its 65 for every year. Jasbir says how can he blow so many, we will just have it. Sumit asks him to try again. They all blow on the candles together and still fail. Sumit says leave it, we will just have it. Rajneesh gets the gift and asks Sumit did he not get. Sumit asks Maya to weave a sweater soon. Maya makes Aaliya write their name in her gift. Rajneesh and Dolly gift Jasbir.

Rajneesh taunts Sumit. Sumit asks Maya to put 500rs note in this. Maya and Jasbir like the sweater with tandoori woven on it. Rajneesh asks him to see his gift. Jasbir sees the multi purpose remote. Even Aaliya’s gift works by the remote. Jasbir asks did he get this by NASA. Rajneesh says its universal

remote. Jasbir hugs him and says you know my pain, I will not get up from this sofa now. Dolly says its great gift. Maya says perfect for dad. Sumit says Papa needs exercise, my gift is better.

Rajneesh asks is it invisible. Sumit says I ordered, it will come, it will surprise Jasbir. Sumit asks Maya about gifting and tells what dad likes. She asks what else. Sumit says his bad habits. She says good night. He asks her to help him. She says fine, give a watch or perfume. Sumit says Rajneesh will taunt me, I want to give better gift. She asks him to think well. He says you are a genius, Papa ji loves fishes, he stares at aquarium, you remember. She says yes, nice idea. He says I will say I ordered it, they are special. He asks her to remember, as he will forget.

Jasbir likes the fishes and gets very happy, while Rajneesh gets sad. Jasbir shows Aaliya the fishes and names them. Rajneesh asks Jasbir to start AC by his remote. Jasbir asks will you kill my fishes by cold. Maya says your gift is hit. Jasbir names a fish Dolly. Dolly gets annoyed. Maya tells Sumit that fishes did magic on Jasbir, Aaliya and Dolly, no one troubles her now, thanks. She kisses him and goes.

Sumit goes to Dolly. Dolly says she wants to stare at the fishes, as she loves them. He asks Aaliya to come for homework. Aaliya asks for Dolly the fish. Dolly says maybe she is hiding. Jasbir says the fish died. Sumit says don’t worry, I will get another. Jasbir says I don’t want, I hate fishes, don’t give me gift from today.

Sumit disturbs Maya and says what if one fish died, there are many. She asks him to sleep. She says maybe Papa ji is sad by some other reason, he was calling graveyard. He says he wants to do fish’s final rites, he is weird. She asks is he foolish, dad did not eat Dahi kachori. He says dad is fasting for the fish. She says dad is thinking about his death, smalls things can depress him in this old age. He says yes, I should have thought about my gift affecting Jasbir.

Rajneesh and Dolly care for fishes. Rajneesh says dad does not want to sit near fishes. Dolly says he is sad. Sumit goes to see Jasbir. Sumit comes to talk to Jasbir and says that fish… Jasbir says I don’t want to talk about fishes. Sumit says I m sorry to gift fishes. Sumit says fishes died, it does not mean you will die, I know everything. Jasbir asks did he go mad. Sumit says your death has much time. Jasbir asks why is he after his death. Jasbir says the fishes are very costly, that’s why I was sad. He says he just knew the rates of graveyard and he can’t afford to die. He asks what does he want to prove by gifting costly fishes, that your dad is useless and you are rich, how will you feel if Avi gifts you costly fishes.

Sumit says he will tell Avi to love his grandpa more, but he is playing with Aaliya’s dolls in his car, its better if he does anything for me. Jasbir hugs him and says sorry. Jasbir says I want more costly gift next year. Sumit laughs. Jasbir says he is thinking about death matter, will he be alive till next year. Sumit comes to Jasbir and Rajneesh and smiles seeing Rajneesh’s remote damaged.

Dolly says Maya is teaching me cooking. Dolly and Maya ask Jasbir and Sumit to think about health.

Update Credit to: Amena

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