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Sumit Sambhal Lega 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh giving treat to his family in Jitos. He says he has recovered from his wound and wants to celebrate. Jasbir orders chicken dishes. Rajneesh and Simran talk. The family sees a girl there and worries. Rajneesh goes. Maya says that girl.. Simran asks who. Maya says its Reema, who left Rajneesh in mandap. Dolly is worried. Simran says Rajneesh did not tell me more about it. Sumit tells Simran that Maya and I shifted to my parents house, and then we met Reema. Jasbir asks him to go in flashback.

FB shows a scene 3 years ago. Rajneesh and Reema’s families have a talk. Reema’s dad says he is sarpanch and police. Jasbir says but your clothes are like Daaku. Reema asks Rajneesh not to talk between elders. She is also dangerous like her dad. Jasbir asks about

marriage expenses. He says we will not take dowry. Reema’s dad says we will not give. Jasbir asks him to share marriage expenses. Reema says we will provide security.

Reema’s brother aims gun at Jasbir. Reema’s dad says fine, we will give blessings. Reema’s mum asks is this your elder son. Dolly says no, he is younger son Sumit and his wife Maya. Maya says we are lucky to stay upstairs. Reema’s mum asks why you love younger son more. Rajneesh says from where to start. Reema hits Rajneesh and asks him to sit straight. Sumit asks Dolly to come. Sumit tells Dolly that those people are.. Dolly says I m happy as Rajneesh is happy. Reema asks someone to shoot someone if man does not give money. Sumit worries and says Reema looks bandit queen. Dolly says everyone raised questions on Maya too, now she is like my daughter.

Later, Rajneesh brings an award and says this is called sangeet. Maya says I can’t believe it. Sumit says Reema has insulted you on mic. Rajneesh says it happens, I will change and take your tshirt. Maya tells Sumit that this marriage is not right for Rajneesh, Reema is scolding him, she will not keep him happy. Sumit asks are we different. She looks at him. He says I mean we are different. She says stop this marriage. He says cards are distributed. Sumit asks Rajneesh to postpone his marriage, because Maya is pregnant. Maya asks Sumit to get out. She asks Rajneesh will he get scoldings all life, I m not pregnant. Rajneesh says Reema is fine. Dolly comes and Maya talks to her about Reema’s bad language. Dolly says yes, I felt she was upset, Maya says I did not like her. Dolly says we should be happy with Rajneesh, I don’t interfere in children’s life. Maya hits Sumit. Sumit says they are goons, they should be in jail, right Maya? Rajneesh says Reema is my to be bride. Dolly asks Rajneesh to think. Maya says Rajneesh will not be happy with Reema. Rajneesh says I feel Reema is strong and bold, I will marry her, no one can stop me. He falls on the bean bag and it bursts. He kicks it and leaves. Sumit warns Rajneesh and asks Maya did he say right. Dolly says leave him, atleast he is marrying. Maya asks Sumit to get sweepstick.

Rajneesh’s marriage function starts. Reema calls Rajneesh a monkey and says she did not like Dolly’s choice, don’t select for him. Dolly says fine, you select for him. Jasbir goes to deal vegetables matter. Reema’s relatives get guns and shoot. Reema smiles. Maya and Sumit ask Dolly to stop this marriage. Dolly says I m happy in Rajneesh’s marriage. Dolly goes to get gangajal.

Reema gets angry as Rajneesh’s family is throwing flowers on him. She takes rounds with Rajneesh, and says do something about Sumit, I want big room for my shoes. Rajneesh says quiet, not a word more else… She stops him and says she will say what will do. Reema breaks ghatbandhan and says she will not marry Rajneesh, she can’t bear Walias. Dolly brings gangajal and asks what happened. Rajneesh says after 3.5 pheras, Reema broke marriage. Dolly asks what, and scolds Reema. She says Reema was not suitable for Rajneesh. She breaks Rajneesh’s relation with Reema. Reema asks Dolly to keep her sons with her. Maya says Reema is crossing her limits. Dolly aims gun at Reema and says she is B grade films item girl. Pandit says yes, she is the one. Reema asks how did you know. Dolly says you felt I will get my son married to anyone, I was silent for my son’s sake, get lost, else I will shoot you. Reema and her family run away. Rajneesh says I knew this, but love and law are blind. Dolly asks Sumit is he hiding such thing about Maya. Jasbir says vegs and pickles are gone. Dolly asks him to stop it. FB ends.

Simran says then Rajneesh did not see Reema again. Rajneesh comes from washroom and asks what happened. Reema sees him and asks how is he. He says I m fine, how are you. He introduces Simran, his friend. Reema holds Rajneesh’s hand and asks him to call her when he feels. She goes. Dolly gets angry. Maya asks Rajneesh is he fine. He says yes, the good thing is I did not feel anything seeing her. He puts card in drink and holds Simran’s hand. He says just Simran is there in his life. They all dine and leave. Jasbir has eaten a lot and troubled by indigestion. Rajneesh goes back and picks Reema’s card.

Sumit and Jasbir call their wives clever seeing a gift for them. Sumit asks Maya what is her master plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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