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Sumit Sambhal Lega 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya talking to Sumit about no change in her life. She asks him to listen to her and switch off tv. She says she wants to work again. He asks why. She says any small part time job in ad company, I want to do job as my friends do. He asks about home. She says I will manage. He asks about kids. She says Aaliya has school, Avi goes to playschool, you manage them as you work from home. He asks what will happen when Dolly sees kids.

Sumit talks to Rajneesh and Dolly. Maya asks Sumit to hold the shirt and runs. She asks him to set iron table. Dolly asks Maya is she going somewhere. Maya says she is going for interview. Sumit says job interview. Maya says I came to know yesterday evening. Rajneesh says congrats and best of luck. Dolly says but I m worried for kids,

now they will crave for mum’s love along hunger. Maya says I cooked food. Dolly says I will feed them. Maya asks her not to make her feel guilty. Dolly says no, family’s happiness is enough.

Rajneesh says Dolly ruins everyone’s dream, don’t listen to her. He asks her to go away from this home. Maya says thanks. Dolly asks where is her office. Maya says Gurgaon. She says I can sit peacefully and hear music. Rajneesh says you both are so bad, let Maya go. Maya says I m excited for interview.

Sumit finds it tough to manage kids. Maya comes home and hugs Sumit. She says I got the job and dances. He asks what. She says I will make ads, there are just 2 people in the company. She says there is so much for me to do there, I feel important. He says I earn well, why all this. She says you are sweet and take care of us, I want to do this for myself, that I can do something, whats wrong in extra money, we can save for kids studies.

He says I m not having tension about it, the tension is working at home. Maya says I knew this. Sumit asks whats wrong in this. She says I will work, and scolds him like Rajneesh. Sumit manages kids and Maya comes home. Maya is upset. Sumit asks her how was her day at office. Maya says it was worst day of my life, It was last day at office, I got fired. She sits and cries.

She says you wanted this, see I have come home, shall I cook for you. He asks why did you get fired. She says as women can’t see anyone else use mind and hits the flour. He says enough Maya. She says sorry, its not your mistake, my boss did not like my work, she said I can’t learn. He says I m so sorry, I know I should have supported you. She thanks him. She says atleast you helped me in managing home. She gets his remote and says he says thanks, I was finding it.

Maya’s boss finds it hard to manage the work alone and attends calls. Sumit comes to meet her. She says her name Abhimata Kala. He says fine, I will come tomorrow. She says I was saying my name. He talks to her about Maya Walia. She asks did you send you to fight. He says no, she does not know I came here, give her one chance. She says I can’t keep her. He asks why, what did she do. She says I will show you, come. She shows Maya’s idea and says weird liners. She says I gave her new ad and Maya argued, she is very stubborn. He says no, how can this happen. She gets more useless insurance calls instead work calls. She says like you can see, I manage everything here, I m boss and peon, so I have no time to fight with your wife. He says fine, I can see pressure on you, but… I regret that Maya could not prove herself, she has house tension, I m lazy and does not help her, and then my parents who interfere a lot, then kids’ work. She asks how many children you have. He says 5. She sighs.

Sumit comes home and gifts Maya an office bag. He tells Maya that she got her job back. He opens arms for a hug and she looks on. She asks did you meet my boss, when.. he says afternoon. She asks how dare you go there. He says I went to support you, your boss is smart, I told her not to go on one ad. She asks what, did she show that ad. She says I thought it will appeal to young people, you can’t understand. He says who will like it if you behave like this. He says you have to listen to your boss. She cries and says leave it.

She says I liked that idea, even Aaliya liked it. He says Aaliya is of 6 years, you are getting second chance. She says I m stubborn, I fought with boss. He says its not your mistake, you stay with Walias, this family made you fighter. She says yes, right. He asks her to find a new job, he will support her. She says you are so sweet. He says yes. She says I was hurrying, I will try once Aaliya and Avi grow up. Dolly comes and asks Maya how is she, she got kheer for her and kids, who are hungry. Maya says don’t worry, I dropped idea of work. Dolly says don’t regret to lose job, you will have much free to clean home.

Dolly goes to get job at Maya’s workplace and requests her to hire her, as her husband troubles her. Boss says sorry, thanks for coming. Dolly says just taste the koftas and then decide. Abhimata tastes the food. Dolly asks did I get the job and smiles.

Maya says she called lawyer to make her well. The lawyer asks about kids’ guardian. Sumit names his parents. Maya stops him. Dolly and Jasbir get offended and argue with Maya’s parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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