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Sumit Sambhal Lega 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit showing a kettle to Maya. He says I liked it a lot and got for you, your parents.. She says yes, for your parents and friends as well. He asks how is it. She praises him and he asks her to make more fun of him. She says let me finish book and sleep, mum and dad are coming in morning. He reads the lines he got written on the kettle. Its morning, Jai and Avantika ask Sumit and Maya to try snake wine.

Maya says Sumit got a gift for you both. Sumit says the same. Avantika and Jai see the kettle. Sumit drinks wine and coughs. Avantika reads the lines and says so sweet Sumit. Jai says its marvelous son. Sumit asks are you joking. Jai says no, who will remember anything after having snake wine, thanks Sumit for such marvelous kettle. Maya says I told you. Avantika

says we will keep this on special display shelf in our house. Rajneesh comes and greets them. Maya asks him to join. Rajneesh says no, I came to thank for kettle, I did not talk to mummy and Papa since 2 days, I feel free, thanks Sumit, its great gift. He leaves.

Maya says Sumit’s kettle is hit. Sumit worries and says Dolly did not say thanks for kettle. After 3 days, Sumit is missing Dolly and Jasbir, and tells Maya that they did not come since 3 days, did they leave home. Dolly comes to them and says we did not hear you since 3 days. Maya says we missed you. Sumit tries asking for kettle. Dolly says Jasbir has headache and asks for medicine. Maya says its there is drawer. Sumit asks Dolly did she get any parcel. She says yes maybe. He asks what maybe, did you get the kettle. She says yes. He goes to Jasbir to ask him. Dolly asks Maya that she head her parents are drinking snake wine.

Jasbir eats lemon and asks Sumit to shut door, his eyes are burning by light. He asks for medicine. Sumit says you will get medicine when you answer me. Jasbir says I think Dolly loves me. Sumit asks did you get kettle. Jasbir says yes. Sumit asks what message was written. Jasbir says warranty. Sumit says you did not see, where is the kettle. Jasbir says we kept it safe. Sumit asks him to say. He pulls curtains and shows light. Jasbir says no, I will say, Dolly exchanged kettle and got a fryer. Sumit asks what. Dolly comes and asks Sumit will he have anything. Sumit asks what did you do. She says I exchanged kettle for fryer, see this, its needed to fry chips. Sumit says it was special kettle. Jasbir says I packed it in electric kettle box. Sumit says it means you cheated the shopkeeper Bittoo.

Sumit says it was bronze kettle and with message, from much love from Sumit, Maya, Avi and Aaliya, I got it by love. Dolly says calm down, listen to me, I understand, but paneer can also be fried in fryer without oil. Sumit says your son’s name was written on that kettle. He gets sad. Dolly asks him to get name on fryer. Jasbir asks what was the need to give that kettle, are we poor, what are we. Sumit says you guys always spoil things, Maya’s parents are so good, they will keep my kettle in their display shelf. He leaves.

Maya tells Sumit that its that Sumit wants their thank you always. Rajneesh says right, I know this. Sumit asks him not to start now. Rajneesh says Sumit is their fav son. Sumit says no, they don’t care for me. Rajneesh plays.

Jasbir and Dolly go to Bittoo’s shop to return the fryer and get the kettle back. Jasbir complains the fryer and says its not working properly. Dolly says fryer is nice, but we want our kettle back. Jasbir asks Dolly to wait, he will manage. He says we should not use it. The lady asks what. He asks Dolly to handle. Bittoo comes and Jasbir says Dolly do as I say, I will fool my best friend. She asks why, I have a mind too. Jasbir asks Bittoo where is the loo and signs Dolly. He goes to loo. Dolly flirts with Bittoo and he asks what is she saying. The lady brings the kettle. Dolly asks the lady for the kettle, as its gifted by her son. She shows Sumit’s pic. The lady does not give the kettle and Dolly argues. Dolly snatches the kettle. Jasbir asks Dolly to run and guard stops him. Jasbir says he can’t get caught and shows attitude.

Maya laughs seeing tv. She gets a call and asks what. She gets shocked. She tells Sumit that it was call from Bittoo’s shop, your parents messed up the shop for your kettle, come we will get them. He says they love me so much and is glad.

Jasbir cleans the floor and acts weird. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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